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Learn how to make fall-themed coasters for fast gifts!

Need a quick sublimation gift to make? You can add infusible ink to ceramic coasters, but printed sublimation designs work, too! I have fall sublimation coaster designs for you to try! If you’re new to sublimation, these are a great place to start. Let’s make some sublimation coasters!

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Coasters are a fabulous project for beginner to experienced sublimation crafters. And my new fall sublimation coaster designs are free for anyone to try! You can find the link to the coaster blanks and other supplies in the materials list below.

I made these abstract leaf and autumn view designs using an AI art generator and image editing software.

Want to create your own AI art designs, but not sure where to start?

 My AI Art Workshop will help you learn the complete step-by-step process to create your own custom AI generated art. You can then apply your AI Art designs to your own sublimation and Print Then Cut projects that are sure to amaze and impress!

The sublimation process creates a beautiful, vibrant, and long-lasting result. But in order for a surface to be sublimatable, it needs to be made from or coated with a polymer material or polyester. So not all coasters will work for my fall sublimation coaster designs. Look for coasters (and other items) marked “sublimation blanks” to be cautious. 

To create these awesome sublimation coasters, first you’ll need to download the files and prepare them in Google Docs. Be sure to measure your coasters, then size and print your designs slightly larger so they cover the whole top.

When you’re ready to press your sublimation coasters, set your Cricut EasyPress or Autopress to 400°F (or 204°C). My Sublimation Cookbook has details like temperatures and pressing times if you’re using different materials or tools.

Use a lint roller to remove dust and lint from the coasters’ surfaces. Then, lay the printed and trimmed fall sublimation coaster designs face down on each coaster. Use heat-resistant tape around the edges to attach the paper tightly. 

Remember to turn on a fan and open a window before sublimating!

Place a piece of white cardstock on your pressing mat. Then place your coasters with the printed paper side down on top. You can press multiple coasters at the same time, but leave space between them. And don’t place them too close to the edges of where your heat press will cover. Lay white butcher paper over everything.

Set the timer for 240 seconds if you’re using an EasyPress, or 200 seconds if you’re using an Autopress. When it comes to temperature, press the coasters!

Once the pressing time is up, remove the butcher paper and let the coasters cool for at least 15 minutes. Then, remove the tape and sublimation paper and enjoy your beautiful new coasters!

Fall sublimation coaster with stained glass style autumn scene.

I have a group just for sublimation crafting where you can get help and tips from other crafters who love to sublimate! Come join us at to ask questions, share ideas, and get inspired!

Ready to make items with my fall sublimation coaster designs? This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more)! Read my full disclosure policy.


Materials And Tools to Make Fall Sublimation Coasters

Answers to Your Questions About How to Use Fall Sublimation Coaster Designs


Q: What other Fall designs do you have?

A: Lots of fall and autumn designs are available in my free design library! My post with 35+ Easy Fall Crafts To Make: Free, Fun Craft Ideas is a great place to find many of them!

Q: How do you sublimate coasters?

A: This blog gives a quick rundown of the steps, but if you need help be sure to check out my Sublimation Cookbook and Sublimation Startup course!

Q. Can you sublimate on Cricut infusible ink coasters?

A: Yes! Infusible ink coasters and other items marketed as “infusible ink blanks” are also suitable for sublimation, and vice versa. Items labeled as “sublimation blanks” can be used with infusible ink. It’s the same process, just a slightly different material.  

Q: What temperature do you sublimate ceramic coasters?

A: For any heat press, press your sublimation coasters at 400°F (or 204°C) to transfer my fall sublimation coaster designs.

Q. How to I clean sublimated coasters?

A. Clean sublimated coasters with warm water and mild dish soap, or glass cleaner. Don’t use steel wool, scrubbing pads, or the dishwasher, as it may damage or lighten the sublimation transfers eventually. 

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