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IKEA craft room storage is affordable, great-looking, and SO easy to customize!

It’s safe to say I’m in love with IKEA. I used to have to drive 6 hours to reach the nearest IKEA (and I did), but now I have one just 20 minutes away. My craft room is nearly ALL units from IKEA … and I love it! IKEA has so many different options at such affordable prices, making it so easy to create exactly what you need. I know many of you are working on creating and organizing your craft rooms, so I want to show you my best IKEA craft room storage shelves and ideas!

Many of the ideas in this post are from my own craft room, but a good number come from the wonderful ladies over at my Craft Room Organization Facebook group. If you’re working on your craft room, this group is a treasure trove of ideas and information on getting and staying organized! If you’re not yet in this group, come on over — we’re friendly and happy to help you with your craft rooms.

If you’re going shopping, popular IKEA craft room storage units include:

  • Kallax units (they come in a variety of configurations)
  • Lack wall shelves
  • Alex drawers (different heights and widths)
  • Linnmon tabletops (different sizes)
  • Variera bag dispenser (to hold rolled tubes)

Tip: Be sure to check out my IKEA Shopping Tips and Tricks post before you go!

Let’s take a look at the best IKEA Craft Room ideas, hacks, and storage solutions I’ve found so far! This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more)! Read my full disclosure policy.

IKEA Craft Room Ideas for Storage

IKEA has SO many options for storage among its many shelves and drawers options. In my craft room, I put IKEA legs on IKEA Kallax units and Alex drawers to get them up to the height I wanted and give them a little extra flair! You can read exactly how I attached the legs to the IKEA craft room storage in this tutorial.

Legs on Alex and Kallax units make the best IKEA craft room storage

IKEA craft room storage rocks!

I also got a 74″ long IKEA Lack shelf, attached puck lights to it, and hung it over my pegboard! You can learn how I made the pegboard here.

A 78" long LACK shelf with puck lights makes the best IKEA craft room storage

I also used this Kallax unit and added shelves for paper storage! It’s even on wheels I got at IKEA. The plastic thing on top of the unit is a Variera bag dispenser.

DIY 12x12 Vertical Scrapbook Paper Storage Organizer Tower | IKEA Hack

And I used a similar idea to use Kallax and pegboards make a craft vinyl storage unit, too!

Craft Vinyl Storage Organizer Tower | DIY IKEA Hack | #craftroom #vinylstorage #organization

Here is a craft corner by reader Candice Winter. It features Kallax shelves (4×2), a Lack wall shelf unit, Alex drawers (both wide and narrow), and a Linnmon tabletop.

Kallax and Lack shelves make the best IKEA Craft Room Storage

Taking a closer look at the area over her Linnmon desk, we see she’s also using these steel strips to hold her magnetic tins. (Note that those magnetic tins used to be sold at IKEA, but seem to be discontinued, so you’ll want to buy them online instead.) Isn’t this super cute?

Magnetic tins on steel strips over a desk are the best IKEA craft room storage

Here are two IKEA Kallax shelves (formerly known as Expedit) stacked on top of one another to create tall storage that makes the most of the space. There is a Kallax 4×4 unit on the bottom and a Kallax 2×4 unit on the top. Photo by crafter Marolyn Hundley.

Expedit shelves make the best IKEA Craft Room Storage

This is an IKEA Kallax unit (4×4) with fabric storage cubes and baskets. Photo by Cari Ruotolo.

Kallax shelves make the best IKEA Craft Room Storage

Here’s another view of Cari’s room, showing the other side of her sewing table:

Kallax shelves make the best IKEA Craft Room Storage

This is another use for the Kallax shelves (4×2) with added plexiglass dividers in the shelves to stack paper. Photo by crafter Arlene Muller.

You can store paper in your IKEA Kallax shelves and make it the best IKEA craft room storage

In this craft room, we have the 78 inch Lack shelf (with lights) over a pegboard. Below that is the 78 inch Linnmon tabletop. Photo by Tracy Gooch.

Linnmon tabletops and Lack shelves make the best IKEA Craft Room Storage

Kallax is a very popular unit for craft rooms made with IKEA options. Here are two black Kallax units (4×4). Photo by Kris Brusehoff.

Two black Kallax units made the best IKEA craft room storage

Here are some more Kallax shelves in black and white in Donnetta Byrd’s craft room. Note the paper storage that fits into those perfectly — those are Stamp ‘n’ Storage inserts (not available at IKEA, but you can order them).

Kallax units make the best IKEA craft room storage

I adore this Kallax 5×5 unit with the Drawer Inserts. Crafter Terri Breedlove lightly sanded each drawer front, then primed, painted, and stenciled the drawers.

Kallax units with stenciled drawers make the best IKEA craft room storage

But there is more than Kallax! In Dannielle Roach’s craft room, we have black IKEA Mosslanda picture ledges holding various craft supplies and a black IKEA Dyfjord chest of drawers that Dannielle says “holds a massive amount of stuff!”

Mosslanda picture shelves make the best IKEA craft room storage

I like the creative use the of IKEA Ekby Jarpen and Ekby Bjarnum shelves and brackets in Dannielle’s craft room, too! Those pink lacey cups on top of her shelf looks very much like IKEA Skurar pots.

Ekby shelves make the best IKEA craft room storage

And here’s a 20-foot wall of Billy bookcases in reader Rhonda Zimmerman’s craft room:

If you use IKEA to create any part of your craft room, please share a photo of what you did with me! You can send it to [email protected] or tag me on social media with #jennifermaker.


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The Best IKEA Craft Room Storage Ideas and Shelves | Kallax, Expedit, Linnmon, Alex, and more! #ikea #craftroom #storage  The Best IKEA Craft Room Storage Ideas and Shelves | Kallax, Expedit, Linnmon, Alex, and more! #ikea #craftroom #storage

Ikea craft room storage will give you the most bang for your buck when planning your ultimate craft space. Ikea furniture is affordable, fashionable, and functional. #craftroom #ikeastorage #ikeacraftroom


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  1. Hello, Jennifer.
    I’d like to know what you placed on top of the two Alex Drawer Units. There seems to be a smaller table top on top of both the drawers. And how were they attached?
    Also, what did you do to increase the table top height from the top of the 2 Alex Drawers to the 78 3/4 X 23 5/8″ Linnmon table top, so that there is a space between the Alex drawers and the Linnmon table top?
    Would you have a specific tutorial to go with that project? Thank you!

    1. I placed two IKEA Linnmon tabletops on top of the Alex drawers. We cut pieces off some IKEA Haggeby doors to make the spacers that go in between the two tabletops to raise the top one up. You can learn some more about how we did that here:

  2. Just getting ready to re-do my craft room. I’m overwhelmed by all the option. Found your site just by accident and so glad that I did. So much good information. I have an Ikea store locally but there is so much to choose from that I couldn’t figure out what I wanted. Thanks for your help.

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