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About Jennifer

Me and my upcycled snowflake coat!

I’m Jennifer, the crafty mom and writer behind JenniferMaker. I am an Ann Arbor-based DIY project and craft blogger, bestselling travel author, historic fiber artist, and slightly eccentric upcycler. Most of all, I am mom to an amazing 15-year-old daughter. Happily, I live my passion everyday as a work-at-home mom crafting DIY projects.

I’ve always been a Maker, even as a child. Most people know me as a Thing Maker — like how to make felt sunflowers or reversible welcome signs. But I am a Maker of many things. A wonderful child. A happy home. A loving relationship. A series of bestselling books. An award-winning company. A community of likeminded people. And, most recently, I am a Maker of my blog and channel.

Of course, it’s never really that simple, now is it? We don’t just wave our magic wands and have what we want pop into perfect existence.

Not so long ago, all the things I’d made were struggling. My business. My family. My home. And me, too.

So I dug deep, really deep, to get back to what mattered the most to me. I asked myself, “What is it I want to give to the world? What does the world truly need from me?”

And every answer pointed me to here, where I can share everything I know with you. Helping YOU make things you cherish, helping YOU make a living you can be proud of, and helping YOU craft a life you love … this is what fills me up.

Because I know you may be struggling like I was, and now that I’m in a good place, I know I can help you.

I’m honestly just downright excited that you’re here right now. I have so much to share, and I love to share. I know I can inspire you to create beautiful things and save money doing it!

I lovelovelove to create beautiful things, solve storage solutions, re-use and recycle old things, and save money. Every time I can show my readers exactly how they too can have something so amazing of their own, my day is made. I can help you make, re-use, re-style, and CREATE something uniquely you that genuinely fits your family! And it will probably cost less than if you’d bought it outright!

Me on Facebook LIVE talking about my giant rose.

On a personal note, you may see me using the name “JenuineMom,” which was how this blog began its life. “Jenuine” has been a nickname of mine for a while now. (I used to have the [email protected] e-mail address and also the URL, back in the Internet Dark Ages). I am as authentic and down-to-earth as it gets (despite my eclectic style) and integrity is my cornerstone. Everyday I strive to be a genuine person who listens, gives LOTS, compliments, and shares the positive, happy vibes.

Jennifer Maker is my artist name. I am a maker at heart, making everything from crafts, furniture, clothing, and artwork (my hobbies) to award-winning books, websites, and graphics (my professional career). You can read all about why I chose this name in my post on JenuineMom Becomes Jennifer Maker.

I am overjoyed you found yourself in my little crafty corner. So thank you for being here!

About the JenniferMaker Blog

jenniferideasI hope the JenniferMaker blog feels like your crafty friend who shows you all the cool DIY and craft tips and the projects that make people go “Wow!” Please think of JenniferMaker as your go-to source for do-it-yourself projects, weekend craft tutorials, upcycled clothing how-tos, and gorgeous home decor that is genuinely you! Look here for detailed, step-by-step tutorials that show you exactly how you can create your own version of something that’s entirely within your ability to create. You’ll be amazed at how many things you can craft on your own. Your love can take flight here, too!

Therefore, I really, really want to hear about you and your passion! Come on over to Facebook and leave a comment, leave a reply on a blog post here, or find me over on Instagram. Send photos of projects you completed from my blog so I can feature them here. And please subscribe to the blog for weekly DIY projects you’re going to love!


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