Make a Fairy House Card that mails flat, then pops up! Free SVG files.

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Spring is in full swing here in Ann Arbor and summer is just around the corner. To celebrate, I’ve designed a Fairy House Card. We Ann Arborites love our fairy doors and houses! Send this card to a loved one or keep it for yourself! The card folds flat so you can slip it right into a 5″ x 7″ envelope, then pops open to reveal the sweetest little fairy house! Open the little door to see inside. There’re so many details on the card—there’s even a mouse hiding somewhere. The cut files to make this card are free here on my blog, so let me show you how to assemble it.

Here’s a peek into the paper Fairy House!

Make a Fairy House Card that mails flat, then pops up! Free SVG files.

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Fairy House Card Materials

Materials to make a pop-up Fairy House Card

How to Assemble Your Fairy House Card

First, cut out all your pieces on the appropriate card stock. To do this, upload to your software (I am using Cricut Design Space), ungroup all layers, change the top layer of each color to Score, then select all that color’s layers (both Score and Cut), and click Attach. Here’s what that looks like:

Step 1: Upload and Ungroup (orange circle).

Uploading the SVG files to Cricut Design Space

Step 2: Change the top layer of each color to Score.
Step 3: Select the Score and Cut layers of each color, then click Attach.

Uploading the SVG files to Cricut Design Space

This is what you should see after you click the Make It button.

Uploading the SVG files to Cricut Design Space

Next, watch the assembly video from start to finish to see how I put the card together. I am also providing text steps below for those who cannot (or do not want to) watch the video.

Once your pieces are cut, decorate the front of the house as you see fit. The circles go around the windows. The little accessories can go wherever they fit. Just be careful not to cover any of the score lines. I used Spray Mount to get the small pieces to adhere cleanly to the front of the house. If you plan to put anything on the walls inside the house, do that now, too.

Decorating a Fairy House Card that mails flat, then pops up! Free SVG files.

Carefully fold the house along the score lines.

Folding a Fairy House Card that mails flat, then pops up! Free SVG files.

Put glue on the narrow tab that sticks off the back of the house and attach the left side of the house over it. Fold it flat and allow it to dry flattened. This ensures the card will fold flat and not buckle later.

Folding a Fairy House Card that mails flat, then pops up! Free SVG files.

Fold the tabs on the staircase piece, put glue on the tabs, and place in the house from the bottom. In my Fairy House, I put the staircase as far back in the house as it could go, but you can choose to put it anywhere. The important thing is to make sure the staircase is parallel to the front door and the tabs are glued on straight across from one another—this ensures the card can fold flat without a problem.

Putting in the staircase for the Fairy House Card

Tip: If you’re going to hide the mouse in his little hole on the back of the card, glue him to the backside of the staircase so he’s visible when looking through the mouse hole.

Glue any furniture, accessories, or notes you like to the rectangular pieces. Fold back the tabs on the rectangular pieces, then slide them into the house from the bottom as you did the staircase. I recommend you allow some space between each piece for a more three-dimensional look.

Adding furniture to the Fairy House Card

Fold the roof hinge so each tab goes in the opposite direction from the others.

Folding the roof hinge for the Fairy House Card

Put glue on the small triangle pieces of the hinge and secure to the peaks of the house roof. The triangle pieces go on the backside of the roof peaks.

Gluing the roof hinge for the Fairy House Card

Put any flowers or decorations you like on the roof, then fold in half along the score line. Make sure the roof is very well folded—I run my fingernail along the edge to really set that crease.

Attach the roof to the Fairy House Card

Glue the two tabs on the roof hinge, then set the roof on the tabs. Fold the house flat and press the roof down onto the tabs to set it in place.

Gluing the roof hinge for the Fairy House Card

Attach the roof to the Fairy House Card

And that’s it! You now have a super-cute Fairy House Card!

Ready for the free cut files? They are in my free resource library — get the password to the library by filling out this form:

Get my free SVG cut files for the pop-up Fairy House Card

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I hope you enjoy making this card! I think it’s fun and not overly difficult, despite all the details. Remember, I love to see your creations — send photos to me at [email protected] and let me know if I can share them on the blog.

Here is the first Fairy House Card made by a reader and supporter, Sue Reeve — I love how she gave the mouse a little door! He needs his privacy, too!

Fairy House Card, made by Sue Reeve Fairy House Card, made by Sue Reeve

Another lovely Fairy House by reader and supporter Laura Robison — she added a cute cat!

Fairy House made by Laura Robison Fairy House made by Laura Robison

Now, I wouldn’t keep this little paper house outside for much longer than it takes to snap a few photos. But if you’d love to make a fairy garden outside, check out this awesome post on How to Make a Fairy Garden with tips on layouts, plants, supplies, and materials!


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Free pattern/files for a Fairy House Card that mails flat, then pops up!

This Fairy House Card is simple to make with a step-by-step tutorial and free SVG cut file. #cricut #cricutmade #cricutmaker #cricutexplore #svg #svgfile

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  1. Thank you for your generosity and sharing of your creative spirit. I appreciate too not only the free files, but that you are also providing step by step instruction. Thanks too for using Design Space 3, so that others can begin to get used to using it. Love the Fairy House card.

    1. My pleasure, Mary! I enjoy sharing and watching others make my designs. I provide the step-by-step directions because I prefer to read those myself — I’m not really a video person. And yes, I decided I should be using DS3 from now on since that is the platform that we’ll have in the future. Thank you for the comment and the kind words. 🙂

  2. I love this card ! I’m using design space and I tried to ungroup so I could change colors of different cuts but it didn’t work. Is there a reason I couldn’t ungroup or did I do something wrong?

    1. Hi, Helen! The elements of the Fairy House are in compound paths to make it easier for people to cut out the card, so ungrouping is not possible. In the future, I will see if there is a way to allow ungrouping while still keeping it easy for folks to use. This may not help you, but I did upload each element into it’s own file (and I made an exclusive fairy) for my Patreon supporters. More information on Patreon is at No pressure, of course! Just throwing that out there. Here’s what that looks like: Fairy House Accessories

  3. Fantastic Card! You are extremely talented. It is very generous of you to share the design! Making it now.

  4. I love this cute Fairy House, thank you for sharing this wonderful craft! I do not have a Circuit, but would love to make this for my granddaughter, is it possible to cut-out the pieces by hand?

  5. This fairy house is so cool. My first paper project. Couple of questions if you don’t mind. The tab where you glue the house together I didn’t see a score mark. Did I miss something? Also there is 4 (2 of different colors) that you attach furniture to. (Is that for an option or do they go somewhere?) Also the square above the table. The picture of the lady looks like 2 different colors. Sorry so many questions but I am new to the papercrafts so I may not be reading patterns correct or missing something somewhere. Your site is really neat. Never thought I would get into something like this. Usually it was vinyl and HTV. But these are so neat. Love that you have a video. I started and stopped a lot. lol Can’t wait to try another project. It’s so neat when your done and it actually make you smile that the project was completed.

  6. I’m a little late in this game but i love it. Jennifer, your projects and crafts are so much fun to do. Your instructions are clear, i love this fairy house card. My first attempt was not great (my roof just wasn’t the right size) any way I know i’ll get it right. Thank You!

  7. Hi Jennifer, I love this little fairy house card, but I went to cut it and it cut where the score lines should be. So I went to the site and has instructions for Cricut but I don’t have one. I am using another cutter. How do I get score lines instead of cut lines???

  8. Absolutely LOVE your teachings Jennifer thank you so much. So looking forward to your SVG course. Please save a spot for me ??❤

    1. This is really a personal preference. I prefer to use the spray adhesive on the smaller pieces to attach to the larger pieces.

  9. Hi Jennifer I love this card an plan to make it for a little friend who I know will love it’s magic and all the surprises within. I’m wondering what the finished size of the card is so that I can organise an envelope. I actually think this would be a useful bit of info to add to the info about the card in your library. Thanks for all your designs

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