Try these cute card making ideas with Jennifer Maker's tutorials!

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Learn how to create adorable homemade cards with this list of Cute Card Making Ideas!

Whether it’s a sweet note in the mail or accompanying a gift, a homemade card is one of my favorite ways to let someone know I’m thinking of them. Especially when the cards are as cute as they are thoughtful! And with my list of cute card making ideas, you’ll have no problem whipping up an adorable greeting for any occasion.

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Try these cute card making ideas with Jennifer Maker's tutorials!

Butterfly Effect

My Pop-Up Butterfly Card design is full of whimsy, and it’s super easy to make. When you open the card, the wings flutter like a real butterfly! This card can be made with just a couple of pieces of cardstock, and you can customize the wings with different colors, or with patterned, metallic, or glitter paper. 

Try these cute card making ideas with Jennifer Maker's tutorials!

TIP: Don’t forget to clean your blade and use a sticky mat for nice, clean cuts on the intricate wing details. 

Send the Tea, Don’t Spill It

Know a tea lover? Show them you love them “so matcha” with this ultra cute Tea Bag Card! First, I’ll show you how to cut and assemble the card. Then you can tuck a tea packet into the little cup pocket! Your lucky recipient won’t just have a sweet card to keep and display, but a warm cup of comfort too — all because of you.

Try these cute card making ideas with Jennifer Maker's tutorials!

TIP: Give the card alongside a sublimated or vinyl-decorated tea cup or mug for the ul-tea-mate gift!

Game On

I designed this card for Greg’s birthday one year because he absolutely loves gaming. Isn’t it cute? He thought so, too! My Pop-Up Game Controller Card isn’t JUST a card, though — it comes with a space to stick an optional gift card to Gamestop, Playstation, or anywhere else you’d like! 

Try these cute card making ideas with Jennifer Maker's tutorials!

TIP: Customize the controller to match the recipient’s actual gaming controller! Use different colored, metallic, or patterned cardstock to really wow them. It’s the little details that make handmade cards so fun!

Bobble Head

Could this be my cutest card design ever? Maybe! My Bobble Head Card is a fun way to send a smile. Not to mention, they’re SUPER easy to make, too! They’re sure to get a chuckle when they open it up to see a bouncing, bobbing head staring back at them! These cards come together with a little photo paper, cardstock, glue, and a crafting spring to make your bobble wobble.

A set of three bobblehead cards featuring a fox, a cat, and a custom one of Jennifer! Make a bobble head card with JenniferMaker's tutorial!

TIP: Follow the directions in the tutorial to calibrate your Cricut prior to printing then cutting your custom bobble head components. 

We Have Lift-Off

Take your birthday greetings into the stratosphere with my adorable Hot Air Balloon Pop-Up Card. When you open it up, a three-dimensional hot air balloon springs into flight! This one is a bit more advanced than the previous projects, so make sure to leave plenty of time for crafting your hot air balloon card so you don’t feel rushed. Pair it with a Balloon Bouquet to make them float with excitement!

Try these cute card making ideas with Jennifer Maker's tutorials!

TIP: This card translates well into a congratulations card, a get well soon card, and any other special day! Simply edit the text in Cricut Design Space so your Cricut and Cricut pen writes a different message. 

Insert Smiles Here

The cool thing about making cards with a Cricut is that there are options for all skill levels. Just starting out? Need something last minute? Even if it’s your very first Cricut project, my Easy Insert Cards are easy peasy and come together super quickly. Pair a solid color card base with a contrasting color, or even a metallic or glitter cardstock insert for flashy fun!

Try these cute card making ideas with Jennifer Maker's tutorials!

TIP: Want to make these on the original Cricut Joy? Use the files with R20 in the name — they’re already perfectly sized for your machine.

Rainbow Connection

My Rainbow Waterfall Card is as unique as it is cute, with its cascading clouds that flip to reveal a beautiful rainbow when you pull the tab! Write little messages on the back of each cloud so your recipient has many happy little notes to enjoy again and again with each pull. There’s even an included envelope so you can make and mail it the same day! Be sure to check the end of this post for more envelope options for the other cards, too. 

TIP: Play around with different rainbow color palettes to make your waterfall card unique! If you do, be sure to change the colors of the elements in Cricut Design Space to cut down on confusion and make sure you’re cutting each element in the right color for the perfect rainbow effect.  

Infinity Card

Some of my best ideas stem from curiosity! When I saw a super cute Infinity Card online, I knew I had to figure out how they worked. You can open it, and open it, and open it … to infinity! Right away, I wanted to make one that included photos — so I got to work designing one with my own cute  pictures … cut with a Cricut, of course! It might look complicated, but my hours (and hours, and hours) of testing has all boiled down to an easy-to-follow tutorial for you to use in my Maker Academy Weekend 2023 event!

Make a custom infinity card with JenniferMaker's tutorial! Jennifer holding an infinity card with a photo of her and Greg on the front, with the sentiment "Be Joyful" written in copper pen. The card is partially open in the middle, revealing a peek at another photo of the happy couple!

TIP: If you don’t have access to the full tutorial, you can still get a ticket!

Love is Love

New to pop-up cards and want to try one out? My sweet little Pop-Up Rainbow Heart Card is a great place to start! These only take cardstock, some glue or tape, and a cutting machine to make. It may look simple, but there are so many different ways to customize this card. Change the colors for the occasion (like pink and red for Valentine’s Day), or include little notes or photos inside each “pouch” the folded hearts create. 

Opening up the pop-up heart rainbow card

TIP: This file includes a score layer, so make sure you prepare the file according to the tutorial if you’d like to use a scoring stylus or single scoring wheel. If not, simply delete the score layer before you cut.

Fairy House Card

Behold, perhaps the cutest card ever: My Fairy House Card! What’s cooler is that it folds flat enough to slip it right into a 5″ x 7″ envelope for easy mailing. Then the card pops open to reveal a magical fairy hideaway! Open the little door to see the adorable details hiding inside. This isn’t just a card, it’s a treasure your recipient will love to display. 

Try these cute card making ideas with Jennifer Maker's tutorials!

TIP: Customize the inside (or outside) of the house with your own personal touch with customized elements, tailored to the person you’re making it for. Nearly any SVG can be sized down to fit — use the other small elements as a guide for size. 

Trellis Card

It’s no secret that I love making paper flowers — but did you know you can use them in your cards? I designed an adorably beautiful Easy Trellis Tri-Fold Card for you to decorate with any of my rolled paper flowers. There’s even a little sign for you to write a message on — or have your Cricut write it for you.

Try these cute card making ideas with Jennifer Maker's tutorials!

TIP: Not only does this card fit in a standard #10 envelope, it makes a great check, money, or gift card holder. If you use any rolled flowers, like my daisies or roses, be sure to resize them smaller so they fit on the card and in the envelope.

Sweet Birthday Greetings

When your recipient opens their Pop-Up Birthday Cake Card, a three-dimensional mini cake appears! It even has candles — aren’t they the cutest? These can be fully customized with different colored and textured cardstock, creating totally different looks for each birthday. 

Try these cute card making ideas with Jennifer Maker's tutorials!

Shake It Up

A Shaker Card is a card with a clear window filled with items — usually confetti or other little sparkly things like beads or charms. When you shake the card, the contents shakes around too for a super cute and fun effect! These are adorable and the colors, confetti, and embellishments are completely customizable.

Try these cute card making ideas with Jennifer Maker's tutorials!

TIP: I used embossable window plastic for my cards, but you can also cut down a sheet of acetate or transparency film to work as well. In a pinch, you can even use an old Cricut machine mat cover!

Where the Heart Is

Got a new neighbor? Need to make a cute housewarming card in a pinch? My Happy House Card is easy and packs a super cute punch, doubling as a gift card holder! Tuck a gift card to a home improvement or home goods store so they can make their new house feel like a home. 

Try these cute card making ideas with Jennifer Maker's tutorials!

TIP: you can even customize the card to resemble your loved ones’ actual house! Use SVG elements in Cricut Design Space to add plants, shutters, or even a pet on the cute little porch!

Edge of Glory

How cute are these? I just love how the edge of my Easy Side Edge Cards follows the design, and in my tutorial I show you how to make your own! These butterflies are so sweet, but think of all the possibilities for shapes, colors, and cardstock types — these are truly perfect for any occasion. I’ll show you how to get the shape just right on your card edges, no matter which shape you choose!

Learn how to design side edge cards with Jennifer Maker's tutorial! A beautiful card with butterflies and decorative edges sit on a holiday table.

TIP: This tutorial is a perfect crash course in three of my favorite Cricut Design Space tools: Offset, Slice, and Weld. With these skills in your Cricut crafting tool belt, you’ll be well on your way to being a Design Space pro! 

But What About the Envelope?

Every card needs an envelope, and I’ve got a helpful tutorial with several different size and shape envelopes to suit your needs! Not sure what size you need? Measure the finished card and compare it to the sizes listed in my Envelope Tutorial so you can be sure to make one that fits. TIP: If your card is an odd size or rather thick, size up your envelops just a tad so you have room to fit the card inside!

Yellow, blue, and green paper used to make DIY envelopes

Let me show you how to use these super cute card making ideas! This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more, there is no additional cost)! Read my full disclosure policy.

Materials for Cute Card Making Ideas

Optional, but nice to have: 

Answers to Your Questions About My Cute Card Making Ideas

Q: What kind of cards can you make with a Cricut? Is it easy to make cards on Cricut?

A: You can make all kinds of DIY cards using a Cricut cutting machine! I have easy card tutorials for absolute beginners, all the way up to more complex card projects for experienced paper crafters. Making cards with a Cricut is easy when you follow my simple step-by-step tutorials!

Q: How do you make a cute easy card?

A: A great card design for beginners to start with are insert cards. These are easy cards made with just two pieces of cardstock, and are a great way to get acquainted with your Cricut and create something cute to brighten someone’s day! They can be made with or without the Cricut card mat, and I have more tutorials (and tons of designs!) to share with you here and here, too. 

Q: Can you show me how to make a unique greeting card?

A: Once you’ve had some practice making handmade cards following my tutorials, you might be ready to try some custom designs! Most of my tutorials include SVG customization instructions and options, so you can make your beautiful cards even more unique. Want to mix it up further? Use different colors, patterns, and textures of cardstock, experiment with Print then Cut options, and play around with foil, Cricut writing and drawing, or make and add your own embellishments. 

Q: What makes a good greeting card design?

A: A good greeting card design is one that makes your recipient smile. Yes, it’s just that simple! With so many different ways to make a greeting card, there really is no “right” way. Learn the basics with my tutorials, and then use my designs for inspiration to make your own!

Q: Can you make birthday cards with a Cricut? Can you show me how to make a fun birthday card?

A: There are so many different ways to send a happy birthday greeting using a Cricut with your own DIY birthday cards! I have lots of homemade card ideas on my blog like my Birthday Cake Pop-Up Card and my Birthday Hot Air Balloon Card, but most other designs can be adapted for all kinds of special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, holidays, and more!

Q: What do I need for my Cricut to make cards?

A: Most simple yet cute card making ideas can be made with some basic supplies like 65 pound cardstock, something to cut it with (like a Cricut cutting machine and a StandardGrip machine mat), and a little craft glue. Other unique cards will have other components that are outlined in their respective materials lists, but these are the basics that will get you started! However, there’s no limit on creativity! They’re the perfect way to get kids of all ages involved in the process, too!

Q: Do you need a scoring wheel to make cards on Cricut? 

A: A scoring wheel or stylus is the best way (or easiest way) to get nice, straight score lines on your paper crafts, but did you know they’re not really necessary? You can also use dashed cut lines (cut by your Cricut) or even just a ruler or bone folder to help get a nice straight crease. 

Q: What can I use instead of a scoring wheel? What can you use instead of a scoring tool?

A: If you don’t have a scoring wheel, you can use a scoring stylus — or just used dashed cut lines or sometimes a ruler or bone folder, depending on the project. 

Q: Do you mirror cards on Cricut? 

A: It completely depends on the design of the card. Some may be mirrored, but most are not. Pay careful attention to the instructions in each tutorial to learn if you should mirror any of your mats or components for your homemade greeting card. 

Q: What is a Cricut card mat? 

A: Used for making simple insert cards, the Cricut card mat holds pre-folded blank cards in a special way that cuts only the card front, making card-making (of these style of cards) easier and faster. The mat works with pre-cut and pre-folded Cricut insert cards, Cricut cutaway cards, and Cricut foil transfer insert cards. It also works with cardstock you pre-cut and pre-fold yourself. This mat works with the Cricut Maker and Explore series machines, and can cut up to four cards at one time. There are lots of cute card making ideas you can make with this mat, but you can also just use a regular machine mat, too. 

Q: Do you have other card projects not listed here? 

A: I sure do! There are lots of fun tutorials and cute card making ideas on my blog, which you can find by searching “card” in the search bar or by simply browsing through my free resource library. I’ve got designs for homemade birthday cards, Mothers Day cards, Valentine’s Day cards, Christmas cards, other holiday cards, and more! So many of the designs are adaptable for a birthday party invitation, thank you card — anything, really! With my simple steps, different techniques, and a few pieces of paper, so much is possible. You’ll have so much fun making easy DIY greeting cards!

Get my free SVG files to create my Cute Card Making Ideas!

I love seeing what you make with my designs and how you use them! Please share a photo of your card projects in our Facebook group or tag me on social media with #jennifermaker.


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Try these cute card making ideas with Jennifer Maker's tutorials!

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