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Hands up if your craft supplies are overtaking your house! -waves hand frantically- When I began working on this blog, my craft supplies were EVERYWHERE. I decided to re-do the other side of my office into a craft room (see my plans!), so I had been gathering things into boxes and dumping them in my office. The problem? It’s so hard to find things. I need to get better organized. I tackled one thing — my markers, pens, pencils, paint brushes, and scissors. I use these items often, so I needed a handy way to organize them. Then I remember I’d been saving paper towel cardboard rolls. All I needed now was a box, which I happened to have from my sister who gave it to me at Christmas. Voila — everything I needed to create a DIY craft organizer!

DIY Craft Organizer Materials

DIY Craft Organizer for Markers Brushes |

DIY Craft Organizer for Markers Brushes |

This is so easy, guys. Here’s what you need:

  • A basket or box. I happened to have a pretty one on hand, but a shoe box would also work great. You want your box to be about 4-5″ high. 
  • Six* paper towel cardboard tubes (you know, the things you usually just recycle)
  • Scissors

* If you have a larger box, you may need more tubes.

Yes, that’s it! I know, so easy, right?

DIY Craft Organizer Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1. Cut three of your tubes exactly in half to make six tubes. When you cut, try to cut the entire tube in one fell swoop, as it makes for smoother cuts.

DIY Craft Organizer for Markers Brushes |

DIY Craft Organizer for Markers Brushes

Step 2. Cut the other three tubes so that one is longer than the other by about 2 inches. Once you’ve cut the first tube, use it as a guide for the other two tubes so they’re all the same size.

DIY Craft Organizer for Markers Brushes

Step 3. Put your cut tubes into your box. They’ll squish together tightly to stay in place, thanks to the fact that they’re just cardboard tubes!

DIY Craft Organizer for Markers Brushes

Step 4. Now fill it up with your craft supplies. I put my shorter items like pens and pencils in the front, medium sized items like markers and brushes in the middle, and bigger bulkier items like scissors in the back.

DIY Craft Organizer for Markers Brushes

And – bonus! — I’ve still got room for more supplies. Woohoo!

Tip: If you try to put something in and the tube seems too deep for it, but all your smaller tubes are full, just stuff something in the bottom (like paper) to raise the “floor” a bit!

I hope you enjoyed this five-minute craft!


Jennifer Maker

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DIY Craft Organizer for Markers Brushes 

This DIY Craft Organizer can be made in 5 minutes with supplies you already have at home! #diy #tutorial #craftroom

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  1. What a clever way to organize crafting (or any) materials! Love how you repurpose those cardboard rolls as part of this structure. And it looks so chic!

  2. I love how simple this is to make and so cost effective! I know I can get that basket at the dollar store and use paper towel rolls from around the house! Love this idea!

  3. Ok can I just say that this is genius!!! What a great upcycle of all those cardboard tubes! Plus it looks super cute. WOuld make a great teacher gift too.

  4. What a great DIY! I am so organized, I know where I put everything at all times. This would be a great affordable option!

  5. I love this, anything that can help me organise my craft cupboard is a win from me! The toilet roll holders is an awesome touch to keep everything in the basket but still seperated!

  6. We have a crafting type corner and this would be perfect for that. We always just have things in boxes and this would be much better.

  7. Well that is incredibly smart! I would never think to use the cardboard tubes that way! I am definitely going to do this – and I know my kids will love it too.

  8. This is genius to me! I love it! I shared this to the local consignment group I work for. I need to start saving my empty tubes to do this!

  9. This looks like such a fun craft! My kids would have a lot of fun making this for their arts and craft supplies! They’ve been obsessed with them lately.

  10. As a military wife who could barely handle her busy schedule I am truly glad I came across your post. I love checking out new things and this is so cool and affordable. You don’t have to buy expensive organizers or box to store your art materials. Thanks for sharing!

  11. What a clever idea! I wish my kids were little again, because it would have made keeping their supplies so much easier. I don’t craft, but I know a few people that do. Definitely passing it on!!

  12. DIY are always fun! I love that this is great for organizing and that it is a great way to recycle as well. This is something that I need to make to organize my daughters crayons and markers!

      1. Jennifer, you could also dress up the cardboard with paper, Wasabi tape or paint around each tube, so you don’t look at the drab cardboard. Just another added idea.

  13. What a clever idea! My grandkids would be able to pick out their supplies easily instead of asking me to look for them.

  14. This is a great, simple, craft project for this back-to-school time of year. Thank you for linking up at #BloggingGrandmothersLinkParty. I’m sharing your link on social media.
    Carol (“Mimi”) from Home with Mimi

  15. What a great idea to keep things handy & organized. I think you could take it one step further, buy wrapping paper from the Dollar store & wrap the tubes up for easy decoration. They could be same design or mix them up with multiple wrapping paper.

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