Here are 100+ Cricut Christmas Ornaments you can make with JenniferMaker's tutorials! A collection of ten different Cricut crafted ornaments hang against a light wood background.

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Fill your tree with Cricut Christmas Ornaments this year!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … for crafting! Looking for a fun way to decorate for the holidays and create lots of handmade gifts? Look no further than my tutorials for over 100+ Cricut Christmas ornaments! The best part is that you can use any Cricut machine to make most of these projects! So, what are we waiting for?

Remember, click the links to go to the post for each project. Then, follow the Design link in each holiday craft’s Material List to find the free files in my Resource Library!

Get the free SVG cut file for this project

Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons

Let’s start with the basics — paper ornaments! These are easy peasy to create with a Cricut, then hang with a ribbon and enjoy!

I designed my Paper Ornament Shadow Boxes to celebrate reaching a big milestone — one million subscribers on YouTube! They use LED lights too, and illuminate to show designs I’ve packed with meaning and nostalgia; they all represent special times and places along my journey. I think you’ll love them, too! I’ve currently got three different variations of this design, with more on the way. These can be sized to cut on any Cricut.

3D paper shadow box ornament. Make Cricut Christmas Ornaments with JenniferMaker's tutorial!

Similar to these, my Hanging Star Lantern Ornaments are a star-shaped shadow box ornament that — you guessed it — also uses an LED light! I just love light-up ornaments, can you tell? Using a Cricut (any model!) makes these so easy — I could never cut designs this intricate with scissors or a knife. Nor would I want to! This collection comes with three different designs — which one is your favorite?

Make DIY Hanging Star Lanterns with JenniferMaker's tutorial! Three miniature star-shaped layered cardstock ornaments with winter and holiday scenes inside, hanging on a backdrop of twinkling Christmas lights. Make Cricut Christmas Ornaments with JenniferMaker's tutorial!

My 3D Papercut Snowflake Ornament is a beautiful spin on a traditional paper snowflake, except using more rigid cardstock and a three-dimensional shape. How do you get those super intricate snowflake cuts? A Cricut, of course! Any one will do — this project can be cut on all machines.

Pretty 3D paper cut ornaments in green, red, and white. Make Cricut Christmas Ornaments with JenniferMaker's tutorial!

Snowglobes and Christmas are a lovely combination, and I can show you how to make it even sweeter! My Snowglobe Photo Shaker Ornament tutorial shows you how to make a snowglobe ornament using your Cricut Maker or Explore series machine. You’ll use your own photos, plus add glitter “snow” you can shake up! Personalize it with a name or year, and these make more than adorable additions to your tree — they make easy-to-make gifts, too.

Make Cricut Christmas Ornaments with JenniferMaker's tutorial! Snowglobe ornament made from cardstock.

Want more snowglobes? Showing off more than just a cool shadowbox effect, 3D Layered Light-Up Ornament uses micro LED fairy lights to make the stars shine over Santa’s sleigh! With the help of some glue dots and any Cricut machine, you can make this impressive Santa snowglobe ornament in a [winter] breeze.

3D layered ornament for Christmas - Santa's Sleigh. Make Cricut Christmas Ornaments with JenniferMaker's tutorial!

See Designs #541, #518, #261, #254, and #348 in my free resource library!

This and That: Ornaments with Purpose

Can your ornaments pull a double holiday duty? These do!

Papercrafting, but make it delicious: Say hello to my Snowflake Candy Holder Ornament! This project has two snowflake ornament variations that both go double time — serving up not just charm, but chocolate, too. Cut these easily on any Cricut machine. Because what could be better than a sweet-filled Christmas tree?

Learn how to make snowflake candy holder with JenniferMaker's new tutorial! A snowflake candy holder ornament hangs on a Christmas tree with white lights and red bulb ornaments. Make Cricut Christmas Ornaments with JenniferMaker's tutorial!

Whether you’d like to stash candy or a tiny gift, my Paper Orb Gift Box Ornament is another decoration with a purpose (other than being pretty and bringing joy, of course). This design is super easy to make on any Cricut, and kids will have a blast scavenger-hunting through the tree for these treat-packed ornaments. Ok, maybe not just kids.

Paper Orb Gift Boxes + Ornaments. Make Cricut Christmas Ornaments with JenniferMaker's tutorial!

Now, this one isn’t technically an ornament — but you’ll see why I included it! My Moravian 20-Point Star is a showstopper of a tree topper, and I think it looks stunning crowning a tree filled with beautiful paper ornaments! A Moravian star is an illuminated star popular in Germany, where they are known as Herrnhuter Stern. My ancestors are German, and I love exploring my heritage through traditional German crafts like this one! Plus, you can display it as a tabletop luminary long after the holidays are over. Cut it on any Cricut Maker series, Explore series, or Venture. 

Moravian star tree topper made of cardstock. Make Cricut Christmas Ornaments with JenniferMaker's tutorial!

See Designs #517, #66, and #68 in my free resource library!

Warm Up with Sublimation & Infusible Ink Ornaments

For ornaments that are built to stand the test of time, look no further than infusible ink and sublimation ornaments!

My Buffalo plaid Infusible Ink Ornaments and double-sided Infusible Ink Ornaments couldn’t be easier, when your Cricut is cutting all the words and shapes for you! The Buffalo plaid tutorial comes with six designs, including one you can customize with a family name. The double-sided ornament project comes with four different shapes you can customize with your own words, phrases, or design cut-outs. Cut these on any Cricut!

Infusible Ink Ornaments with a red and black plaid design and Christmas design in white. Make Cricut Christmas Ornaments with JenniferMaker's tutorial!

Ready to take it further? Learn to sublimate ornament blanks (made of wood, metal, or ceramic) in my Christmas Sublimation Ornaments tutorial. You’ll love this cute collection with eight colorful Christmas quips. I even snuck in a version using your own photo, and four bonus designs you can make with infusible ink and cut using any Cricut cutting machine.

Sublimation Christmas ornaments. Make Cricut Christmas Ornaments with JenniferMaker's tutorial!

Once you get started on sublimation ornaments, you won’t want to stop! Here’s a fun version using fabric and embroidery hoops! My Sublimation Embroidery Hoop Ornaments collection has six funny animal designs and two featuring pretty foliage — all of which look like they were hand-stitched with actual embroidery thread! Print then Cut them with a Cricut Maker series, Explore series, or Joy Xtra.

Sublimated fox embroidery hoop ornament. Reads "For Fox Sake." Make Cricut Christmas Ornaments with JenniferMaker's tutorial!

See Design #333, #410, and #523 in my free resource library!

Stick Together with Vinyl Ornaments

Whether you’re crafting with company or flying your sleigh solo, vinyl ornaments come with endless possibilities!

There’s good news for my heat-transver vinyl crafters — I’ve got HTV Embroidery Hoop Ornaments, too! The tutorial above also contains step-by-step instructions on how to make adorable embroidery hoop ornaments with cute holiday sayings with Christmasy fabric and HTV. The collection contains six different SVG designs to cut on any Cricut!

Completed embroidery hoop ornament on woodgrain background. Make Cricut Christmas Ornaments with JenniferMaker's tutorial!

Here’s another super easy option using adhesive vinyl: Easy Ceramic Tile Ornaments. Choose from over 35 different designs, cut them from permanent vinyl on your Cricut (any model). I’ll show you how to apply them to painted (or unpainted) porcelain, ceramic, or tile ornaments! Bonus: I’ll share four different ways to add a hanger to the top of the ornament, too.

Personalized Ceramic Tile Ornaments with Vinyl Decals. Make Cricut Christmas Ornaments with JenniferMaker's tutorial!

In a similar vein, my Wood Slice Ornaments can be painted in a variety of colors (or left unpainted for a more natural look). I’ve got eight different designs in this collection to share, all of which can be cut from permanent vinyl on any Cricut cutting machine and applied to pre-drilled wood rounds. At the end, I show you how to seal the ornament so it lasts through many Christmases to come.

Wood Slice Ornaments painted with acrylic paint and decorated with permanent vinyl. Make Cricut Christmas Ornaments with JenniferMaker's tutorial!

Wood, ceramic, porcelain … how about glass? Adhesive vinyl is so versatile, and I love how you can customize so many different surfaces with it. In my Glitter Ornaments with Vinyl tutorial, first I’ll show you how to coat the inside of clear glass ornaments with one of my favorite materials — glitter! Then I’ll walk you through how to apply cute vinyl animal face decals to the delicate, curved surface. There are 10 adorable choices to pick from! Cut them on any Cricut machine.

DIY Glitter Ornaments: Penguin, Owl, Unicorn, and Gingerbread. Make Cricut Christmas Ornaments with JenniferMaker's tutorial!

Want to take your vinyl ornaments up a notch? Check out my Glitter Ornaments with Layered Vinyl with nine different designs for a layered, multi-colored vinyl effect! And do you want to know the coolest part of all these SVG cut files? They can be used on all different projects, not just these!

A red glitter ornaments with a Santa Cam decal. Make Cricut Christmas Ornaments with JenniferMaker's tutorial!

See Designs #523, #251, #256, #343, and #115 in my free resource library!

Decking the Halls, Having a Ball!

These aren’t your regular glass ornaments — see what makes these special!

Want to go all out? Try my Etched Glass Ornaments! These elegant ornaments are perfect for experienced crafters, mainly due to some extra safety measures you need to consider when working with etching cream. But any Cricut makes it much easier by cutting vinyl stencils for you! I created eight glass etching stencil designs to share, and one is customizable with a name. #412

Glass ornament etched with cardinal design hanging on pine tree. Make Cricut Christmas Ornaments with JenniferMaker's tutorial!

After a lot of practice, I’ve finally mastered the art of Easy Floating Ornaments! In this tutorial I share three different ways to create floating ornaments using transparency film, acetate, vinyl, and/or paper — all cut with a Cricut Maker, Maker 3, Explore series machine, or Venture. I’ve also got templates to help get the size just right, plus eleven designs to try! Want more? Check out my newest Floating Ornaments tutorial from Maker Academy Weekend for three more designs!

How to make a beautiful floating ornament! Plus, size your inserts perfectly with my floating ornament size chart. A floating ornament sits on a stand, filled with a printable vinyl photo of Jennifer and Greg at a black-tie event, with a silver foil snowflake frame around them. Make Cricut Christmas Ornaments with JenniferMaker's tutorial!

Can’t get enough glitter? Check out my 2-Sided Glitter Ball Ornament! Instead of coating the inside, the glitter in each half is loose inside like a snowglobe! Cool, right? And if cutting the intricate cardstock layers isn’t cool enough, you can have any Cricut write the “all is calm, all is bright” sentiment for you, too.

DIY Glitter Ball Ornament, Two Sides, Two Scenes | Silent Night | All is Calm, All is Bright | Christmas Ornament | Free SVG Cut Files. Make Cricut Christmas Ornaments with JenniferMaker's tutorial!

See Design #412, #121, and #75 in my free resource library!

Ho-Ho-How About Miscellaneous Ornaments?

Still got space on your tree? These Mini Stocking Ornaments may not look like a Cricut project at first. Surprise! All the fabric was cut with a Cricut Maker! You just need a rotary blade, a Maker or Maker 3 machine, and a few other tools and materials to make these. They’re so small, you could even hand-sew some while you watch your favorite holiday movie. There are two different sized patterns for you to make and stash small treats, trinkets, cash, or a gift card inside.

Tiny stocking ornaments, with fabric cut on a Cricut! Make Cricut Christmas Ornaments with JenniferMaker's tutorial!

If you’re new to Cricut, you might be surprised to learn that you can use some models to engrave acrylic! In my Engraved Acrylic Ornaments tutorial, I’ve got three cute designs for you to engrave with your Cricut Maker or Maker 3 machine and an engraving tip. They look so beautiful with Christmas lights shining through them — and like most other projects, they can be customized, too!

Engraved Acrylic Ornaments. Make Cricut Christmas Ornaments with JenniferMaker's tutorial!

See Design #245 and #258 in my free resource library!

As you can see, I’ve got enough great ideas for Cricut ornaments for the whole family, all your friends, neighbors — and beyond! Making handmade ornaments to add to your holiday decor is so much easier with a Cricut and my tutorials!

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Common Materials & Tools to make Cricut Christmas Ornaments

Visit the blog post for each project to see the exact items I used for all of my Cricut Christmas Ornaments! But here are some of the common materials and tools to get started:

For all ornaments:

Cardstock ornaments:

Heat-Transfer Vinyl ornaments:

Infusible Ink ornaments:

Sublimation ornaments:

Sublimation and Infusible Ink ornaments:

Acrylic ornaments:

Answers to Your Questions On Cricut Christmas Ornaments

Q: Can I make Christmas ornaments with Cricut?

A: You can make SO many adorable DIY Christmas ornaments (and other Christmas crafts) with the help of your Cricut! This blog post links to a bunch of them. Use my free files or your own designs to make amazing ornaments and great gifts.

Q: What do I need to make ornaments with Cricut?

A: Well, you need a Cricut! Which model depends on the projects you’d like to make with it and the materials you’d like to cut. I have a great guide, Which Cricut Should I Buy? that can help you decide. Besides that, you’ll need some standard tools like a machine mat, and other materials and tools depend on the ornament you’re making. Each of my DIY ornaments in this post has a full tool and supply list in the tutorial.

Q: How do you put vinyl on Christmas ornaments?

A: I guide you through this in each step-by-step tutorial, but to apply adhesive vinyl to any surface, you’ll need transfer tape and a scraper to burnish the tape to the vinyl, then the vinyl to the surface. To apply heat-transfer vinyl to ornaments, it’s a very different process which involves a heat press. Each tutorial goes into depth on the process and settings I recommend for best results!

Q: Can you use printable vinyl on ornaments?

A: Absolutely. You can use printable vinyl on any ornaments you can use regular permanent adhesive vinyl. You can make tons of adorable ornaments this way!

Q: What is the best vinyl for acrylic ornaments?

A: Permanent adhesive vinyl is the best for acrylic ornaments because it won’t peel off like removable vinyl. Heat-transfer vinyl isn’t suitable for acrylic surfaces.

Q: How do you engrave ornaments with Cricut Maker?

A: I go through the whole process in my Engraved Acrylic Ornaments tutorial, but first you’ll need a Cricut Maker, Maker 3, Cricut Explore Air 2, or Explore 3 with an engraving tip, and some flat, acrylic ornament blanks no more than 2mm or 1/16″ thick. You’ll need a few other materials you can find in the tutorial, as well as my designs or some of your own.

Q: How do you transfer pictures to Christmas ornaments? 

A: There are a few different ways to make photo ornaments. You can insert a photo into a glass ball ornament, sublimate a photo onto an ornament blank, or apply a photo on printable vinyl onto an ornament.

Q: Do you have any other Christmas decorations I can make?

A: Do I ever! This post is a great place to start, and so is this one — or just search “Christmas” on my blog to find all of my Cricut Christmas projects! Making your own Christmas decor is a fun and rewarding way to celebrate the holiday season — warm and cozy in your own home.

Get my free SVG files for Cricut Christmas Ornaments

I’d love to see YOUR Cricut Christmas ornaments and other creative ideas! Please share a photo in our Facebook group or tag me on social media with #jennifermaker.


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Here are 100+ Cricut Christmas Ornaments you can make with JenniferMaker's tutorials! A collection of eight different Cricut crafted ornaments hang against a light wood background.

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