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Learn where to find Cricut classes for beginners, and how to sign up for my Cricut Kickoff series of online classes … totally FREE!

Did you get a new Cricut cutting machine and wish you could just take a class all about it? Great thinking! I’m a big believer in education and training! And the good news is you have several options — online classes and in-person classes. Some Cricut classes are free, while a few have a cost (some low, some high). Let’s go over the options for Cricut classes for beginners together so you can decide what works best for you! I’ll also tell you how you can get into MY free online Cricut course for beginners with the Cricut Kickoff series!

Online Classes vs. In-Person Classes

Online Cricut classes are more popular than ever and becoming more and more common. Usually online Cricut classes for beginners are video based, and some also have workbook or something you can read or refer to. So you can attend the class on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone … so long as you can watch a video on it, you can probably use it to attend your class. The best thing about an online Cricut class is how you get to start immediately and go at your own pace, plus rewind and pause as you need to. This is my preferred method of learning how to use a new machine or a specific skill, and that’s why I personally teach so many online classes.

Jennifer Maker with her Cricut Maker cutting machine

In-person classes are becoming rarer, especially in light of the restrictions we faced in 2020. The best place to find a face-to-face Cricut class is at your local craft store, such as Michaels, Joanns, or Hobby Lobby. Available classes vary region to region, as they are taught by local instructors. Occasionally you will find Cricut classes being taught at local community colleges and community centers, too!

Fun fact: I learned how to teach crafts by doing in-person craft classes in my local hobby organization between 2010-2018. I started small (about 10 people) and worked my way up to 60 people at a time! And it was those craft classes that motivated me to get my very first Cricut cutting machine, because I had to make paper patterns for my hand smocking class and I was tired of using a paper punch. The Cricut cut my patterns for me like a champ and the rest is history!

Where to Find Cricut Classes for Beginners

I actually have Cricut classes for beginners, and they are totally free! In fact, NEW versions of those classes are starting on December 26th! But you can also do the on-demand versions of those online classes, so you can start right away and go at your own pace. The on-demand classes were recorded live, so they are fun and lively, and it feels like sitting down with a friend (me) to work on our Cricuts together! Here are all the details…

Cricut Kickoff is an updated and FREE series of online Cricut classes for beginners to help you get your Cricut setup for success!

Cricut Kickoff: Set Up Your Cricut For Success with Jennifer Maker - Free online classes for the Cricut Joy, Explore, and Maker

Lesson 1: Join me in my craft room to unbox, set up, and connect your Cricut Joy, Cricut Explore, Cricut Explore 3, original Cricut Maker, or Cricut Maker 3 right along with me.
Lesson 2: Learn which mats, blades, tools, and materials work in your Cricut and when to use which ones.
Lesson 3: Dive into Design Space with an overview for iPad/iPhone, Android, and Desktop/Laptop!

Cricut Kickoff classes are for anyone who:

  • Just got a brand new Cricut cutting machine (congratulations!)
  • Has a Cricut still in the box because they feel unsure of what to do
  • Got a Cricut out of the box but it “just sits there looking at them funny”
  • Hasn’t used a Cricut in a while or have forgotten how to do basic things
  • Not sure if the Cricut is setup properly
  • Is simply “Cricut curious” and wants to learn more!

What you get when you register free for Cricut Kickoff:

  • Simple step-by-step videos for YOUR Cricut cutting machine and device
  • 50-page Printable handbook so you can keep notes you won’t forget
  • Support and help from Jennifer & her whole team
  • A fun & easy “first project” to make
  • Confidence to create!

Cricut Kickoff Handbook

Everyone who registers for my Cricut Kickoff classes for beginners gets this free printable handbook so you can get an overview of what the course covers, and take notes of all of the important things related to your machine, tools, materials, and software.

The handbook goes along with my video classes! Each video covers just one machine (Joy, Explore/Explore 3, or Maker/Maker 3) and one operating system (iOS, Android, and Desktop) to keep things simple. Got one of the new Cricut Joy Xtra or Cricut Venture machines? My video classes easily translate to use with those machines, with some adjustments.

If you’re a Cricut beginner, or even just Cricut curious, I highly recommend you sign up!

Beyond Cricut Kickoff, I do have other Cricut classes for beginners — I call them workshops — that you may find useful, including:

I also have a full and comprehensive course all about Cricut Design Space called Cricut College: Design to Shine! I only open enrollment for that course at certain times, but you can learn all about it and get on the waiting list here!

Another option is to take classes directly from Cricut — have a full educational website with both live and on-demand classes. Get the details on Cricut’s classes here.

How about Cricut Classes Near Me?

The best way to find out about local Cricut classes near you is to call your local craft store and ask them if they have a beginner course on using a Cricut. You can find the nearest craft stores to you with these links:

Answers to Your Questions About Cricut Classes for Beginners

Q: How do I know if I’m a Cricut beginner? Maybe I am actually intermediate?
A: I would define a Cricut beginner as a person who just got a Cricut, or who has had one and hasn’t made more than a handful of projects. A Cricut beginner is someone who is not yet confident to create with their Cricut. Either way, beginners all the way up to advanced crafters can benefit from my Cricut tutorials and virtual training classes.

Q: Can I just get someone to come to my house to setup my Cricut for me?
A: Maybe! Do you have a friend or family member who knows how to use the same Cricut you have? If so, ask if they’ll help you out one-on-one… even if it just over a Zoom call.

Q: I’ve heard people say that I should just go to YouTube. Can I take classes there?
A: YouTube is a video streaming platform with lots of Cricut videos, but it doesn’t offer the same organization and direction that a set of focused Cricut classes would. That said, if you don’t mind the disorganization of it, you can often find Cricut teachers to follow on there and they may have video tutorials they designate as specifically for beginners. I have many beginner videos on YouTube, and you can view my Cricut beginner videos here.

Q: Would you consider teaching face-to-face classes one day?
A: Yes, I might do it in the future when I have an awesome place to have classes and retreats. You’d have to live near me (I’m in Ann Arbor, Michigan) or be willing to travel to me, of course, which may or may not be convenient. But I hope to be able to do these in the future!

Q: Is it hard to learn to use a Cricut?
A: No. And Cricut tries hard to make it as easy as possible. The hardest thing to learn is the software that comes along with it, and in this case that is Cricut Design Space. The good news is that of all the cutting machine software out there available for other cutting machines, Cricut Design Space is by far the most user-friendly and easiest to learn and use. But there is still a learning curve, and a Cricut class for beginners can ease you into it.

Whether you’ve just purchased your first Cricut machine like a Maker 3, Venture, or Joy Xtra or use an older model like a Cricut Explore series machine or original Maker, I can help you learn how to use your new machine to its full potential! In no time, you’ll be making your own projects confidently (and have fun doing it) with my Cricut tutorials. I can even teach you how to create your own designs, work with SVG files, create custom projects, and do all things Cricut!

Signup for my free Cricut Classes for Beginners: Cricut Kickoff!


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Cricut Classes for Beginners: Online Classes & In-Person Classes Near Me - Free Cricut Online Classes to setup your Cricut

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  1. do you have a video or class that tells you how to make your own layered designs… manalas, shawdow box pictures, etc.

  2. Do you have a video on how to purchase the right cricut? I’m purchasing one for my daughters bday and really have no idea where to begin…thanks!

  3. HELP!!! I received a cricut maker for Christmas. I went through the setup process smoothly. Now what?! Where would you suggest I go from here. I have heard about svg files and watched a couple of your videos. I was thinking I would like to make a heart wreath with some lettering on it in vinyl. I have no idea where to even begin. I just feel extremely overwhelmed!!!! Thanks so much for your time!!!!!

  4. I got a cricut maker for my birthday! I have about 10 cricut cartridges from the original cricut machine. Is there a way I can load the designs from the cartridge to the cricut software? I searched online I can find you can add the cartridges if you have a cricut explore but nothing regarding the maker.

    1. For the most up to date information on how to install the old Cricut cartridges, you’ll want to go to the Cricut site! Have fun with your new Maker, it’s a great machine!

  5. I did Cricut Kickoff several months ago and have done several cards, pop-up and plain with and without envelopes. I also did a couple exploding boxes for a graduation and a birthday but I did not do the certificate at the end. Is that a must before doing Design to shine? I have already signed up for that and feel pretty comfortable I don’t need the practice to design and cut that card. Can I continue with Cricut college without the certificate?

    1. We have found that our students usually learn new things when they actually make the projects so very much encourage you to complete that Certificate, Susan! Especially since it’s been a few months since you’ve looked at Cricut Kickoff – it’ll jog your memory on things you may have forgotten! 😊

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