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Welcome, Sublimation Campers!

So happy you’ve come! You can learn more about my sublimation resources right on this page. You’ll find all of the linked supplies to create spectacular sublimation shirts, plus get links to everything I used during my session in Sublimation Camp, (including printers, ink, and paper), and more!

I love sublimation and I’m excited to share everything I’ve learned with you starting with Sublimation Camp … and beyond! Learn more about sublimation printers, inks, color, and more with my help! This is also where you can get my Sublimation Cookbook!

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Sublimation T-Shirts I Tested

View my Amazon shopping list with the exact items we used to test out sublimation!

White Shirts:

Color Shirts:

Cotton and Dark Colors “Hacks”:

Tools and Materials Used to Make Spectacular T-Shirts

And to do my test presses, I used the following materials and tools:

Sublimation Cookbook

Can’t remember how long to press that sublimation blank? Not sure what order to stack your layers? Confused about how to get the best transfer? The Sublimation Cookbook guide can help, with step-by-step sublimation project recipes for over 150 different sublimation blanks. Each of these “recipes” show you exactly what to use, how long to press, how hot to press it, and how to take care of your sublimated project for long lasting results. Plus, it’s the best way to help you avoid common sublimation problems before they arise!

Jennifer Maker with her Sublimation Cookbook

Sublimation Startup

Get setup for sublimation success with this fun mini-course! Choose and set up a sublimation printer that meets your needs, learn the tools and supplies for sublimated projects, and then make a fun project that will help you sublimate even better on future projects! You also receive support and help from Jennifer Maker and her whole team to get the real confidence to create! This is an on-demand course so you can watch anytime! Register NOW at

Sublimation Startup: Get Set Up For Success in Sublimation with JenniferMaker

I’d love to see your sublimation projects! Post in our Sublimation group or tag me on social media with #jennifermaker.