Cricut Design Space for Desktop: How to Work Offline #cricut #designspace

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Learn about the new Cricut Design Space for Desktop Beta coming soon that will allow you to use your Cricut offline, while you’re not connected to the Internet!

You all know how much I love crafting my Cricut cutting machines, yes? One of the great things about Cricut is the free design software for them called Cricut Design Space. Well for the longest time, this software was only available in a web browser or mobile app. But NOW you can get download it as an application for your Mac or Windows desktop, which means you can use it OFFLINE and whether or not you have Internet access! This is HUGE, especially for anyone who travels or lives without reliable Internet. Cricut Design Space for Desktop means you can use your Cricut anytime and anywhere! 

Download Cricut Design Space for Desktop HERE!

AND even if you do have reliable Internet access most of the time like me, the desktop version is more direct, more stable, and faster, so everything just works even better! With Design Space for Desktop, you are less likely to crash. You won’t need to deal with downloading the plugin as it auto-updates for you. And, of course, you can design while you’re offline. What I think I love the MOST about Design Space for Desktop is how it looks identical to what we’re used with the browser based version. That means it’s just download and play. 
Cricut Design Space for Desktop on my Mac
And your Cricut Access subscription, if you have one, transfers over, as do your purchases and projects.
Cricut Design Space for Desktop is coming soon!

With the “Offline” feature, you will still need to be connected to the Internet to browse the Cricut library. But once connected, you can browse through the entire project library, and save what you like for offline use. That saved content will be available for 30 days from the last time you were connected to the Internet. 

I have a full video that shows you how to download and install Cricut Design Space for Desktop, as well as explains what’s different about the Desktop version and all that good stuff!

Q: When is the the “Offline” feature coming?

A: In mid-September 2019, the Offline feature will start rolling out to members who downloaded the early-release version of Design Space for Desktop (the Beta version of the software that I linked to earlier in this post). By the end of 2019 – maybe sooner – this feature will be available to everyone who downloads the Design Space for Desktop app. So download the app by September 10 and you have a chance to be selected for the offline feature earlier rather than later!

Q: Can I get a better chance to get into the beta for Offline feature?

If you download the Desktop application, you’re in the beta. Even better, download it by Sept. 10 to “get to the front of the line” for the chance to be chosen to test offline. 

Q: What computers can I install Design Space for Desktop on?

Mac and Windows. You can NOT install it on a Google Chromebook or Unix/Linux. You will need about 370 MB of free disk space available on your computer for downloading the application. Cricut recommends 4 GB of free disk space to save projects to your computer for offline use. 

Q: I have a laptop, not a desktop. Can I still use Design Space for Desktop?

Yes! It works on both Windows and Mac desktops and laptops. You need Windows 8 or later (it will NOT work on Windows 7) and Mac OS 10.13 or later.

Q: What if I use an iPad? Can I work offline?

The iOS app already has the ability to work offline — just install the Design Space app on your iPad or iPhone and you’re good to go! This announcement only applies to the desktop version.

Q: Will Design Space for Desktop be free or paid?

A: It’s free!!

Q: What will happen to the browser-based version of Design Space for Desktop?

As of January 29th, the web browser-based version will no longer be functional. If you try to use it, you’ll be directed to download the Desktop app.

Cricut announced their intent is to migrate their entire user base to Design Space for Desktop in 2020 as their default software experience. Design Space for web will continue to be available throughout the holidays. In 2020, Cricut began limiting the web experience, but does not plan to eliminate it entirely. 

Q: What happens if you click a link to a project in Design Space?

It will open in Cricut for Desktop once the transition is complete.

Q: I have more questions about Design Space for Desktop!

Learn more at Cricut’s official blog post about Design Space for Desktop!

Please contact the Official Design Space for Desktop Help Center if you have problems installing or using the Desktop app.

Watch for more as I update this post!!

 Cricut Design Space for Desktop: How to Work Offline #cricut #designspace



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Cricut Design Space for Desktop: How to Work Offline #cricut #designspace

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