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I began to publicly share my blog income reports in my second year of blogging. Before this point I didn’t think anyone really cared about what I was making (and I was feeling shy about it, too). That said, I never put any of those income reports online — I sent them ONLY to my tiny little mailing list of blogger friends. And for now, I intend to keep it that way to honor the trust that my blogger friends and I have developed over the past year. Plus, at this point and the amount of income I’m generating, I’d feel really weird about posting those online for Google to index and the world to see. 

But if you’ve been on my mailing list for a while, you can go back and find those income reports in your personal mail archives — just search on “income report” because I always put that in my headline.

If you aren’t yet on my mailing list, consider joining so you can see future income reports. I do occasionally link to the older ones in my newsletters, too, so you may be able to gain access to them if you’re a dedicated reader. You can sign up to my blogger mailing list with one of the two opt-in forms below.

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