My two dogs wearing personalized pet bandanas in white polyester fabric with sublimated designs that look like them!

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Learn how to make adorable DIY personalized pet bandanas for your dogs and your cats using iron-on vinyl or sublimation! 

Have you seen anything cuter than these DIY Personalized Pet Bandanas? I am a dog lover and have such a soft spot for dogs! Some of my past dog-related projects are things like these paper dog and puppy boxes and engraved dog tags. So these bandanas are the perfect accessory to bring out your dog’s personality! Of course I don’t want to leave out any other pets that might be able to sport these adorable bandanas, so I have created multiple sizes for cats and other pets out there, too!

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Watch the personalized pet bandanas with vinyl assembly video here:

My two dogs wearing personalized pet bandanas in white polyester fabric with sublimated designs that look like them!

Get the free SVG cut file for this project

I have received so many requests for simple sewing projects, projects perfect for a beginner. These personalized pet bandanas are one of those projects. They are easy and don’t require a lot of supplies! You can just use fabric scraps that you have laying around to make these super cute bandanas.

To sew the Personalized Pet Bandanas, you will first need to determine what size bandana you are going to make. If you aren’t sure, the easiest way to determine what size you need is to measure your pet’s collar.

Personalized pet bandanas in red cotton on my golden retriever dog Hunter

You will need a way to sew your bandana. You can, of course, sew the Personalized Pet Bandana by hand with needle and thread. Or you can use a sewing machine. I will show you how to sew it with this beginner sewing machine I love.

Other useful tools for sewing the bandanas include a washable fabric pen, thread snips, and an iron if you don’t have a heat press.

Last but not least, you need the sewing pattern in the correct size — I’ve prepared three sizes (small, medium, and large) for you to choose from.

My two dogs wearing personalized pet bandanas in red and white cotton fabric

June 2023 Update: Sublimation Designs!

I’ve added some 3D sublimation designs for your furry friends, too!

3D floral dog and cat sublimation designs for personalized pet bandanas.

Here are Chloe (left) and Hunter (right) modeling their new sublimation custom dog bandanas!

My two dogs wearing personalized pet bandanas in white polyester fabric with sublimated designs that look like them!

Also since I published this post, we’ve welcomed Butterscotch to our family. For this special occasion, he was willing to model a bandana, too! Don’t worry, it came right off and I let him go back to sleep.

My orange and white tabby cat lying in the sun wearing a personalized pet bandana with a sublimated cat design.

I’ve added several 3D floral pet designs to the free download and a few bonuses! I made the 3D designs using AI art generators and it’s so much fun! I have a workshop coming up on making your own sublimation designs using AI — including how to get 3D results like my flower designs— so stay tuned for more information! Until then, check out the updated materials and directions below for a great way to make durable custom bandanas.

Personalized pet bandanas with 3D floral cat and dog sublimation designs. Personalized pet bandanas with Best Boy and Best Girl sublimated with bright retro designs.

Let me show you how easy it is to make these DIY Personalized Pet Bandanas! This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more)! Read my full disclosure policy.

Materials to Make Personalized Pet Bandanas

See my Amazon shopping list for this vinyl project here!

For the original cotton and HTV bandanas, you will need:

To make the sublimation bandanas, I used

How to Make Personalized Pet Bandanas

Personalized pet bandanas in red cotton on my golden retriever dog Hunter

Personalized Pet Bandanas

Yield: 1 bandana
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Active Time: 45 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy to Medium
Estimated Cost: $15

How much do you love your pet or should I say your FUR BABY? Pets are THE BEST and they deserve to be pampered! So I've come up with the perfect accessory for your pet. These DIY Personalized Pet Bandanas! This pattern is perfect to customize for pets of any size and you can cut it by hand or on your Cricut cutting machine.



First, download Design #297 DIY PERSONALIZED PET BANDANA PATTERN SVG/DXF/PDF/PNG from my free resource library (get the password to the library in the form at the bottom of this page).  I’ve included SVG and DXF files for cutting fabric on a cutting machine, PDF files for cutting by hand, and PNG files for sublimating designs onto pre-cut sublimation blanks. 

Here is what the SVG file will look like when you upload it to Cricut Design Space:

pet bandanas on design space canvas jennifermaker

TIP: If you are not sure how to upload an SVG cut file to Cricut Design Space, watch this helpful video training series I made. If you are on an iPad or iPhone, here is how to download and upload SVG files to the Cricut Design Space app.

The PNG folder includes these nine cute designs, just perfect for sublimation.

3D floral dog and cat sublimation designs for personalized pet bandanas.


The next thing you will need to do is decide on a size.

My pet bandana pattern has three sizes to choose from: small, medium, and large. If you're not sure what bandana size you need, choose a size close to the size of your dog's collar.

Here's a look at the different size patterns:

  1. Small: Fits necks 12 - 14 inches (yellow)
  2. Medium: Fits necks 15 - 17 inches (teal)
  3. Large: Fits necks 18 - 20 inches (red

For this tutorial I'm going to show you how to make the large bandana (red). I'm going to use the Cricut Maker to cut the fabric, but you can use the Cricut Explore Air 2 as well or even cut by hand!

So first I'm going to select the pet bandana pattern I want in Cricut Design Space.

First, zoom out so you can see all the choices.

arrow pointing to zoom out feature in design space jennifermakerarrow pointing to zoom out feature in cricut design space on pet bandana jennifermaker

Now with the design selected click "Ungroup" in the Layers panel on the right side of the screen.

arrow pointing to the ungroup button in cricut design space for pet bandana jennifermaker

You will want to hide the pet bandana size(s) you DON'T want. To do this, simply click on the "eye" icon next to the word "Attach" above the size(s) you won't be using.

arrow pointing to eye icon in cricut design space to hide pet bandana jennifermaker

arrow pointing to eye icon to hide pet bandana jennifermaker

If you did it right, this is what you should see... just the red pattern.

Now, you will see the word "Pen" just above the red bandana in the Layers column on the right, click on that.

arrow pointing to pen layer that shows it highlighted in cricut design space pet bandana jennifermaker

Next, move your cursor over where you see "Operation" on the top left side of the screen. Click on the black outline box.

arrow pointing to box to change pen style in cricut design space pet bandana jennifermaker

Then, click on the arrow that's pointing down...

arrow pointing to pen feature in cricut design space pet bandana jennifermaker

...and select "Marker"...

arrow pointing to marker choice under pen in cricut design space pet bandana jennifermaker

...then choose "Blue (washable fabric)".

The fabric marker will mark your pet bandana seam allowance to help with sewing. This is completely optional, so if you'd rather skip this step you can simply "hide" the "Pen" line by clicking on the "eye" icon next to the word "Pen."


Now click "Make It".

arrow pointing to make it button in cricut design space pet bandana jennifermaker

On the next screen click "OK" at the top. That's just a reminder that you will need to use a 12"x24" mat for this cut. Click "Continue."

arrow pointing to the green button to press to give ok to use a larger mat in cricut design space pet bandana jennifermaker

Choose your pet bandana fabric on the next screen. I'm using 100% cotton for my bandana.

arrow pointing to cotton under materials in cricut design space pet bandana jennifermaker

I always select "MORE" under pressure and you'll see a reminder to change your tool to a "Rotary Blade" in Clamp B.

If you choose to use the fabric marker you will also need to insert this into Clamp A. three arrows pointing to more pressure pen tool and rotary blade tool in cricut design space pet bandana jennifermaker

TIP: I always make sure to the put my cap on the other end of my pen when I'm using it so I don't lose it. Also, once I'm done, I always store my pens cap-side down.

Now load your cutting mat (pink fabric mat) into your machine and hit the Cricut symbol to start the cut.

Once the cut is complete just peel your fabric off the mat, it's super simple!


I always like to iron my fabric before I sew. For this project I used my Cricut Easy Press Mini Heat Press on the lowest setting to press the fabric along the seam allowance marked on the fabric to make sewing a breeze!


Now it's time to sew. Start by sewing all the edges of the pet bandana, making sure to start and end with a back stitch. This prevents the stitching from coming undone.

Next, fold down the top of the fabric (opposite the point-side) until it meets the top of the triangular part of the pattern. This will be the opening for the collar. I pressed this part as well with my Cricut Easy Press Mini Heat Press before sewing,

Then back to the sewing machine for the final stitches of the pet bandana. Again, I started and ended with a backstitch. It's that simple.


Now take your dog collar and insert one end into the channel or tunnel at the top of the pet bandana and feed it through the other side and there you go! You have made your very own Personalized Pet Bandana!


If you'd like to personalize this pet bandana, you can also add your pet's name. I used my Cricut Joy and Smart Iron-On Glitter Vinyl to do this. If you are new to Iron-On Vinyl you can watch this helpful tutorial I made that explains how it's done.


I am going to download and use the Border Collie design to decorate one of these ready-made sublimation pet bandanas.

After locating your chosen PNG file, print it using Google Docs.

TIP: Learn step-by-step how to print your design from Google Docs in my Sublimation T-Shirts tutorial.

After I’ve printed my image, I am going to carefully feather the edges around the design.

Feather the edge of the sublimation paper so it doesn't leave an indent on the fabric

Next, I’m going to place the bandana on my EasyPress Mat, which I’ve covered with a sheet of cardstock, and preheat my EasyPress to 375°F (190° C).

Next I will set my EasyPress to 375 for 20 seconds

Remember, only sublimate when you have good ventilation. I will use my fan and open the window to avoid inhaling fumes.

While my EasyPress heats up, I’ll use my lint roller to remove any dust or debris from the bandana. This will ensure a great transfer.

After the EasyPress is preheated, press the bandana for 10 seconds to press out any wrinkles and moisture.

Next, lay the image print side down on the bandana and use a few small pieces of heat-resistant tape to keep the image in place

Add a few pieces of heat resistant tape to hold the image in place

TIP: Using too much tape can result in press marks around the edge of the design, so be sparing with it.

Place a sheet of butcher paper on top of the sublimation print and press for 30 seconds.

After the EasyPress timer goes off, lift the press straight up and place it back in the cradle. Allow the bandana and paper to cool before removing them from the pressing mat.

Remove the butcher paper and the transfer sheet to reveal your beautiful pet bandana!

Allow everything to cool for a few minutes, then pull back the butcher paper to reveal your beautiful design.

Before giving these beautiful bandanas to Chloe and Hunter, I think it’s a good idea to sew on a velcro closure. This way the bandana will break loose in case of an emergency.

To check the placement of the velcro, I’ll simply place the bandana around my pet’s neck and hold the ends in place. I’ll be sure I can fit two of my fingers between the bandana and my dog so I know it’s comfortable and not too tight. I’ll use a Cricut Washable pen to make a small dot where the closure should be placed.

Next, cut the Velcro to make a square, separate the loop side from the hook side, and sew the squares securely in place. Sew the velcro pieces on very well so they won’t come off. Sewing a square around the edges will help! This way, the bandana will come undone easily in case of emergencies!

These personalized pet bandanas make great gifts! And I just love making different designs for different seasons and occasions. My rescue dogs Hunter and Chloe are big fans, too!

My two dogs wearing personalized pet bandanas in red and white cotton fabric


My sewn pet bandana pattern has three sizes to choose from: small, medium, and large. If you're not sure what bandana size you need, choose a size close to the size of your dog's collar.

Here's a look at the different size patterns:

Small: Fits necks 12" - 14" (yellow)

Medium: Fits necks 15" - 17" (teal)

Large: Fits necks 18" - 20" (red

Fonts Used:

Falling Leaves Print from

Brenson Charlotte (Best Boy, Best Girl designs)

Care Instructions for sublimated bandanas:

Wash cool, dry low, low temp iron as needed

Recommended Products

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Answers to Your Questions About Personalized Pet Bandanas

Q: I don’t have a washable pen. Do I have to use this?

A: No, you do not have to mark your sew lines so long as you have a ruler you can use instead to measure in for the 3/8″ seam allowance on all sides.

Q: Can you use fabric glue instead?

A: Yes, fabric glue can be used to secure the edges of these pet bandanas!

Q: Are these pet bandanas washable after you make them?

A: Yes! Just allow at least 24 hours after you apply the iron-on vinyl before you wash them, and do not use harsh detergents or bleach. If you need to iron them after you wash them, be sure to iron them from the back side to avoid burning the vinyl.

Q: Is it OK for dogs to wear bandana?

A: As long as the bandana is the perfect fit around your dog’s neck (a few fingers should fit between it and their fur) and it can come off easily in case of emergency (that’s why I used secured Velcro instead of a knot), personalized dog bandanas are safe. Dog lovers should keep an eye on their pet when wearing them, though, and remove the bandana if the dog gets stressed.

Q: What can I use instead of a dog bandana?

A: You could also add these designs to a dog’s harness, dog accessories, or your pet’s carrier. Just make sure the fiber content is compatible with the material and process you want to use. Or, add the designs to your own garments or accessories to strike up conversations with other pet lovers!

Q: Can you sublimate 3D prints?

A: Making sublimation prints and projects that look 3D is super fun and easy once you get the hang of it! I’ve made my 3D sublimation designs combining AI art generators and Adobe Photoshop. I’m still researching the absolute best prompts, strategies, and methods to create 3D sublimation designs but hope you’ll join my upcoming workshop on using AI in sublimation designs!

Get my free SVG and PNG files to make your Personalized Pet Bandanas

I’d love to see your personalized pet bandanas and ESPECIALLY your photos of your pets wearing them!! Please share a photo in our Facebook group or tag me on social media with #jennifermaker.


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