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I want to update my friends on me and my life. It’s long overdue.

My life is amazing. I have been gifted with a wonderfully bright, creative, and loving child who fills my days with joy, noise, questions, inventions, and wonder. She’s truly a treasure and I am so thankful to have her. She brightens and expands my life.

The road I travel on as Alexa’s mother has had a few potholes along the way, however. Some of you may remember the miscarriages I had before her, as I wrote about it at length on my message boards. There was also a scary c-section and some complications thrown into the mix. If you knew me back then, you may also remember that I married Alexa’s father, who also happens to be my business partner. I am pretty good at writing about fun and happy things, but I struggle to write about my challenges. I resolve to change this.

To that end, I want you to know that I am no longer in a domestic relationship with Alexa’s father, and I haven’t been for many years now. I know many of you have either figured that out, or perhaps never even knew about it to start with (that’s how long it’s been now), but I still thought I should put it down in writing. The really good news is that he and I continue to work on our business together productively, and that relationship is solid. We worked long and hard on creating an atmosphere that would allow us to emerge stable. I feel very strongly that Alexa has a stable, secure home — I want her to have her dad in her life on a regular basis and not be caught up in confrontations or struggles that are not of her doing. And that is why I have been so silent on this subject. I needed to put the health of those relationships first. This was very much a “conscious uncoupling” (to borrow a phrase) that required time, patience, and sensitivity.

And now? I am happier than I’ve ever been. Life isn’t perfect — I have some health struggles at the moment — but I’m truly happy. My life is good and I am surrounded by love.

So whether you’ve known me for a decade or just recently met me, I hope this helps explain a few things about me. Thank you for sharing my journey.

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  1. I have been a follower of yours since before Alexander’s birth you have always been an inspiration and such an up beathappy person and a fantastic mom! I hope the health issues resolve quickly and you can continue to smile that beautiful smile! Bless your heart

  2. Hope things continue to go well for you & your son & Business. I like the way you handled this.

  3. I’m so happy that you are happy and you have taken the steps to do what YOU needed to get there. The road isn’t always straight & narrow, but it sure does lead us into some great adventures. Sending love and peace, Jennifer!

  4. Beautiful post Jennifer. Thank you for trusting us with your courageous path. If only more parents would see their children as you do. Kudos to you and Alexander’s dad for your thoughtful and dedicated support of your child.

  5. We love you, Jennifer. Congratulations to you for being finding your own happiness and for guiding Alexander so thoughtfully through his life. For those of us who follow you on FB, faithfully listen to the podcast and more, you inspire us all with your positivity, caring, and sweet, gentle personality. Alexander is lucky to have a loving, fun, creative mom like you. We all are behind you, every step of the way. Sending you love and light, and know that you make a difference for us all. 🙂

  6. Love how you’ve built a healthy relationship (as these things go) for your family and your business. You are a smart, creative, immensely interesting person. Thanks for the glimpse into your life and your heart. You rock!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us!! Your son is a lucky boy to have such caring and loving parents that want the best for him and can co-parent without putting the other one down. I applaud you both for putting your child 1st!! Praying for you and your family!!

  8. I read Your book Disney Cruise Line 2012 from cover to cover twice a week because it takes me to a happier place.I have been my moms caretaker since 2006 and although I love her and thank God she is still around she is starting to show her age(she will be 87 next month)and it is scary to see her age and get worse.
    What I like best about what you wrote is you never had a bad word to say about anybody””You never complained and thanked God for your family and being good to you.I hope all of your health problems are taken care of

  9. Thanks for sharing – no one’s life is perfect!However, I am truly happy that you are happy – that’s really important. Especially when raising a child. It is a huge sacrifice and for you to open up (when you certainly have the prerogative not to). Always remember to take care of you so that you can continue happy & healthy relationships with others. You are always positive – don’t change! Take care!

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