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Jennifer Maker at her laptop in her craft room

These are the core values that truly matter at JenniferMaker. All of our decisions are measured against these values,

Be Real and “Jenuine”‘

We practice authenticity and integrity matters in all dealings.

Jennifer Maker with her core values sunflower at her studioRise Above & Offer Solutions

We rise above the ordinary and everyday problems and provide easy step-by-step solutions to solve those problems.

Driven to Grow

We are building a successful, profitable brand and business that supports its team and is a reliable resource to the community.

Work Smarter

We consistently find ways to do more in less time.

Be Compassionate

We understand and uplift those around us.

Our Word is Our Bond

We demonstrate reliability and truth in our actions.

Expect & Exceed Excellence

We are outstanding at what we do and we count on it from one another.

These core values truly mean something to us, and each one guides our actions. These are our cultural cornerstones.