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I’m in full blown craft room planning mode now. I even designed and started building the first piece of furniture for my craft room — it’s a paper and vinyl organizer on WHEELS! I’ll be posting the tutorial on that organizer very shortly. In the meantime, be sure to check out my easy-peasy DIY craft tool organizer you can make in 5 minutes — I still love and use this daily! There are so many great craft organization ideas on Pinterest on how to organizer your supplies in your craft room. I’m listing my favorite ideas here, both for own reference and also because perhaps it will give you some ideas as well.

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Clever Craft Organization Ideas | Craft Storage Solutions

Amazing Ways To Organize Your Craft Supplies

5-Minute Craft Tool Organizer

I made this craft organizer earlier this year when I was tired of sorting through piles and cups scattered here and there. It sits next to me while I craft and it’s one of my favorite things now. And the best part? It took just five minutes to put together and — I think — looks cute!

DIY Craft Organizer for Markers, Brushes, Scissors, and Tools | Easy and Quick Tutorial

Get the tutorial: DIY Craft Organizer in 5 Minutes!

Giant Pegboard

A place for everything and everything in its place … on a giant pegboard! I plan to add a giant peg board to my craft room to organize a variety of things. Peg boards are easy to decorate and customize to suit your needs. This is one of my top craft organization ideas I plan to implement! Check out my Ultimate Pegboard Organization Guide.

Giant Pegboard | Craft Organization Idea | Craft Storage Tutorial

Get the tutorial: How to Make a Giant Peg Board from

Craft Drawers

But not everything needs to be out in the open, now does it? That’s where drawers come in! But if you just toss things into drawers, you’ve just got yourself more clutter — and it takes too long to find things. So enter the Craft Drawer. Organize big, wide drawers with dividers and containers to keep everything organized and easy to find.

Craft Drawer | Organize Your Craft Supplies with Dividers and Containers | Craft Organization Ideas

Get the tutorial: Organizing Craft Materials from

Craft Drawer | Organize Your Craft Supplies with Dividers and Containers | Craft Organization Ideas

Rolling Paint Storage

I don’t know about you, but I’m amassing quite the collection of little bottles of paint. They are colorful, so I want to be able to see them. Plus, seeing them makes it so much easier to pick the right color. I love the idea of this rolling paint storage cart — it can move around the craft room with you, going wherever you need it. This makes so much more sense than storing them in one place, then moving them somewhere else to use them.. and then not putting them away. (Yeah, that’s me — I see 3 little bottles of paint sitting on my craft table right now.)

Rolling Paint Storage Craft Organization Idea | Clever Organizer

Get the tutorial: Industrial Rolling Paint Storage

Hanging Paint Storage

If floor space is at a premium but you’ve got plenty of wall space, consider putting your paints up on the wall with this clever wire rack tip. The bottles fit right into the holes of the wire rack. One of the most brilliant craft organization ideas! And, another bonus is that your paint is ready to pour, thanks to its orientation while being stored.

DIY Hanging Paint Storage | Craft Organization Ideas

Get the tutorial:  Craft Room Organization: PVC and Wire Shelf Paint Storage

Twine and Floss Organization

I have a lot of loose twine, floss, and even some ribbon. Right now it’s all stuffed into a box and I can’t find anything — plus it’s getting tangled! I want to organize this and I love the idea of using clothespins — easy and inexpensive.

Twine and Floss Holders | Craft Organization Ideas

Get the tutorial: Clothespin Twine Holders from

Paper Storage Trick

I’ve been struggling with inexpensive ways to store my ever growing collection of paper. One of the great ideas I came across was to use wire shelving from Target, zip-tied together, to create paper-sized shelves. This is something anyone can do without having any special tools. Also check out my awesome DIY Paper Storage Tower!

Easy Paper Storage Trick | Craft Organization Idea | Clever Storage Solution

Get the tutorial: Scrapbook Paper Storage Solutions

Source List for Craft Organization Ideas

There are really so many ways to organize — so what’s stopping you? I’d love to see YOUR clever organization ideas. Please share them, and feel free to send me photos to include at [email protected].


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  1. Love these ideas! Yes! Thanks so much for taking the time putting this list together. I have to say, I think my favorite is the industrial rolling paint storage. I don’t think I’ve seen that before!

  2. I love craft rooms! Guess what, primary school teachers’ supply rooms in their homes are pretty much the same thing. Your organizing tips are such a great help. Thank you! I am inspired ♥

  3. Hi Jennifer, I just love everything that you do I desperately need help organizing. Most of my crafts are yarn, ribbons, and sewing material. PLEASE help!!!!!!!

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