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During my MAKE THE LIGHT project in 2018, I am inviting everyone to make my monthly lanterns and then show me their creations! If you email your lantern photo to me (at [email protected]) or tag me on social media (with #jennifermaker), I will include your name in this chart. If you create all 12 lanterns, you’ll get access to a super-special and exclusive lantern at the end of the year. Please allow a few weeks for me to update this list. If you contacted or tagged me but don’t see your name on this list, and it’s been a few weeks, please email me at [email protected].

Alphabetical by First Name

Amy Gonna Craft


Barb Thornton

Colleen Lovell

Connie Silvestro

Deb Collins


Deb Nicholson

Deb Raines

Doris Laroche


Flo Arnold

Helen Selock


Joan Winters


Katie Proctor

Kathy Jo Pierce

Margaret Ball


Megan Barrett

  So pretty! How to make a DIY Paper Lantern for Valentine's Day, weddings, or for someone you love! Check out all the little hearts in flight. Includes free pattern and SVG cut files! #papercraft  

Nancy (quiltertu)

Nancy Strom

Pam Steele

Patricia Stowe

Peg Elliott

  Japanese Paper Lantern with paper flowers by reader Peg Elliott  

Ronda Baker

Ruth Cavanagh

T. Rose

Veronica Jachim

Patriotic Paper Gazebo by reader Veronica Jachim