How to make rolled paper sunflowers -- free cut files!

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Many of you enjoyed my giant paper sunflower and I had several requests for a smaller, easier-to-make version that could be used to decorate cards and other things. So I’ve designed an easy-peasy paper sunflower that you just cut and roll up. I even included leaves, a stalk, and a sepal (that’s the leafy thing under the petals). You can make them at a variety of different sizes for whatever you need to decorate.

Here’s a look at this small rolled sunflower next to the giant paper sunflower from last week:

Paper Sunflowers - Giant and Small!

Isn’t it cute? And you’ll notice it has it’s own little spiral seed head. The small rolled sunflower even has the same number of petals as the giant one (and real ones): 55!

The great thing about this small sunflower is how easy and fast it is to make! So let’s make one together, shall we? Here’s what you’ll need:

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Small Rolled Sunflower Materials

Materials for the small rolled paper sunflower

How to Roll a Small Paper Sunflower

First, cut out your cardstock using Design #37 which is the free SVG or DXF files in my resource library. Feel free to resize the sunflower to meet your needs. I cut mine out at a variety of sizes — I managed to get six to cut on one piece of yellow cardstock!

Uploading the rolled sunflower files to Cricut Design Space

Here you can see how I fit six different sized sunflowers in:

Uploading the rolled sunflower files to Cricut Design Space

Note: The detailed seed head (shown in brown when you upload the files) takes some time to cut out. Feel free to skip it — I think it looks nice with just a solid black seed head. I included it because it was requested. If you do cut it out, make sure you’re using a very sticky mat or it will just slide around during cutting.

Now let’s begin rolling! Insert the loose end of your sunflower petal spiral into the end of your quilling tool and begin rolling toward you, as shown below:

Insert the tip of the rolled paper sunflower into the quilling tool

Keep rolling the petals until they are all rolled up. Do you best to keep the bottom edge of the petals aligned with one another.

Finishing rolling the rolled paper sunflower

Gently pull the quilling tool out of the rolled petals and apply glue to the bottom of the roll.

Gluing the petals of the rolled paper sunflower

Fold over the circle onto the glue and press down to set.

Gluing the petals of the rolled paper sunflower

Turn your sunflower right side up and open up all the petals. Rearrange petals now, while the glue is still a little wet, as you like.

Opening up the petals of the rolled paper sunflower

Glue the back of the solid seed head.

Gluing the seed head to the rolled paper sunflower

Attach the solid seed head to the sunflower and press to set.

Gluing the seed head to the rolled paper sunflower

If you cut out the detailed seed head, spray the back with adhesive and attach on top of the solid seed head, as shown below:

The rolled paper sunflower with the detailed seed head

Place a long stripe of glue on the sepal, parallel to the slit at the top, as shown below.

Glue the back of the sepal on your rolled paper sunflower

Attach the stalk to the lower bottom half of the sepal, like this.

Glue the stalk to the sepal for the rolled paper sunflower

Fold over the sepal along the slit, attaching it to itself and forming a cup shape.

Overlap the two sides of the sepal and glue down for the rolled paper sunflower

This is how the stalk and sepal look after being glued.

A prepared stalk for the rolled paper sunflower

Put a generous amount of glue inside the sepal.

Glue the stalk for the rolled paper sunflower

Place the sunflower petals on top of the sepal with glue, pressing down to set.

Glue the rolled paper sunflower to the stalk

You can fold each leave, if you wish, for a more 3D look

Fold the leaves on the rolled paper sunflower

Your rolled paper sunflower is finished!

A finished rolled paper sunflower

Optional: If you wish to strengthen the stem (it is just cardstock, after all), glue some floral wire to the back of your stem. You won’t be able to see it from the front at all!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! To find out what I used these little sunflowers for, check out my Garden Trellis Tri-Fold Card!

Free Cut Files for the Rolled Sunflower

You can get the password to my resource library that has ALL of my free cut files in it by filling out this form:

If you make these rolled paper sunflowers, I’d love to see them! Please email your photos to [email protected] and I will include them on this page for the world to see!

Here is a super-cute sunflower card made by reader Misty Morgan from the Blog:

Sunflower Card by reader Misty Morgan Sunflower Card by reader Misty Morgan


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  1. Jennifer, I recently purchased a Cricut Maker. It is overwhelming. I have watched hours of videos and yours are the best by far! Thank you so much for your sunny personality and providing so much information that encourages me to create. You are the BEST!!!

    1. Yay, Karen! I’m so happy to hear you made a sunflower. I hope you’ll try some of my other rolled flowers! They’re a lot of fun to make!

    1. Hi Wendy! The flower itself is 6.111″x5.333″. If you need to know in the future, you can upload any of my SVG files to Design Space and it will import how I show in my blog post.

  2. how do you know what size to make center of flower, stem and leaves in proportion to the size of flower you choose, For instance if the yellow flower is size 8 x 8 what size for rest? thank you

    1. Hi Janet! For this particular project, keep all the elements together and resize the entire project. For other designs, you will have to eye it and test.

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