Cricut Print and Cut Sizes - How to Get Larger Sizes

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Learn how to get bigger print then cut sizes in Cricut Design Space!

Cricut’s Print Then Cut is a wonderful feature for us crafters, as it lets us print and cut out an image perfectly with our Cricut machine. But for a long time, we’ve been fenced in by paper size and print area. But I have GREAT news! With the right tools, we can now print up to 10.64″ x 15.43″ on tabloid and A3 size paper! That’s like over 163 square inches of glorious print then cut space. These changes are in a new version of Cricut Design Space for Desktop – version 7.27 which is now in beta. I’ll show you how the entire process so you can try it out!

Watch the full step-by-step tutorial on how to make your Cricut Print And Cut size larger on my channel:

Cricut Print and Cut Sizes - How to Get Larger Sizes

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Excited to try out the expanded Cricut Print and Cut Size? The first thing you need is a design! You can use your own image, or a pretty watercolor Easter Egg design I made for you. It’s available as Design #473 in my free library! As with any Print then Cut project, you can use a PNG file like this, adjust SVG files with the flatten tool, or use other printable images with this process. Pick something simple for your first time.

You will need to calibrate your printer with Design Space before trying out the new features. If you have any Print then Cut projects in process, finish them up first! If you calibrate after printing a sheet, the cut lines might not match up anymore! See my Print then Cut printer calibration video for more information.

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Why Are the Cricut Print And Cut Size Changes Important?

If you’ve ever been frustrated by the extra space you can’t quite use for a Print then Cut image — I couldn’t get the pretty egg any bigger than this example in the previous version– the Cricut engineers have listened!

Bright egg design with old Print and Cut Cricut dimensions.

Crafters have tried all kinds of hacks to work around the necessary registration marks and add designs like puzzle pieces to use the most of printable materials. But the Design Space engineers have adjusted the registration marks to require less space and allow the designs to fill more of the page

Now, I can get the egg design all the way to nearly filling a mat’s width! And that’s even on a big mat. Making cut designs this big is HUGE!

Bright egg design with new Print and Cut Cricut dimensions.

But how did I do it? I’ll show you!

How to Get Giant Cricut Print And Cut Size Options

NOTE: The Cricut Print and Cut size change is still rolling out to users, so you might not be able to access it even after changing to the settings below. Just be patient and check again tomorrow!

Since the new feature is in Beta (an early version of any new software) you’ll need to switch to that setting in Cricut Design Space. Luckily, it’s as easy as a few clicks! Save your work first, just to be cautious, then click the top menu button with three lines and choose “Settings.” Next to “Application Experience” select “Beta” and click “Done.”

Changing to Beta Cricut Design Space to get larger Print and Cut dimensions.

Once the window reloads, you should have access! For the next step, go back in the “Settings” to pick the paper you’ll use under “Load Type.” It’s as easy as that!

Print and Cut paper settings in Cricut.

Print Then Cut Tip: If you have a large-format printer, change your paper size to the material you have available. Then, you can cut giant print then cut images without adjusting your settings each time! Of course, you’ll also need a 12” x 24” cutting mat to fit your large sheet of paper, but otherwise, it all works! Check out some of my recommended tools and materials below!

What Else is New for Print Then Cut?

Sometimes, resizing a design is difficult, so there is a new “Auto-Resize Image” option! When the warning in the Layers Panel that an image is loo large comes up, just make sure the correct paper size is selected and click “Auto-Resize Image” to have Design Space do the work for you.

Auto resize large Print and Cut images in Cricut Design Space.

And if you’re making a print and cut project with multiple designs, Attach them before using the resize tool and everything will shrink or expand in proportion!

Resizing multiple attached images for Print and Cut in Cricut.  

Print Then Cut tip: Think your design could fit into the space better? I bet you’re right! First, make it larger on your Canvas, then allow Cricut to Auto Resize it so you get the MAXIMUM size possible! Even better, it works for both single images as well as groups of images you’ve attached! This print then cut feature is helpful even if you stick with 8.5″ x 11″ paper, so these updates help us all!


What Tools and Materials Do I Need to Make Huge Print Then Cut Projects?

The best options really depend on your goals and situation, but I have some recommendations!

And, remember, if you want to use my pretty watercolor egg picture, it’s free in my library (design #473).

Get the free larger Cricut print then cut tutorial, pattern and SVG in the free JenniferMaker Library

If you’re feeling at all frustrated by the Cricut print and cut size change, I hear you. It can be a lot to keep up with, especially if you don’t use Design Space frequently. But this is a really GOOD change that the community has been asking for. I’m certainly excited! It’s just wonderful that Cricut is listening to our requests, and continuing to develop and improve their software to meet our needs. Yes, this does require that we learn and keep up with the changes. Just know that you can always look for my simple videos to get you up-to-speed fast so you can get right back to making beautiful things with your new skills!

Answers to Your Questions About Cricut Print And Cut Size

Q: Can I make this with a Cricut Joy or a Cricut Explore?

A: An Explore or Cricut Explore Air, yes! However, Print then Cut Cricut projects don’t work with the Joy because it doesn’t have the correct tool to read the registration marks and avoid making the cut lines in the wrong spots.

Q: What is the black box on my Cricut Print then Cut design?

A: Design Space adds a registration box or black lines to your design during printing that the cutting machine reads to decide where to make its cuts. Don’t worry, they won’t be there for long!

Q: How big can you do a print and cut on Cricut?

A: With the right settings, printer, and paper, you can make a print then cut design up to 10.64″ x 15.43″!

Q: How do you print 8.5″ x 11″ on Cricut?

A: To print the same dimension of letter size paper for Print then Cut, size your design to 8.5″ x 11″ and use tabloid paper for the material.

Q: How can I make my Print then Cut designs better?

A: For the best results, it’s important to use the best images that fit your project so you don’t need to resize them and risk decreasing the quality. When you’re ready, use high-quality material for your project, like printable sticker paper. And when you get to printing, I recommend that you use system dialog settings to adjust the controls for your printer, too. Printer settings related to quality and speed completely change the result! When you go to cut, set the material setting correctly, too!


Get my free download of the watercolor Easter Egg PNG to test the big Cricut print and cut size changes here:

If you have any questions about these Cricut Design Space changes, come ask over in my fabulous Cricut Crafters group – this is a fantastic place to learn about new features and how to use them in your projects.


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Cricut Print and Cut Sizes - How to Get Larger Sizes

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