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All new free online event from June 1-5, 2020 that will show you step by step how to sew beautiful and useful things for your life and home, and help you realize your big goals and dreams!

25 free classes and tutorials from leading pattern designers, sewing bloggers, and pattern testers!

You don't even have to leave your house, hire a babysitter, or change out of your yoga pants...

Join thousands of other creative women just like you who want to sew it all!

How to Sew a Couch Caddy

Learn Sewing Secrets from "Been there, Done that" Experts


Wish you could sit down and have tea with someone (or 20+ someones) who knows exactly which manageable steps you should take next to actually make that project and create something SEW beautiful?

Want some expert sewing advice that actually works for creative women who have a lot going on?

That's exactly what you get when you attend this FREE online event!

Learn from 20+ sewing experts in the comfort of your own home with classes from novice to advanced, there’s something for everyone. You’ll learn everything from upcycling t-shirts and hand applique to stuffed toy making tips and 3D pinwheel quilting!

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Sewing Summit Speakers

Get access to 20+ practical workshops and sew-alongs



  • Anyone who would love to learn from experts in the sewing industry, at home for free
  • Anyone who is looking for new sewing ideas, tips and tricks
  • Anyone who has lost their sewjo and wants it back!
  • Anyone who wants to be inspired and enjoy their love of sewing
  • Every sewing level…. novice, beginners, intermediate and advanced!

Speakers from these great web sites...

Sewing Summit Blogs



  • “Welcome & How To Get The Most Out Of The Event” – Rebecca Page (your host)
  • “The Ultimate Table Accessories Tutorial: Learn How To Make Towels, Napkins, Napkin Rings & A Table Runner/Cloth” – Stephanie Troemel from Sarcastic Sewist
  • “Discover Top Tips For Sewing Stuffed Animals” – Stephanie Woodson from Swoodson Says
  • “A Suprise Free P4P Sew Along!” – Katy McKinley from Patterns 4 Pirates
  • “How To Make The Ultimate Toy Storage Bag” – Rebecca Page from Rebecca Page Patterns
  • “Creating a Couch Caddy for Your Sewing Accessories” – Jennifer Maker from JenniferMaker
  • “Crafting With Kids!” – Tiffany Amos from Modestly Dolled Up


  • “Your First Quilting Project” – Victoria Peat from Little Black Duck
  • “Learn How To Make Seasonal Towel Hangings” – Chelsea Briner from Sew Simple Home
  • “How To Sew a Modern Quilted Pillow” – Shauna Wightman from Shwin Designs
  • “BONUS: A surprise sewing tutorial!” – Chaney Mobley from Twinkle Toes and Company
  • “A Demonstration Tutorial For Wood Art On Wood With Fabric” – Emily Thompson from Life Sew Savory
  • “How To Make Burlap Wreaths” – Randie Dodman from Madly Making


  • “A Chicken Pattern Weight 8 Step Sew” – Kelly Stevens from Stitch Upon A Time
  • “Learn How To Craft A Fabric & Wood Welcome Sign” – Betsy Koestler
  • “Peacock Costume Sew Along: Part 1 of 2 (The Tutu)” – Zoe Beth from Rebecca Page Patterns
  • “Discover How To Use Scraps To Make Baby Color Books: Part 1 of 2” – Tori James from Toriska
  • “How To Upcycle An Old T-Shirt Into An Adorable Childs Top” – Jaq Platt from Made by Jaq / You Sew Crazy
  • “From Beginners to Advanced: Tips and Tricks for Sewing the Roxy Wristlet” – Stephanie and Virginia Troemel from Sarcastic Sewist


  • “Introduction to Hand Applique” – Nicki Hibbits from The Ruffled Purse
  • “The Ultimate Scrap Buster” – Shankari Paradee from Sewl Sister
  • “How To Add Accessories For The Free Roxy Wristlet” – Candice Thurston from Rebecca Page Patters
  • “How To Make An Essential Grocery Sack” – Lisa Amundson from Around the Bobbin
  • “BONUS – A Surprise Tutorial” – Victoria and Virginia Troemel from VG Creations
  • “How to Make Crazy Pincushions” – Rumyana from 3Patch Crafts


  • “Peacock Costume Sew Along: Part 2 of 2 (The Mask)” – Zoe Beth from Rebecca Page Patterns
  • “Discover How To Use Scraps To Make Baby Color Books: Part 2 of 2” – Tori James from Toriska
  • “Sewing with Kids: Making a Toy Blanket with my 6 year-old” – Alice Smith-Goeke from Fabric Ninja
  • “A 3D Pinwheel Quilting Tutorial” – Audrey Mann from The Cloth Parcel
  • “Simple Lounge Pants/Play Shorts Sew Along (Child Friendly)” – Stephanie Carton from The Eli Monster
  • “The Ultimate Fabric Buster: Creating Fun & Unique Tumblers” – Vicki Troemel from VG Creations


Rebecca Page

Rebecca Page is the founder of the hugely popular sewing brand,

She learned to sew as a child and loved it. But as the years passed, she found traditional paper patterns hard to use (that tissue paper tears so easily!), the instructions difficult to follow and fitting for personal shape almost impossible. 

Rebecca found the solution when she started to draft her own patterns part-time at home while having her 3 young children. It’s quickly exploded into a global business with 390,000+ followers and 26 lovely team members (all working from home around the world!).


When is it? The Fabric Crafts Sewing Summit is online June 1-5, 2020 (Monday through Friday).

What time is it? If you are registered, on each day of the summit you will receive an email from Rebecca Page at 9 am EST (USA) time with the link for that day. All of the day’s videos will be on that link and will be free to watch for 24 hours.

Where is it? Online! You can watch on your computer, tablet, or phone from anywhere in the world.

How much is it? The Sewing Summit is FREE. Each class will be available online all day during The Sewing Summit to watch for free. Then after that, the videos will go into the All Access Portal. If you have an All Access Pass, you can watch or re-watch anytime you like.

Can I watch the replay? Unlimited replays anytime are only included in the All Access Pass. If you’d like to catch a reply, you’ll need to purchase an All Access Pass.

What is the All Access Pass? If you want to watch any of the classes after The Sewing Summit, you’ll need to purchase the All Access Pass. It’s currently on Super Early Bird pricing for just $39 (with over $1,000 in value!). The price does go up the closer to the summit we get so make sure to grab yours early.

What will I learn? Each class is listed above on the day it will be on. They’re jam packed with content and we can’t wait to share them with you!

How long is each class? The average is 30 min to 1 hour long. Some are longer or shorter depending on the topic. My class on making the Couch Caddy is 30 minutes long.

Are the videos closed captioned / subtitled? Yes. There are a couple of videos which do not have audio (they are visual videos only), but for all videos with an audio, there have closed captions loaded.

How does it work? After you register, you’ll get a welcome email from Rebecca Page confirming your place. Then on the day you’ll receive an email from Rebecca Page with a link to watch each class. Just click the link and watch  You’ll be able to use a phone, tablet ,or computer, whatever is easiest for you.

Will I need to buy anything to do the classes? No. For a few of the classes you’ll need to download some free pattern pieces (links are included where to get these from). But you won’t need to buy any other patterns. My Couch Caddy pattern is free!

What fabric and supplies will I need? Each class lists the fabric & supplies you’ll need. Most it’s just fabric, scissors, and a ruler… or even just a notepad and pen if it’s a theory class.

Sounds amazing! How do I register? Just click the button below, enter your name and email, and you’re all registered!

The Sewing Summit