Craft Vinyl Storage Organizer Tower | DIY IKEA Hack | #craftroom #vinylstorage #organization

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Learn how to build a space-saving craft vinyl storage tower to store all of your craft vinyl rolls and sheets while still seeing what you have!

I love finding unique ways to organize my craft supplies efficiently and attractively. When I was drowning in paper two years ago, my solution was to make a 12×12 Vertical Scrapbook Paper Storage Organizer that I put together myself from easy-to-get materials. My “tower of power” idea worked so well I decided to adapt the idea for my growing collection of craft vinyl. And it worked! Now the vinyl is out of the boxes where it was hard to see and find what I needed, and it’s out where I can view and access it easily on a rotating, space-saving tower. I’m in love with my new craft vinyl storage tower!

Craft Vinyl Storage showing pegboards with letter holders to hold the rolls

Craft Vinyl Storage Organizer Tower | DIY IKEA Hack | #craftroom #vinylstorage #organization

I have a whole video on the assembly of the craft vinyl storage tower, which you can watch here:

This is one my IKEA hacks. So it’s not very expensive, and you can customize it to your needs. If a vertical tower isn’t right for you, or you need more storage, the IKEA unit I use comes in many different sizes and configurations. Check out my tip on adding legs to IKEA furniture to really class it up! And if you’re making a trip to IKEA, check out my IKEA Shopping Tips & Tricks!

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What You Need to Make My Craft Vinyl Storage Tower

How to Make the Craft Vinyl Storage Organizer

First, assemble your Kallax storage unit. We put ours together in about an hour, maybe a little less. It wasn’t difficult. 

Assembling an IKEA Kallax storage organizer to make our craft vinyl storage tower

Next, cut a piece of plywood to be 16 1/2″ wide by 58″ tall. This wood will go on the back of your Kallax unit so you can mount pegboards there. Of course, if you do not want pegboards on the back of your craft vinyl storage tower, you can skip this step. 

Paint your plywood. This is optional, but it definitely looks better than leaving it naked.

Turn your Kallax unit over and put the plywood on the back of it. (Honestly, both sides of the Kallax unit looks pretty much the same, so just pick an open side.)

Putting a piece of plywood on the back of the Kallax unit to make a craft vinyl storage tower

Screw the plywood to the Kallax unit using screws just long enough to go through the plywood and into the unit. We screwed it in at the top, bottom, and middle.

Screwing a white piece of plywood to the back of an IKEA Kallax unit to make a craft vinyl storage organizer

With the plywood on your Kallax unit, it’s time to add the pegboards! We followed the directions that came with each of the Skadis pegboards to attach them to the sides of the Kallax unit.

Reading the directions for installing IKEA's Skadis pegboards on the side of the Kallax unit to make a craft vinyl storage unit

Attaching IKEA Skadis pegboards to the side of the Kallax unit to make a craft vinyl storage unit

You can fit two full pegboards on each side, with room to spare. I wanted my pegboards to go all the way down each side, so we cut three of the pegboards to be 14″ high to fit at the bottom of each side.

Attaching IKEA Skadis pegboards to the side of the Kallax unit to make a craft vinyl storage unit

Repeat until you have all three sides covered with pegboards!

An IKEA Kallax unit covered with Skadis pegboards to create a craft vinyl storage organizer

Now it’s time to the casters, if you’ve chosen to put yours on wheels. You can attach the casters directly to the bottom of your Kallax unit. We decided to add some extra wood between our casters and the craft vinyl storage unit because we wanted to bring it up to the same height as my Paper Storage Tower which used larger casters that IKEA no longer sells. It’s not necessary to add this wood if you’re not trying to match height as we were, however.

Putting casters on the bottom of the craft vinyl storage organizer

Once the casters are secured on the bottom of your craft vinyl storage unit, turn it right side up and make sure everything seems stable.

Turning the IKEA Kallax and Skadis pegboard combination right side up to turn it into a craft vinyl storage tower

Now the fun begins! Use the IKEA SKÅDIS Hooks, SKÅDIS Letter Holders, and SKÅDIS Elastic Bands in whatever combinations work best for your vinyl collection. We used the hooks on one side, the letter holders on the second side, and the elastic bands on the third side so you could see how well they worked to hold rolls of craft vinyl!

Here are the hooks — they hold one to two rolls of vinyl each. Note how I’ve staggered the placement of each set of hooks so I can put them closer together.

Attaching hooks to the pegboard on the side of the craft vinyl storage organizer

Here are the letter holders on my craft vinyl storage tower. 

Attached letter holders to my pegboards on the sides of the craft vinyl storage organizer

Each letter holder holds up to four rolls of vinyl on the side of your craft vinyl storage tower.

Stacking rolls of craft vinyl in my craft vinyl storage tower

And here are the elastic bands, which you can attach and slip vinyl rolls into.

Attaching elastic bands to the pegboards on the sides of the craft vinyl storage organizer

My favorite of the three types of storage are the Skadis hooks, because they hold more vinyl and are a touch easier to put the vinyl in and out of. Of course, that means it’s also a touch easier for the vinyl to get knocked off if you brush it, so keep that in mind if you intend to put your craft vinyl storage unit in a high traffic area.

For the inside the craft vinyl storage unit, you could store even more vinyl. Or you can put your related accessories in there. I chose to put my Cricut EasyPresses in the top two cubbies, my Cricut Infusible Ink collection in the third cubbie, and a box with pressing mats in the fourth cubbie!

Storing my Cricut EasyPress in my new craft vinyl storage tower

Notes on the Craft Vinyl Storage Tower

I mostly have rolls of vinyl, so I preferred to store my vinyl on the hooks on the sides. But if you also have flat vinyl sheets, I recommend you check out my 12×12 paper storage tower — you can combine the two ideas to make shelves for your flat vinyl sheets on the inside and store your vinyl rolls on the outside.

DIY 12x12 Vertical Scrapbook Paper Storage Organizer Tower | IKEA Hack


I hope you also make a Craft Vinyl Tower of Power to get your vinyl chaos under control, too! If you make one, send me a photo at [email protected] or tag me on social media with #jennifermaker so I can share it here with your permission.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


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Craft Vinyl Storage Organizer Tower | DIY IKEA Hack | #craftroom #vinylstorage #organization


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  1. Your storage solutions are genius! Unfortunately, my nearest IKEA is 3 hours away and my craft room is a hybrid office/craft room/playroom/hang out space in the basement so there’s not much room for organization like this at the moment. I am utilizing 16-cube IKEA shelves, two of them, to store everything but it’s still a lot of shove-it-all-in haha. In my dream craft room (which looks a lot like yours!), I have everything organized like you do! Thank you for sharing how you made this!

    1. This is great! And you could move the pegs for bigger rolls of vinyl. I have a couple of colors I buy in big rolls. Great idea!!

  2. wow! what an incredible idea. I have the Ikea pegboards already on my wall so I am thinking I can just hang my vinyl right on there. Thanks so much for your awesome ideas and keep them coming LOL

  3. oh I feel a trip to ikea very soon. I have to travel over an hour to get to one but this project is well worth that. Nice project!

  4. I love this! All I have to do is find someone to make it for me now!! Glad you mentioned that you got one at Ikea because the one on Amazon is more than double the price as the one at Ikea!

  5. OMG! I love this idea! I have my craft vinyl stored in a plastic bin with my Scan N Cut but I have tons of Embroidery stabilizer rolls and rolls of tracing paper that always need a storage space. I’m going to make one of these! Thanks for the idea.

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