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Rose petals from my garden for the giant flower spellbound roseI just can’t make enough paper flowers! But today I’m going to switch gears a bit from my rolled paper flowers to show you how to create a giant paper flower. We’re going to make a huge Spellbound Rose, which is a lovely all-pink hybrid tea rose, and arguably one of the most beautiful roses in the world.

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Giant Flower Spellbound Rose | Papercraft | Cricut | Tutorial | Free Files

To design this giant rose, I took a real rose, removed all of its petals, scanned them into my computer, and traced each petal in my design software. The end result is that each petal on my giant flower is unique and is a true rose petal shape. It worked really well because the finished rose is spectacular! Here’s a quick preview of me making the rose:

I am sharing my design with you free, as well as a photo tutorial (for those who prefer to read) and an assembly video (for those who prefer to watch). You’ll find both a PDF (if you are cutting out your petals by hand) and an SVG/DXF file (for cutting machines) here on my blog.

I’ve set the cut file up for maximum ease and efficiency. If you are a Cricut user, all you have to do is download, unzip, upload to Cricut Design Space, place the design on your Canvas, and click Make it. You don’t have to worry about sizing, placement, or the number of petals — I’ve got it all set up for you already. Easy peasy!

Some of you LOVE this Giant Paper Rose

If you make this Giant Paper Rose, snap a photo and hashtag it #jennifermaker — I’d love to see your creations on InstagramFacebook, & Twitter! I lovelovelove to see your photos!

Here is a pretty-in-pink giant rose made by reader amygonnacraft:

Giant Rose by Jennifer Maker - Made by Reader Amruta Tengase

Here are some lovely giant roses made by reader Tarah Steele — she used the rose petals with some fringe to make a new flower, too!

Giant Paper Rose by Jennifer Maker reader Tarah Steele

Here is a beautiful rainbow arrangement of giant roses made from this pattern by reader Valerie Friedel for a fiesta-themed shower– so very pretty!

Giant paper rose arrangement for a wedding shower #cricut #cricutmade #svgfile #paperflowers

Look at these awesome roses Angie made for a Coco-themed birthday party! (She also used my paper marigold pattern — you can see them near the photos at the bottom!)

Giant paper roses at a Coco-theme party made by reader Angie and designed by JenniferMaker

Here is a fun giant spellbound paper rose posted on Instagram:

DIY Giant Paper Flower - the Spellbound Rose | Complete Tutorial, Free Pattern #paperflower #cricut #weddingdecor

So enough talk — let’s make some giant flowers already, shall we? This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more)! Read my full disclosure policy.

Materials to Make a Giant Rose

Materials for a giant spellbound rose

How to Make a Giant Spellbound Rose

Step 1: Get the Free Easy Giant Spellbound Rose Design

Get Design #34 which is the free giant rose design from my free resource library (get the password to the library in the form at the bottom of this post).

Step 2: Cut Out Your Giant Rose Design

Cut out your rose petals using my PDF pattern (for hand cutting) or SVG/DXF file (for machine cutting). My design produces eight 8″super-large petals, eight 7″ large petals, eight 5.5″ medium petals, six 4″ small petals, two sets of rosebud petals, and one 3″ base. These will create a 14″ rose. If you’d like a larger rose, you can use a 4″ or even a 5″ base (just cut one out from a spare sheet of cardstock — no one will see your base, so it’s not important if it is a perfect circle). If you’d like a smaller rose, either use fewer petals or reduce the size of ALL the petals before you cut them out.

Here is my design file uploaded to Cricut Design Space. Don’t worry about how they overlap here — all the petals are in there. They will all cut out properly when you click the Make It button.

If you’re not sure how to upload an SVG cut file to Cricut Design Space, watch this helpful video training series I made. If you’re on an iPhone or iPad, here’s how to download and upload SVG files to the Cricut Design Space app.

Upload the rose SVG to Cricut Design Space

SVG Tip: If you prefer to have your petals separated, there is another SVG in my zip file where the petals are all separate — if you need to resize it, the design should be about 51″ wide by 27″ high to make the flower the same size as I did.

Once you click Make it, Cricut will put the flowers onto 17 mats. Just keep cutting!

Cutting your rose petals from Cricut Design Space

Cricut Tip: Cut your files out in Cricut Design Space using a standard Premium Fine Point blade and your mat set to “Medium Cardstock” It will take about 20 minutes to cut your petals.

Watch the full-length tutorial on how to cut and assemble this giant rose:

Step 3: Create the Cup Shape of the Rose Petals

Next, create the cupped shape of each rose petal by gluing the bottoms. To do this, put a line of glue right next to the slit at the bottom of a petal, then overlap the petal on the other side of the slit over it. This creates an indent, just like a real rose petal. In fact, if you look at the scans of my rose petals above, you can see how they are split open at the top or the bottom when flattened — we’re mimicking this in our paper petals to achieve the same shape. Do this with all of your super-large, large, medium, and small petals.

Glue the bottom of each petal to create a cup shape

Glue the bottom of each petal to create a cup shape

Step 4: Roll the Edges of the Rose Petals

You need to shape the outer edge of each petal. Use your marker or other smooth, round tool to roll the edges or your petal around it, holding it in place for a second or two. When you remove the marker, the edge will be curled. You can curl both sides of the petal, or just curl the top. I recommend you curl the petal outward, not inward, but feel free to experiment.

Curl the edges of your rose petals with a marker

Step 5: Create the Rosebud

Next, we create the rosebud. I’ve attached the rosebud petals together on their own base to make it easier for you. Start by applying glue to the underside edge of one of the petals, fold it up toward the center, take the petal directly across from it, and curl them around each other. Leave about 1/2″, or about the diameter of your index finger. Now glue the other two petals up and around the first two, but don’t do it too tightly — leave about 1/2″ of space between each petal as you glue it.

Glue the rosebud together for your giant rose

Glue the first assembled rosebud shape to the second set of four petals, and continue gluing each set of petals up and onto the rosebud. Again, leave about 1/2″ of space between each petal for the prettiest rosebud. When done, set aside.

Glue the rosebud together for your giant rose

Step 6: Create the Giant Rose

Now let’s start building up the flower itself. Begin gluing each petal, starting with the super-large petals, onto the outer edge of your base. To do this, put a short line (about 1″) of hot glue at the outer edge of the underside of your petal and press down onto your base. Glue the next petal right across from the first one. The third one goes in-between the first and second. And the fourth one goes directly across from the third. This forms a four-petal layer, just like on a real rose, which tends to have its petals arrayed like this. The only difference is we’re not overlapping them in order. But we do this on purpose to keep our giant rose balanced as it’s easier to place them across and between each other than it is to put them in perfect 90-degree angles from one another.

Apply hot glue to the underside edge of your petal

Place your petals on your base of the giant rose

Place your petals on your base of the giant rose

Continue placing layers of petals on your base, from super-large to large to medium.

Place your petals on your base of the giant rose

When you get to the small petals, glue on one layer of small petals (four total).

Place your petals on your base of the giant rose

With your other two small petals, attach them directly to your rosebud rather than to the giant flower. Things start to get pretty tight at this point and it’s just easier to do it this way. Also, I recommend you curl these two last small petals inward, toward the rosebud.

Attach more petals to your rosebud

Now put a generous amount of hot glue on the bottom of your rosebud. Position the rosebud inside your giant rose, and press down well to set it. You don’t want your rosebud falling out on you!

Place your rosebud in the center of your giant rose flower

Voila! You have a spectacular —and gigantic — Spellbound Rose to decorate with to your heart’s content. Put them up on your walls, make a floral valance over a window, create a photo backdrop for a party, or use them as centerpieces.

Free Pattern and Cut Files for the Giant Paper Rose

Get the password for the library with the free pattern and SVG files here by filling out this form:


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        1. If you’re having issues (such as getting a message that says β€œunsupported file”), please watch my free training series, SVGs Made Simple. It will help you SO much!

      1. I have a question for you, regarding the password. Does the password for your library always stay the same, or does it change from day to day, or weekly? IF it changes will a new password be in the same place in the daily email we receive? Thank you in advance!

        1. The password stays the same. I like to keep things as simple as possible for everyone! Thank you for asking!

      2. I noticed in one place on the page above that you mentioned How to download on an iPhone or iPad, but did I miss how to download and use an Android phone? Please help me with this! Thank you in advance!

  1. hi! everytime i try to download it it says error πŸ™
    is theres any way how to dl the svg? thanks a lot

  2. Hi Jennifer!

    I am in love with this flower. Unfortunately I do not own a cricut machine. I did not see a file to just download and print the pattern. Is there one? If not is there a way to convert the file to be printed on my printer at home?
    Can’t wait to hopefully try this.

    Thank you,

    1. Hello, Lydia! I just uploaded a PDF with all of the petals — it’s in my resource library. Just get the PDF, print the whole thing (17 pages) on a colored cardstock of your choice, and cut out each one with scissors. πŸ™‚

      1. Where is the pdf file located in the library? I could not find it with the written instructions (only the svg link). Also tried a search for Giant Rose pdf with no luck.
        Thanks for any info you can give me. Enjoy your patterns!

        1. If you look at Design #34 in our Library, Lesley, there are two design folders. To download the PDF file, you will want to click on the one that says, “Spellbound Rose Pattern PDF” instead of the other one! We are so happy to hear that you are enjoying our patterns! We enjoy designing them for you! πŸ™‚

  3. Yeah!!! Thank you Jennifer. I have been searching for this exact size flower for days. You made it so easy!

  4. Love your beautiful creation! I don’t have a cricket machine. Would it be possible to order a kit form from you so I can make one?
    Thanks for your time and sharing your knowledge

  5. wow … are so talented at this! I thought it was a real rose and clicked on it and realized, I have been here before! This is so cool. Thanks for the tutorial. My daughter will go crazy trying to make these. Pinning:)

  6. the pdf for people without a cricut wont open for me, and I really want to make these for my dorm, ifs there a way to get an email with the pdf?
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas.

    1. Hi, Jocelynn! I will email the PDF, though it’ll be the same file, which is opening okay for me. I’ll send that to you now. πŸ™‚

  7. Pretty! Thanks for sharing your post and cut files with us and at the #InspirationSpotlight party @DearCreatives Pinned & sharing. Have a happy 4th of July.

  8. I love these giant flowers I keep seeing, they are just so beautiful. Thanks for providing all the pattern/design/etc need to make one. Pinning,

  9. Wow this looks sooo beautiful! Perfect gift for Mother’s Day πŸ™‚ I bet it takes a lot of patience though…

    Thanks for linking up at the Friday Favorites linky party!


  10. It really is gorgeous and looks so much like a real rose! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Hello, Beth! I promise the password works — it’s the same for everyone! Be sure to copy and paste it in — that usually solves that issue. πŸ™‚

  11. tried to download the link.its in zip keep failing.can you kindly send the pdf format to my email?

  12. Can you leave the outer 8 leaves off to make just a little smaller? The smaller you want to make you leave off from the outside, right?

    1. Hi, Jennifer! Yes, you can leave off the outer petals to make it smaller. You can also get it smaller by putting it on a smaller circle to start with, or by simply reducing the size of everything before you cut it out. πŸ™‚

  13. Hi…
    I love this pattern… I am having a difficult time opening the file in my Silhoutte program ( I do have the designer edition). The big pedals are not showing up to be able to cut them… Do you have any suggestions…

    Thanks for sharing these files,


    1. Hi, Rhonda! Are you using the DXF version? The petals are all on top of each other because I wanted to be sure sizing was preserved. Is it possible they are there, but just behind other layers? Can you send me a screen shot of what you see? Thanks!

        1. Hi! I uploaded a file to my Resource Library that has the petals all separated out. It’s next to the original one for this flower and is labelled “Separate.” Please download that and let me know if it works better for your needs.

          1. I saw it. Thank you so much. My 10-year-old is having her own craft area so we are making flower frame for her doorway. LOVE this flower!!!

  14. How long does each rose take? I would love to do a small photo backdrop, but wondered what kind of time investment it would be….

    1. Hi, Jessica! It took me about 20 minutes to put the rose together. Cutting was extra. But if you did a bunch, you could probably shave off some time by grouping tasks together.

  15. Hi there, I am having some issues with downloading the SVG file. When I download the file and attempt to upload into the design space, it says unsupported file. Would I need to do anything differently if I am using a mac?


    1. Hi, Wendy! If you get the unsupported file message, that means you’re trying to upload the .zip file or one of the other files in the folder that is not the .svg file. So go back and try to upload just the .svg file. πŸ™‚

      1. Hello, I am having the same issue. Where would I save the file to? When I save the file to say documents and try to upload it to Design Space, nothing shows up. I’m a Cricut beginner so maybe I’m doing something wrong?

  16. Has the design for the Giant Rose been taken down? When I click the link…all it does is take me to the main cricut page.

  17. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. My daughter turns 16 *not for another year and a half* but she wants a paper flower picture area. Is never too early to get started right?! Your tutorial is so easy to follow and your pictures give great detail. For a visual person like me, it’s very important. I also enjoyed your attention to detail when creating the flower. It looks so life like. Thanks again for your gift.

  18. Thanks so much for sharing a free file! I am on a tight budget and doing a last minute baby shower. This helps tremendously.

  19. Hello!
    I am unable to upload the SVG file to cricut design space. It says it isn’t compatible πŸ™ not sure what i am doing wrong here!

    1. You are probably uploading the zip file, not the svg file. That’s usually why folks get that error. Make sure you are uploading the file that says “Scalable Vector Graphics” in your File Manager.

  20. I just made these and they are beautiful! I am using them for my baby girls nursery and was wondering if you had any tips for securing them to the wall.

  21. Thank you so much for sharing, Jennifer! What a fantastic tutorial and with my new Cricut Explore Air 2, I was able to easily cut out the pieces needed.

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  24. These will be perfect for my daughter’s first birthday! It will be a mad hatters tea party and my theme is Lily in One-derland. And these look so much nicer than other PDFs I’ve found.
    How would you recommend hanging these on a wall? I want to make a bunch of sizes and hang them all over place. Painting the roses red! Thanks so much. I just discovered your channel today and it sparks so much joy for me!

  25. Thank you for all the patterns and tutorials! I created 5 different flowers to match the color patterns of the letters I made for my Steam classroom. I can not wait to be able to go and decorate my room with them πŸ™‚

  26. Hi Jennifer! So glad I found your site. You make it easy for me to understand the cricut and give me confidence. Thank you so much for all your help. God bless you ?
    I noticed you are from Michigan!! I’m from Michigan as well!! Southgate Michigan, downriver area. Just thought that was so cool!!?

  27. You are a genius! You made it so easy to follow. I am inspired to do this rose, really pretty and unique. Thank you, Jennifer.

  28. Hello! I’m new to cricut and your YouTube videos have been a great help! I was going through your library and downloaded your SVG for giant rose. I got to my canvas fine but in your written tutorial it says it will print on 17 pages but mine is only 7 mats – am I missing some petals? I haven’t actually printed it out yet just looking at the β€œhow to” first.

    1. Try uploading the other SVG file, Carrie! We have two in that file – one is named “SVGs Separated” and the other “SVGs Stacked.” Use the one that says “Stacked – Best for Cricut.” It will look like a blob when you first look at it in Design Space, but once you click on “Make It,” then it will separate into the 17 mats that you need to make this giant rose! And a truly gorgeous rose it is!!! 😍

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