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DIY Chalkboard Gift Tags -- Reuse Them Every Christmas! |

About two weeks ago I bought a little bottle of chalkboard paint with the intention of making ornaments. For those who aren’t familiar with chalkboard paint, it’s a black paint you can paint on things and it works like a chalkboard—you can put chalk on it and it’ll wipe right off. Back in my college days, we used to paint walls with it and write all over them with chalk. But last night, as I was drifting off to sleep, I had an idea! Every year I neglect to buy enough Christmas gift tags (or forget entirely), and wouldn’t it be awesome to have a reusable set of gift tags for here at the house? If the gift tags were covered in chalkboard paint, we could do that! And thus, DIY chalkboard gift tags sprang fully formed into my head. Today I made them and they are just as awesome and easy to make as I thought they’d be.

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DIY Chalkboard Gift Tag Materials

DIY Chalkboard Gift Tags -- Reuse Them Every Year! | DIY Christmas Gift Tags

DIY Chalkboard Gift Tags Step-by-Step Tutorial

First, if you’re using cardboard, cut out the shapes you’d like to use for your tags. If you need ideas, I have a free template in my resource library — get the password to it at the bottom of this post

Print out the template for the DIY Chalkboard Gift tags to make Christmas gift tags

Cut out the templates for the DIY chalkboard gift tags

Step 2: Paint your tags (whether they be cardboard or wood) with the black chalkboard paint, front and back. Give the side you plan to write on an extra coat of chalkboard paint. Allow to dry.

DIY Chalkboard Gift Tags -- Reuse Them Every Year! |

DIY Chalkboard Gift Tags -- Reuse Them Every Year! |

Step 3: Using your paint and/or paint Sharpies, decorate your tag in any way that pleases you. Or you can leave them completely blank. It’s completely up to you!

DIY Chalkboard Gift Tags -- Reuse Them Every Year! |

Step 4: Thread a ribbon through the hole at the top.

DIY Chalkboard Gift Tags -- Reuse Them Every Year! |

Step 5: Using your chalk, try writing on the tag and wiping it off (use a damp cloth to get it all off). Cool, isn’t it?

DIY Chalkboard Gift Tags -- Reuse Them Every Year! |

Get the free template for my DIY Chalkboard Gift Tags

Enjoy your reusable gift tags, or give them as gifts to friends and family. If you give them away, be sure to write a little happy note on the back!


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DIY Chalkboard Gift Tags -- Reuse Them Every Christmas! | Wow! Re-use these cute Christmas chalkboard gift tags year after year—an easy and fun DIY holiday decor project!


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  1. I am pretty much obsessed with chalkboard things. How cute are these! I love how professional they look! Great job!

  2. I also forget to do gift tags (but there’s only two of us in the house so it’s not a huge deal) but I love this idea and I am totally going to make them and send them to my sister in law!!

  3. Those are super cute. I’m not crafty by any means, but my oldest daughter is. I think she’d like doing these for the gifts she’s going to give family this year. I look forward to sharing this post with her.

  4. What a really great and cute idea! I think its so fun when you can be crafty and thoughtful when it comes to giving. This would be great, wish I was a bit more crafty!

    1. Thank you, Jeanine! It may look like it takes skill, but it’s really just cutting and painting the chalkboard paint on. You could leave them completely blank and just write names on with chalk, and they’d still be awesome!

    1. Thank you, Stephanie! I am super happy with how they turned out. Now the trick will be to not lose them between one year and the next.

  5. What a cute craft! I have so much leftover cardboard just laying around from Amazon packages (lol) and am always trying to find DIY uses for them!

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