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Find solutions for organizing your craft supplies and tools, no matter the size of your collection or budget!

Creating a portable craft station that can move about with you can be such a big help! And I think a mobile craft solution is an especially big deal when you are first learning how to craft or have taken up a new craft. Portable craft storage is also really useful you’ve moved into a new place and you’re just not quite sure where you’re going to be, or when you really want to be mobile and move around your home or wherever you are. Being able to craft in a space that feels comfortable to you is a game changer. So let me show you my best ideas for portable craft storage, everything from inexpensive DIY organizer ideas to craft storage furniture on wheels!

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Portable Craft Storage Caddies and Baskets

  • Use a small caddy intended for utensils or a decorating item that has a handle.
  • Make your own basket organizer – you can put it into another larger organizer when you’re ready to upgrade or organize more
  • Tip: Label compartments with vinyl so things get put back where they belong
  • Like to craft in a comfy chair? Make a portable “couch caddy” that you can move from around as you please!

Tote Organizers

Totebags with Handles

  • Take it with you to craft anywhere — at a friend’s house, at an event, or on vacation!
  • So many pockets to hold all the things, plus special storage for markers and pens 
  • Abigail Deluxe Organizer / Oxo containers

Rolling Craft Totes

  • Michaels – piece of luggage for craft supplies
  • Great around house but also if going.
  • Zipper top, pens, markers, pencils, – repositionable divider so you can configure the inside the way you would like it
  • You can put organizers in here to further organizer small stuff
  • Craft keeper fits in perfectly
  • Basic Scrapbook Case fits – or put both in
  • Sides – another zipper pouch – front zipper pouch – clear zipper pouches
  • Contained, free of dust, dirt
  • Take a look at the Rolling Tote

3-Tier Carts

  • Simple – You can decorate (link to tutorial) – metal
  • You can see and access supplies
  • Easy to find – Michaels, Ikea, amazon
  • Further organizer with boxes, smaller bins, cups (accessories)
  • You can install top bin upside down so the flat end is on top so you can use it as a tabletop
  • You can buy a top for it 
  • Pretty colors
  • Take a look at the 3-Tier Cart

3-Tier Cart with Extras

  • Ribbon and tape, removable pegboard, hooks, removable marker holder, long tubes (wrapping paper, kraft paper) hooks
  • Affordable and fun solution and perfect mobile craft storage solution 
  • Locking wheels
  • Best mobile craft storage solutions – very popular
  • Take a look at the 3-Tier Cart with Extras

Rolling Storage Carts

  • Pressed board
  • Purpose-built storage solutions
  • Ribbon, tape, spool holders, big roll holder (kraft paper, wrapping paper, cellophane)
  • Cubbies for things that should be stored on their side – paint, markers
  • Flip-up work surface
  • Drawers and surface on top for crafting
  • big bins
  • Lazy Susan 
  • Swivel cart
  • Top has storage
  • Here is the rolling storage cart

Drawer Carts


  • 3 shallow drawers for small things
  • Storage at top
  • There are dowels on side for tape, ribbon, paper towels
  • Storage for tubes on back
  • plastic drawers lightweight – easy to put together and move around but you don’t want to load it up
  • Flat top for more tools or organizers (but nothing too heavy)
  • Frosted & multicolors drawers
  • Locking wheels
  • Has extension 
  • Casters – good desk to flip out – favorite of the three
  • Get the Drawer Cart here

Another option is the Essex Rolling Cart

Craft Organization Furniture on Wheels


  • On wheels – two extension tables on side storage underneath in the central area
  • Can be integrated into Dream Box
  • Easy to assemble
  • Learn more about the DreamCart 


  • Sewing cabinet on wheels – locking casters
  • Front – open door that swings around to the side
  • thread storage that comes out, notions –  on the side that slides out
  • Flat top when the machine is being stored below
  • Has a clear insert that is sized to your sewing machine – slides in so it’s a flat sewing table
  • Back table folds up to give you extended space
  • Lay out materials or cut your pattern
  • There is an assembly video available when you purchase the SewStation
  • Integrates into the Dreambox
  • Learn more about the SewStation


  • Ultimate portable craft space
  • On casters – All folds up and just looks like an armoire/cabinet in the corner
  • Comes with clear containers
  • Inserts –
  • You can change the shelves around to make them work for you
  • small, medium, large
  • All of them pull out fully
  • Drawers, crown with light are separate
  • The table folds up – you can change the height of the table.
  • Wings – command hooks with mats/magnetic sheets
  • Everything within your reach as you craft
  • Learn more about the DreamBox


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