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Make it Easy Cricut Craftalong Challenge

Let’s make this easy! Challenge yourself to use what you have already in your house or stash to create a fun themed project every day! You’ll learn something new and get to show off your creativity.

Need some inspiration? Each day of the challenge, you can craft along with Jennifer as she makes EASY projects that match the daily theme and inspires you to learn and grow and just MAKE IT EASY.

So how does this challenge work? Every day for the next few weeks, I am going to CHALLENGE you to make something special, craftalong with Jennifer and/or your family, and share it with us online in the group. You’ll use what you have already and never need to leave your home to do something amazing! There are easy guidelines and special themes to encourage and direct your creativity.

MAKE IT EASY Challenge Guidelines

    1. Stick to the daily theme. Challenge yourself to get creative by making something that applies to the theme. The sky’s the limit… if you’re not inspired by the theme or Jennifer’s craftalong project, just make something with the theme phrase itself in it … or use a different meaning for one of the words in the daily theme. Be creative! 
    2. Use what you have. You cannot go out to the store for more supplies. Use your stashes and get creative! I know you’ve got them. Even a simple pack of paper can make SO many wonderful things!
    3. Make something new. It’s awesome if you already made something that fits the daily theme, but I am encouraging you to create and make and keep your mind and heart active and busy. So let’s see your NEW projects, made during this challenge.
    4. Progress over perfection. This challenge is not about perfect projects. It’s about doing and making things. So no pointing out any problems with your projects … every project is beautiful in its own way. 
    5. Show it off. Share a photo of your completed project in our daily project threads. You can share at any time after the daily theme thread is posted — it doesn’t have to be on the same day. Your projects don’t also have to be “easy” if you’re not a beginner — share it if it fits with the theme! Include the following information with your photo when you can: 

Project: (what do you call this project?)
Material: (paper, vinyl, glue, a cut-up cereal box, whatever!)
Design: (yours, mine, Cricut Access, whatever!)
Time: (how long did it take you to make?)
Plan: (what will you do with it, decorate your room or share it with a friend?)

Make It Easy Daily Themes

Here are the themes and dates so you can see what’s in store for the next few weeks!

[ess_grid alias=”grid-4″]


Here’s a pdf calendar version of the Make It Easy Craftalong challenge that you can download and print.

The list below shows you at a glance what we have planned.  (note: the second item in bold is the craftalong project I plan to do, subject to change!)

Note: Each daily “Show it Off” thread will be available to post in by 8:00 am ET each day, starting Monday, March 16 in our Facebook group (barring technical difficulties). When Jennifer’s craftalong projects are on the blog, we’ll update this page with the links — bookmark this page and return each day. Or just fill out this form and we’ll email you the links and project directly:

MAKE IT EASY Craftalong Projects with Jennifer

To inspire you, you can craftalong with Jennifer as she makes an EASY project that matches the daily theme. How easy is easy? All Cricut beginners can do these projects, from ages 6 to 106. The projects use simple techniques and materials to create really amazing things that will amaze everyone! All you need is some basic materials (cardstock and vinyl will do) and basic tools. You can cut these projects on a Cricut Joy, Explore, or Maker, or just use a craft knife and scissors. They’re easy peasy!

Make It Easy Steps for ProjectsEach of one of Jennifer’s craftalong projects will have four simple steps:

  1. Get the Design
  2. Cut It Out
  3. Put it All Together
  4. Show It Off

Jennifer’s craftalong projects with have directions and free files (posted here on Jennifer’s blog), and as many as possible will also have step-by-step videos! (We won’t promise videos for every project just in case technology or life happens, but we’ll do our best!)

MAKE IT EASY Prizes and Bonus Entries

We’re going to make this super easy — everyone who participates in our Make It Easy challenge by sharing their photos in our Facebook group is automatically entered to win a digital copy of a book in my shop — your choice! Winners will be picked based on their CREATIVITY with the theme and notified in the daily thread itself! We will tag daily winners in each thread, so be sure to check back to see if you’ve won.

A sunflower yellow Cricut Cutie plastic collectible figurineAND if you make something for every daily theme challenge, and put a photo of every project into an album in our Facebook group, you’ll be entered for the chance to win a happy Sunflower Yellow Cricut Cutie from me, Jennifer! (I have two, and the second one is still in the box, and I will ship this anywhere in the world!)

In addition to this, every time you craft along with Jennifer, she’ll share a bonus word for our big Cricut giveaway and you can use that word to get a bonus entry in the contest. You can even earn extra entries daily by watching each video, completing and sharing a photo of completed projects, liking and sharing my videos and tutorials, and so on! The more you participate, the more chances you have to win. You can get started earning entries right now through this link.


This is my way of keeping your hands and minds busy during challenging times, because MAKING THINGS is one of the very best feelings there is. For me, for you, and for us as a community. Every time you bring a new creation into the world, you lift your spirits and encourage those around you.