Make a Haunted Mansion Shadow Box Card | Halloween Card Tutorial

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I love Halloween! I love the costumes, the parties, and the decorating. So when one of my readers suggested I made a Halloween card, I was like … oh yeah! And then someone else suggested a shadow box card. And I thought, “I bet I can make both together.” And thus my Haunted Mansion Shadow Box halloween card was born.

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Cool features of my Halloween card include a slider that “lights” up the top window, lamps, and the “Boo!” on the gravestone. It can also fold flat to fit in a card if you want to mail it, and it does fit in a 5″ x 7″ envelope. Also, I used my scoring stylus to add some detail to the gate on the front of the card.

Make a Haunted Mansion Shadow Box Card | Halloween Card Tutorial

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Haunted Mansion Shadow Box Materials

Note: I tried making the card with two different kinds of black paper — one with a solid core and one with a white core. I like them both — the solid core version is a little clearer, but the white core version is a little spookier (because it looks like the branches are lit from behind). Use the type of cardstock you like best! Here you can see both versions:

How to Assemble the Haunted Mansion Shadow Box

First, cut out your cardstock using my design (#43 in my free resource library). If you’re cutting on a Cricut, all you need to do is upload it — I’ve already pre-set the score lines and attached them to their base layers. I also set the draw layer to use a pen if you’re on an Explore or Maker. If you’re on a Joy, you’ll need to change the pen color to a Joy pen color. Other than that, everything is set for you!

Haunted Mansion Card in Cricut Design Space

This project takes six pieces of 8.5″ x 11″ paper.

Halloween Card files in Cricut Design Space showing cut, score, and write layers

Note: The most difficult layer to cut is the gravestone layer simply because of its detail. If you’re having an issue, make sure you’re using a good, clean mat and that your blade is cleaned (run it through some balled up aluminum foil to sharpen it).

Once you have all of your pieces, begin by folding the front purple frame on the score lines.

Next, glue the gate on top of the purple frame, being careful not to put glue where none is needed.

Glue the gate on top of the purple frame for your Halloween Card

Then you glue the black gravestone-and-tree section onto the back of the purple frame, lined up with the bottom.

Glue the graveyard layer onto the back of your purple frame on your Halloween card

The next step is to glue the back of the mansion onto the front of the mansion. Pay attention to orientation here, because it matters if you want everything to line up when you pull up the slider. Study my photo below to see the proper orientation, and note that the top layer of the mansion overhangs the bottom layer by a bit. Be careful about where you glue it to avoid glue in places you don’t need.

Glue the black mansion layer onto the back of the gray mansion layer

Now fold the mansion layer on its score lines, but note that you want to fold it up, not down. This layer will sit against the back of the shadow box.

Fold up the sides of the mansion layer

Turn over the mansion layer and glue the purple back onto it, again paying careful attention to the orientation of the boxes. The box at the bottom should line up when you glue it on.

Glue the purple back onto the mansion layer of your Halloween Card

Glue the purple back onto the mansion layer of your Halloween Card

Next fold the black back on the score lines.

Fold the black layer on the score lines

Now glue the sides of the mansion layer and attach it to the inside of the black frame layer.

Attach the black layer to the mansion layer.

Place glue on the outside of the folded sides of the black layer, and attach to the inside of the purple frame layer to complete your shadow box.

Put the front frame on top of the back frame and glue

Finally, slide the yellow layer in from the top (or bottom, doesn’t matter) between the black back layer and the mansion layer. Make sure everything lines up and the slider moves freely. If it seems to stick, remove it and cut off a very narrow strip on one side, then put it back int. Don’t cut off too much or it won’t stay up when you want it to.

Slide the yellow layer in between your black layer and your mansion layer

And there you have it — a Haunted Mansion shadow box card!

Free Cut Files for the Haunted Mansion Shadow Box

Get the password for the library with the free cut files here by filling out this form:

Remember, I love to see your completed projects! Send me a photo of your projects at [email protected] and I’ll include them here with your permission. Be the first!

Let me know if you have any questions!


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  1. I L O V E this Haunted Mansion card! Thanks for creating it!

    Happy Birthday! (I am much older than 50; and I, too, love to celebrate my age!)

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