Cricut Heat Presses: EasyPress 3, Hat Press, Autopress, and Cricut Heat App

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Learn all about the new Cricut heat presses, from the Cricut Hat Press to the Cricut EasyPress 3 to the Cricut Autopress!

Today Cricut announced not one, not two, but THREE new heat presses — the Cricut Hat Press, the Cricut EasyPress 3, and the Cricut Autopress! Each heat press is quite different from the other, and each serves a different purpose. I’ve got all three of these new Cricut Heat Presses and I’ve been putting them through their paces. Let me show you what each heat press does, how it works, and tell you if I think it’s worth it for you or not!

Watch this short video to see the new Cricut Heat Presses in action and all the cool things they can make!

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Thank you to Cricut for sending me these heat presses in advance so I could review them for you. This means I received free products, but without any expectation of a favorable review. Please note that all opinions in this post are entirely my own, and I am not sponsored nor paid by Cricut to review them. As always, you’ll get my 100% honest opinion on how they work.

What are the new Cricut Heat Presses?

The first is the Cricut EasyPress 3, a “smart” Bluetooth-enabled heat press that works with the new Cricut Heat app to take the guesswork out of pressing. The second is the super cool Cricut Hat Press, which has a curved heat plate and a special hat form that tucks into a hat to give you a smooth and firm surface to press against. And the AH-mazing Cricut Autopress, a revolutionary, automated clamshell heat press with a 15″ x 12″ heat plate, super simple operation, and an auto-open feature!

See them over at with these links:

How is the Cricut EasyPress 3 different than the Cricut EasyPress 2?

This is the next generation of the EasyPress, and THIS version has a special feature — it can remove all the guesswork! It works in tandem with the free Cricut Heat app to send the exact time and temperature settings to your EasyPress 3! You just connect via Bluetooth, start a new project in the Cricut Heat app, choose your heat transfer material, choose your base material, and then send the settings to your EasyPress. Then, just follow the Cricut Heat app’s prompt to press your project. You no longer need to know what temperature or time to press something, because the Cricut Heat app does all the work. You also have the option to use the EasyPress 3 with the manual controls if you prefer. But it’s important to note that you’ll need the free app to initially register, update, and set up the EasyPress 3 — you can get the Cricut Heat app on iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Cricut EasyPress 3 and the companion Cricut Heat app on a desk

I used the EasyPress 3 to make this Infusible Ink “Always Choose Joy” t-shirt, a layered glitter iron-on vinyl tote bag with “Be YOU tiful,” and the iron-on vinyl baby stats on the elephant’s ears. The EasyPress 3 did a fantastic job with ALL of them! The EasyPress 3 is available in the 9″ x 9″ size (which is the one I have), as well as a 12″ x 10″ version.

How does the Cricut Hat Press work?

The Cricut Hat Press has a curved heat plate so you can customize hats without deforming them. The new heat press works with a special hat form that tucks into the hat to give you a smooth and firm surface to press against. The Hat Press also works with the Cricut Heat app to send the correct directions to press and removes all of the guesswork, but you can still use the press manually if you prefer.

The Cricut Hat Press pre-heating a Cricut ballcap with the help of the Cricut Heat app on a phone

I used the Hat Press to make a cute Infusible Ink Trucker Hat, iron-on vinyl “Dream Team” ball caps, a layered iron-on vinyl bucket hat with daisies, a bucket hat with “Sassy” on it, this holographic sparkle “Feelin’ Lucky” iron-on vinyl visor, and my “sunkissed” straw hat.

Oh, and I even used the Hat Press to add iron-on vinyl flowers to the top of a stuffed elephant’s head. I’m super impressed with how the Hat Press allowed me to add Infusible Ink and Iron-On Vinyl to all of these curved and rounded surfaces without hurting them!

What’s so special about the Cricut Autopress?

The Cricut Autopress is a revolutionary, automated heat press with a 15″ x 12″ inch heat plate and super simple operation. The Autopress is controlled by a handy Control Pod with easy-to-use dials, plus four pre-set buttons so you can make more things faster and easier. In addition to making bigger heat transfer projects — like iron-on vinyl, Infusible Ink, and sublimation — it can be closed with just two fingers.

The Cricut Autopress being closed with just two fingers

And when it’s done pressing, it opens for you automatically, so you can be prepping your next project rather than babysitting this one. It will fit on a kitchen counter, and you can even store it vertically so it takes up less room. I’m blown away by how amazing the Autopress is, and everything I made was a dream.

I used the Autopress to make a glitter iron-on vinyl team t-shirt, a layered iron-on vinyl pillow in red and black, adorable baby bodysuits with Infusible Ink, and a two-inch thick “Dream Big” wood sign with iron-on vinyl, Yes, you can put things up to two inches thick in the Autopress. I’m in awe of the Autopress … it’s sleek, easy to use, and intuitive.

Read and see the Autopress in action in this Cricut Autopress Ultimate Guide!

Is the EasyPress 3 better than the EasyPress 2?

This is an easy one — yes, I think the Cricut EasyPress 3 is a step up from the EasyPress 2, simply because of its ability to use the Cricut Heat app to send all the settings right to the press. This Bluetooth connectivity is the only difference, as far as I can tell, so if you don’t care about that then you’re fine with the EasyPress 2. But I LOVED how simple it was to press things with the Cricut Heat app. It’s awesome to be able to simply choose the heat transfer material and base material, and then just press a button and be lead through the process. The EasyPress 3 is a winner!

Do I have to use the Cricut Heat app with the new presses?

No, but you do need to use the free Cricut Heat app INITIALLY to set up both the EasyPress 3 and the Hat Press — they won’t work without activation in the app. But after that, you’re welcome to use them without the Cricut Heat app if you prefer. You can get the free Cricut App for iPhone, iPad, and Android. The Cricut Autopress does not work with the Cricut Heat app at all. 

Is the Cricut Heat app only for use with phones?

You can get the Cricut Heat app with any mobile device that can install it, so in addition to installing it on iPhone and Android phones, you can also install it on iPads and Android tablets. The Cricut Heat app needs the same system requirements as those required for Design Space, so if you can install Design Space on your mobile device, you can also install the Cricut Heat app.

Do I need Internet or Wi-Fi to use the new presses?

You will need an Internet connection to initially register and set up the Cricut EasyPress 3, the Hat Press, and the Autopress. But after that, you only need Bluetooth connectivity if you want to use the Cricut Heat app with the EasyPress 3 or the Hat Press. Internet is not needed for the app to send the settings to those presses.

What sort of voltage and power do the new presses need?

The Hat Press  uses 380-470W. The 9″ x 9″ EasyPress 3 uses 1110-1250W of power. The 12″ x 10″ EasyPress 3 uses 1310-1470W of power. The Cricut Autopress uses 1300W of power. If you are unable to plug your press directly into a wall outlet, I recommend a dedicated light- or medium-duty 13 amp or higher extension cord.

What colors do the new Cricut heat presses come in?

All of the new Cricut Heat Presses come in either “Zen Blue” (EasyPress 3 and Hat Press) or “Mist” (Autopress). Both are very light blues and match the Maker 3 and Bright 360 lamp.

How long do the Cricut heat presses take to heat up?

The EasyPress 3 and the Hat Press take about three minutes to heat up to 400°F (205°C). The Autopress takes approximately 8 minutes to heat up to 400°F (205°C). 

What about safety? Do they have auto-off features?

Yes, all of the new Cricut heat presses have auto-off features. The Cricut EasyPress 3, Hat Press, and Autopress all shut off automatically after 13 minutes of inactivity. A warning beep sounds 30 seconds prior to shutoff. 

What materials can I use with the Cricut Heat Presses? Can I use non-Cricut blanks?

You can use iron-on vinyl (heat transfer vinyl / HTV), Infusible Ink transfer sheets and pens, and sublimation transfers. You can use any blank that works with your heat transfer material — for my playtest projects, I used the following materials:

Do the heat presses get hot enough for Infusible Ink and sublimation?

Yes! All of the new Cricut heat presses heat up to 400°F (205°C).

Do I need a Teflon sheet to use the Cricut Heat Presses?

No, you don’t — you can use one if you like, but you can also just use parchment paper or a piece of liner material to protect your iron-on vinyl. Cricut does not recommend a silicone sheet with the Autopress, so avoid that.

Are there any special care or handling instructions?

Always practice safety first, of course! Other than that, there’s no special care needed for the heat plates of any of the new Cricut heat presses. You also need no special mat to cool items after you heat them with the Autopress — they will cool down on the removable pressing mat just fine.

How much are the new Cricut Heat Presses?

The Cricut EasyPress 3 is $199 USD for the 9″x9″ size, and $249 USD for the 12″x10″ size. The Cricut Hat Press is $149 USD, and that includes both the press and the hat form. The Cricut Autopress is $999 USD.

Other items come out with the new Heat Presses include Cricut Hat Blanks — get a Ballcap or a Trucker Hat for $9.99 each, a 3-pack for $19.99, or a 12 pack for $69.99. A roll of Strong Heat Resistant Tape (recommended for that Hat Press) is $6.99. Extra non-slip pressing pads for the Autopress will also be available for $54.

Are there any discounts on the Cricut Heat Presses?

Cricut Access subscribers can use their discounts through the Cricut shop when they become available to purchase!

Is the Cricut Autopress REALLY worth it?

If you’re wondering if the Autopress is right for you, there are two things to consider — need and value. If you just make a few things here and there, some one-off projects, I think you’re good to stick with your EasyPress or even your household iron. But if you make a lot of stuff and need that bulk-making power, or you really like the automatic nature of the Autopress, I think you’ll love this. For small businesses, community organizations, and big families, the value the autopress delivers is off the charts. Just being able to prep your next project while the Autopress does its thing and then auto-opens when its done so nothing overheats if you aren’t standing right there is truly revolutionary. There are other heat presses that do this, yes, but they tend to cost MORE money and have less automated features. The Cricut Autopress retails for $1000 dollars, and the next best heat press I could find with similar features — the venerable Stahls Hotronix Auto Clam Heat Press — is over $1100. I actually bought the Stahls press, along with a Siser press and a Fancierstudio press so I could evaluate and compare them with the Autopress for you.

In a nutshell, the Autopress is not one of those cheapo heat presses without any real support, you know, the ones that you all tell me are so confusing to use that you rarely if ever use them. The Autopress is quality, and is backed by a solid warranty that Cricut stands behind, reliable safety features and manufacturing processes, and the support and help you need to make your projects a success. The value is most definitely there, if you need the functionality and features.

How do I get one of the new Cricut Heat Presses?

The Cricut EasyPress 3 and the Hat Press become available to purchase in the US on Sunday, March 13 in the Cricut shop and from other retails. These two presses will come to the UK and EU on May 1. You can get the Cricut Autopress on May 3, 2022 in the US exclusively on Home Shopping Network (until May 15), then it becomes available on,, and on May 16.

Are the designs on the projects you made available in your library?

Yes! They are all in my free library as design #377!

Got more questions? I’d love to help! Leave a reply here or ask over in my Cricut Crafters & Makers group!


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Cricut Heat Presses: EasyPress 3, Hat Press, Autopress, and Cricut Heat App

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