Best DIY Crafts of 2017

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What a year it’s been! I thought it would be fun to look back over the last year and see which of my projects and posts you liked the best. And for those of you who are new, this is a great way to see my best projects, too! There’s quite a variety—it’s not all just one thing or another, interestingly! So here are my top 10 best DIY crafts of the year, in reverse order!

Best DIY Craft #10. Craft Organization Ideas

Clever Craft Organization Ideas | Craft Storage Solutions

It seems a lot of you need ideas on organizing your craft supplies and tools. I sure do! This is a round-up post of a bunch of unique ideas you can use to organize all of your crafty things. Most are very inexpensive, too!

Best DIY Craft #9. DIY Pop-Up Butterfly Card Tutorial

DIY Pop-Up Butterfly Card Tutorial

The Pop-Up Butterfly Card was one of my very early Cricut designs, but it has remained a perennial favorite throughout the year. I get email about it regularly, and it’s so much fun to hear about the cards you’ve made with this design. This is also a great beginner project, as it’s an easy pop-up card that goes together pretty easy.

Best DIY Crafts #8. Bath Bomb DIY Recipe & Tutorial

Bath Bomb DIY Tutorial

Now this one DOES surprise me. The Bath Bomb Tutorial was one of my very first posts on the blog. It all came from a surprise birthday party my sister threw for me where we all made bath bombs. But, hey, who doesn’t love bath bombs? Those things are … the bomb. Ha ha ha.

Best DIY Craft #7. Giant Paper Sunflower

I just ADORE this sunflower! I keep it in my craft room year-round. It’s so cheerful and pretty. And the center is just amazing. If you haven’t seen this paper sunflower tutorial, you have to check it out and make it. It’s stunning! It’s one of the projects I’m most proud of.

Best DIY Craft #6. Cricut Tips & Tricks

The BEST Cricut Tips and Tricks for Better Crafting | Cricut Settings | Cricut Hacks

My Cricut Tips & Tricks article is the surprise post of the year! I wrote it in the summer, but it didn’t get much attention. But sometime starting in November, it suddenly became a “hot” thing on my blog and now been viewed over 20,000 times! Wow! Since you like this post so much, I plan to do more posts on Cricut tips, tricks, techniques, and tutorials in the coming year.

Best DIY Craft #5. 12×12 Vertical Scrapbook Paper Storage Organizer

DIY 12x12 Vertical Scrapbook Paper Storage Organizer Tower | IKEA Hack

I love my Paper Tower of Power, so I’m not surprised you find it useful, too. This inexpensive DIY paper storage organizer is SO useful. And it’s not hard to make at all.

Best DIY Craft #4 An Epic Minecraft Birthday Party with Games and Printables

And this, my friends, this Minecraft Party Games & Printables article is the post that encouraged me to dust off this blog and get it going again. I made this post several years ago when this was just my personal “Mom Blog.” It was simply my way of giving back to the mom community. But while I was off working and not paying attention to my mom blog, it went viral. And as you can see, it continues to be popular to this day, even though now my daughter is way too “cool” for Minecraft. I am happy that the ideas and crafts we came up with can help other families, though!

Best DIY Craft #3. DIY Sweater Hat, Gloves, & Scarf Upcycle

DIY Sweater Hat, Glove, & Scarf | Upcycle | Restyle |

My Sweater Upcycle was my first viral post of the year, when it became popular in the chilly months of January 2017. I love this tutorial because it shows you how I created nine different warm-weather things (mittens, gloves, hats, scarves, ear warmers, etc.) from old sweaters. I even show exactly how to carve up the sweaters to get the maximum yardage from them.

Best DIY Craft #2. Giant Paper Rose (Spellbound Rose)

Giant Flower Spellbound Rose | Papercraft | Cricut | Tutorial | Free Files

My spellbound rose is one of your favorites, and many people find my blog because of this paper flower. I am still in love this beauty, and I have several hanging about my craft room. I intend to make more in the spring and really bring my room to life! This tutorial also has a full-length assembly video.

Best DIY Craft #1. Penguin Paper Bomb

How to make the penguin paper bomb | paper toy | unique papercraft | kamikara

This cute little penguin papercraft comes in at #1 for 2017. The awesome thing about this project is that it was a request by a reader, to whom I will be forever grateful. So many people have made this little guy, even though he’s one of the harder papercrafts on my blog. But he’s SO much fun to drop and pop! Like the giant paper rose, this tutorial also has a full-length assembly video.

What’s interesting is that of these 10 popular projects, four are papercrafts I designed, another two are more general crafts, and another two more are craft organization. At least that in line with what my blog is all about!

What do you think? Is your favorite on here? Or is there something else you’d like to see me teach you? Let me know by leaving a comment or emailing me at [email protected]

Thank you so very much for being a part of my amazing year. I look forward to an even better 2018 with you!


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