DIY Dry Erase Board From Dollar Store Finds |

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Valentine’s Day is in just about a week. Greg reminded me of this a few days ago. “We don’t usually do much to celebrate it, do we?” I said to him. “Sure we do,” he replied back, “we always mark the occasion and do something special together.” Oops, he’s right! And, often, I’m caught unawares. Hence the forgetfulness about the holiday! But not this year! I made both Greg and my Alexa a Valentine’s Day gift that didn’t take too much time or money. I got most of what I needed for this project from Dollar Tree (I just love this store!). This DIY dry erase board is so easy to make, and you can personalize it with a simple printable or two. This is so simple that I have made a dry erase board to go into my new command center!  So let me show you how to make your own dry erase board!

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DIY Dry Erase Board From Dollar Store Finds |

DIY Dry Erase Board Materials

DIY Dry Erase Board From Dollar Store Finds |

DIY Dry Erase Board Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1. Take the wrapper off your frame and any protective sheets that may be on the glass/plastic.

Step 2. Remove the back of the frame and take out the sample picture or sheet of paper in it.

DIY Dry Erase Board From Dollar Store Finds |

Step 3. Using the sample paper as a template, cut your scrapbook paper to the same size. If you’re making a personalized dry erase board, print and cut your paper to fit the frame.

DIY Dry Erase Board From Dollar Store Finds |

Step 4. Put the paper in the frame (pattern side down) and close up the back.

DIY Dry Erase Board From Dollar Store Finds |

DIY Dry Erase Board From Dollar Store Finds |

Step 5. (Optional) Hot glue a magnet to the side of your frame. I like to do this because we’re always losing our dry erase markers, and keeping the marker with the frame prevents that. With a magnet on the frame, you can attach the magnetic dry erase marker right to the frame.

DIY Dry Erase Board From Dollar Store Finds |

DIY Dry Erase Board From Dollar Store Finds |

Isn’t it cute? It only took me five minutes to make!

I plan to attach this DIY dry erase board to Alexa’s bedroom door so she sees it often. Naturally, I will put new messages on it. She’s at that difficult tween stage in which it’s apparently no longer cool to snuggle with mom or show lots of affection, so I think something like this is a way for me to show her I still think he’s awesome.

DIY Dry Erase Board From Dollar Store Finds |

I will put this frame in our bedroom where we can see it every night! Again, I plan to put heartfelt messages on it … and I have no doubt Greg will, too. He’s very sweet and affectionate!

Here’s what the magnet looks like hot glued to the frame.

DIY Dry Erase Board From Dollar Store Finds |

If you’d like to make this “i love you because” frame, I uploaded the free printable to my Resource Library (you can get the password to it by filling out the form at the bottom of this post).

I loved this simple project, and I hope you do, too!


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  Make this easy dry erase board as a DIY #Christmas gift! I made these whiteboards for my boys one year—such an easy and fast project. DIY Dry Erase Board From Dollar Store Finds |

This DIY Dry Erase Board is simple to put together with only a few household supplies needed. #diy #tutorial #craftprojects #craftroom

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  1. I love this DIY for many reasons. And – I made my own DIY board like this years ago. I put inside the frame a printable for the weekly dinner menu. Then I just wrote it in for each day. Now if you want to know whats for dinner – just look at the board! Love it!

  2. This is so so clever, I’m definitely making my own this weekend – I love chalkboards more but they are so damn messy and you get the bloody dust from the chalk absolutely everywhere. This is much more useful! x

  3. This is super cute and looks so easy! I love how you can make it your own with different scrapbook paper. What a clever idea!

  4. I made this for my husband once and he really love it, it was fun to have a whole bunch of reasons why I love him.

  5. i love this idea! its great to be able to change the background of your board, makes it so much more decorative and not so cold!

  6. What a fantastic idea! Most dry erase boards are so dull, boring and plain I would love to make up a nice one for my house like this. Super cute.

  7. What a great DIY! I find that a lot of the fancier white boards are so expensive. This is such a frugal idea!

  8. Fantastic idea! I would love to do this for my weekly meal plan. I think it’s so so smart. I was looking into laminating something but with your DIY, I can add cute paper and change it up for holidays. Love it

  9. Hi, I did something similar. I bought a frame at a thrift store for $1. I took white craft paint and painted the glass with 2 coats letting it dry in between, then put the glass back in the frame painted side. But yours are so pretty, I may have to go find another frame and do your method! You have a great website! Love all your creativity! And I love the idea of no excuses about doing a craft. Summer for me is my craft time as I live in southern Arizona and so while I am out and about in the winter, not so much in the summer, but recently I have been putting off crafting, so thanks for the great reminder! Happy crafting!

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