Cricut Headquarters Tour with JenniferMaker

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See the Cricut Headquarters and meet some of the amazing people behind the scenes!

I am a big fan of Cricut, both as a product and as a company. Their values and vision align with our own core values at JenniferMaker. So when Cricut invited me to their headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah in September 2019, I booked my plane reservations immediately, made myself a Cricut dress to wear, and got my camera ready to take photos and videos to share with you! Here are the live videos I took before and during my visit, including a tour of their office!

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Before the Tour

These two videos are in my closed Facebook group — Cricut Crafters & Makers — so you’ll need to join the group before you can watch the videos:

 Showing off my Cricut Dress and Purse

Learn more about my Cricut dress here.

Cricut Headquarters Tour

Cricut is located in a modern office building in South Jordan, Utah, which is a suburb of Salt Lake City. I had the chance to tour the 3rd and 4th floors!

Crafting at Cricut (Bleached Stencil Shirts) – Parts 1 & 2

In the morning, we played with Cricut machines and materials a bit to do a project together — a DIY bleach stencil shirt! See how it works and how it came out!

And here is the finished sweatshirt!

DIY Bleach Stencil Shirt in Pink

Photos with the Cricut Team

Here I am with Brittany Jacobson, who gave me my tour and made me feel SO welcome!

Jennifer Maker and Brittany Jacobson at Cricut Headquarters

And here I am with Ashish Arora, the beloved CEO of Cricut himself! Such a kind and delightful man, and an excellent leader.

Jennifer Maker and Ashish Arora at the Cricut Barbecue

I had a lovely visit and think even more highly of Cricut after meeting members of their team in person! I even had the opportunity to see some things coming down the pike (though I can’t reveal them yet, you’re going to love them!)  I see great things in store for Cricut and I look forward to a long and fruitful future together!


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Tour Cricut Headquarters with JenniferMaker #cricut

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  1. I havce written a letter to cricut and cannot find an address for headquarters. Can you please forward?

      1. Emailing them is a waste of time. They are dreadfully understaffed and according to them it is because of covid-19. I have emails from April that have still not been responded to. If it is something that can be discussed over the phone, and you have at least two hours to wait, people should call. Their hours of operation are limited as they operate on Eastern Standard Time, but they do answer eventually.

  2. Jennifer, I am wondering if you’ve ever used any other brands of cutting machines and if you have what are some of the specific reasons you have chosen to promote Cricut. I’ve had many issues covering several topics with Cricut and have been seriously considering making the switch to another maker. But I don’t want to jump ship only to discover the grass is not greener on the other side.
    I am interested in things like machine quality, machine lifespan, customer service, and the like.
    I appreciate you sharing your ideas and knowledge across so many channels and I value your opinion, and would greatly appreciate any insight you may share. Have a great day!

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