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Congratulations!! You’ve solved the Starlight Lantern secret and now have access to the deluxe version of the Starlight Lantern.

The file linked below contains a slightly different design of the Starlight Lantern, this one with a starry roof and 12 panel inserts for each month of the year. The monthly panels have a pattern that is somehow related to the season or holiday in that month. Here’s what that version looks like:

Deluxe Version of the Starlight Lantern

To download this deluxe lantern, click the link below:

Download the Deluxe Starlight Lantern

If you make this lantern and send me a photo at [email protected] or tag me on social media with #jennifermaker, I will include your name on my Master Lantern Maker list. Make all 12 lanterns to be eligible to get my exclusive lantern design at the end of the year!