How to Make Paper Cherry Blossom Flowers with a free pattern and tutorial #papercraft #paperflowers

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Learn how to make DIY cherry blossoms from paper with my free patterns!

When I lived in Japan in the late ’80s, I was invited to a hanami 花見 party (a picnic under the cherry blossoms). The party was full of mystery and the heady scent of spring. It’s a treasured memory of mine. And it’s time once again for the cherry blossoms, which are due to blossom any day now in Kyoto, the city I lived). So let’s celebrate with some pretty paper cherry blossom flowers!

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How to Make Paper Cherry Blossom Flowers with a free pattern and tutorial #papercraft #paperflowers

Cherry blossoms in Japan are called sakura (さくら) and they are a metaphor for the ephemeral nature of life, probably because they come and go so quickly. The wonderful thing about paper cherry blossom flowers is they’ll last SO very much longer and you can enjoy them year-round. Paper flowers are fun to make and look amazing as decor for your home or a party.

The park I picnicked under the cherry blossoms is called the Maruyama Park, and it’s famous for its cherry blossoms. Here are some of those gorgeous cherry blossoms at the park:

Pink cherry blossoms at Maruyama Park in Kyoto, Japan

I’ve tried to capture all the pretty pale pinks and bright spring greens in these paper versions of the cherry blossom. I’m really pleased with the results of my cherry blossom DIY. And the best thing is that they’re easy to make!

Crepe paper cherry blossom flower on a real branch

By the way, you could easily use white paper and call these apple blossom flowers, if you prefer! (If you like apple blossoms, be sure to check out my pop-up apple tree card.)

Crepe Paper cherry blossom flowers on a branch

I can’t wait to show you how to make paper cherry blossom flowers! Let’s dive in! This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more)!  Read my full disclosure policy.

Paper Cherry Blossom Flower Materials

How to Make Paper Cherry Blossom Flowers

First, cut out your cardstock, tissue paper, or crepe paper using Design #94 which is the free SVG, DXF, or PDF files in my resource library. Feel free to resize the cherry blossom to meet your needs, but note there are two different sizes of petals and you should try to keep their size the same relative to one another. Also, note that there are two different centers—one is more detailed and complicated, and works better for larger cherry blossoms.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’re not sure how to upload an SVG file to Cricut Design Space, or you’re having issues (such as getting a message that says “unsupported file”), please watch my free training series, SVGs Made Simple. It will help you SO much!

Cherry blossom flower patterns in Cricut Design Space

Shape the petals gently with your fingers, pressing them up slightly and/or folding/cupping the petals, to give the petals more depth.

Shaping the paper cherry blossom flower with my fingers

Shaping the paper cherry blossom flower with my fingers

To make your paper cherry blossom flowers as I did, glue the larger petal under the smaller petal. You can line them up or rotate them so the petals show better. Some cherry blossoms have just five petals, though, so feel free to not stack them if you prefer.

Glue the smaller petals on top of the larger petals to make your paper cherry blossom flower

Shape a center stamen piece (star shape) so the stamens stick up a bit. Now glue the sepal to the middle of the top of your petal.

Glue a stamen to the center of your petals to make your paper cherry blossom flower

Glue a leaf or two underneath the paper cherry blossom flower.

Glue a leaf under the petals to finish off your paper cherry blosssom flower

Here’s a finished paper cherry blossom made with shimmer cardstock.

Paper cherry blossom flowers made with shimmer cardstock | Free SVG cut files and PDF patterns

And here’s a finished DIY cherry blossom flower made with extra fine crepe paper.

Crepe paper cherry blossom flower made with extra fine crepe paper | free svg cut files and PDF patterns

Aren’t they lovely?

And that’s it—your paper cherry blossom flower is complete. You can use these paper flowers to decorate a card or even put them on a real branch, just the way real cherry blossoms grow. Here is a branch with some of my paper cherry blossoms. I’ll be keeping this pretty branch out on display all spring.

Paper cherry blossom flowers on a branch

Crepe Paper cherry blossom flowers on a branch

Looking for cherry blossom decor ideas? I actually made these paper cherry blossoms for another purpose—to decorate some paper Japanese lanterns I made. If you’d like to make these gorgeous lanterns, head on over to the tutorial to get the free patterns!

Paper cherry blossom flowers on Japanese paper lanterns

Free Cut Files for the Paper Cherry Blossom Flowers

You can get the password to my resource library that has ALL of my free cut files in it by filling out this form:

If you make these paper cherry blossom flowers, I’d really love to see them! You can email your photos to [email protected] or post them in our Facebook group and I will include them on this page for the world to see!


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How to Make Paper Cherry Blossom Flowers with a free pattern and tutorial #papercraft #paperflowers




Paper cherry blossoms are the perfect way to bring spring indoors and enjoy these flowers for months. #cricut #cricutmade #cricutmaker #cricutexplore #svg #svgfile


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  1. Just wanted to say thank you. I have made the Cherry Blossom Lantern as a wedding card for some lovely young friends who are keen on all things Japanese. The lantern looks beautiful and wasn’t too difficult to make. I am very grateful for the effort you put into making all these resources available.

  2. Having been in Washington DC on 9/11/01 and the year afterward, the cherry blossom festival in the following spring, and the daffodils that grew along Rt. 50 across from the Pentagon were the symbols that lifted my heart. Spring’s gift was more welcome after the tragic fall and the winter-long grief. Both flowers bring a special remembrance that brings me renewed confidence that tomorrow will come, the sun will rise, and life does indeed go on. Yes, I will make cherry blossoms. Thank you, Jennifer.

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