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Can't remember how to thread your machine? Not sure how to finish that seam? Feeling clueless about which fabric and color to use in the first place? The Sewing ShortCuts guide can help, with easy step-by-step diagrammed cheat sheets! Each of these sewing cheat sheets show you exactly what to do for easy, fast results every time.

By learning in small steps, you avoid the overwhelm that usually comes with trying to get control over something that is confusing and hard-to-remember.

Sewing ShortCuts also includes 50 sewing worksheets, organizer pages, and planner sheets to help you collect and record your OWN shortcuts! 

And good news if you're eager to start NOW. This printable guide is instantly available to you as a digital download sent to your email. You can have it spiral bound at most office supply stores. Nothing will be shipped, meaning you don't have to pay shipping!

This collection of simple step-by-step diagrams gives you easy-to-follow directions for all the most popular tasks in sewing! It tells you exactly what to do for each task. If you just want someone to tell you what to do, this is it.

Sewing ShortCuts

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What Does Sewing ShortCuts Cover?

This guide contains easy step-by-step diagrams and cheat sheets for all the popular sewing things and tasks you need, including:  

  • All About Sewing
  • How to Use Your Sewing Machine (One-Page Overview)
  • How to Setup Your Sewing Machine
  • How to Thread Your Sewing Machine and Change the Needle
  • How to Sew Fabric With Your Sewing Machine
  • Sewing Machine Types
  • How to Find Your Sewing Machine Manual
  • Important Pages in My Sewing Machine Manual
  • Know Your Sewing Machine Parts
  • Sewing Machine Labels (like the ones on my machine!)—print, cut & stick!
  • Know Your Sewing Tools
  • Know Your Sewing Supplies
  • Know Your Cutting Tools
  • Know Your Measuring Tools
  • Know Your Threads
  • Thread Tips & Tricks
  • Know Your Needle Parts & Color Codes
  • Common Material Types
  • Best Stabilizers for Sewing Projects
  • Know Your Fabrics (Is it Woven, Knit, Felt, or Coated?)
  • Fabric Names
  • How to Pick the Best Fabrics for Projects
  • Know Your Fabric Parts
  • Know Your Fabric Bolts
  • Common Sewing Terms
  • How to Thread a Sewing Machine (Four Types)
  • How to Thread a Sewing Machine (Detail of Upper Thread)
  • How to Wind & Insert a Bobbin (Detail of Bobbin/Lower Thread)
  • Know Your Bobbin Shapes & Styles
  • Basic Machine Stitches
  • Basic Stretch Stitches
  • Common Presser Feet
  • Common Seams and Edges
  • Common Material Types
  • How to Convert Sizes From Inches to Yards to Meters
  • How to Convert Yardage and Get Enough Fabric
  • How to Clip, Notch & Grade Seams, Corners, and Curves
  • How to Combine Fabric Colors
  • Sewing Order From Darts to Buttonholes
  • How to Troubleshoot Your Sewing Machine

The pages are professionally illustrated in full color, very precise and specific, with tons of visuals! Here are some of the pages:

Fabric Colors
Fabric Cutting Tools
Know Your Sewing Threads
Needles and Color Codes
Thread Upper

In addition to these cheat sheets, there are 50 sewing worksheets, organizer pages, and planner sheets to help you collect and record your OWN shortcuts! Here's a list of those worksheets included in this guide:

  • My Measurements
  • My Color Palettes 
  • My Primary Sewing Machine 
  • My Secondary Sewing Machine 
  • Pre-Sew Checklist 
  • My Favorite Brands 
  • My Favorite Web Sites 
  • My Pattern Files 
  • My Favorite Settings 
  • My Inspirations 
  • My Sewing Goals 
  • My Project Queue 
  • My Project Ideas 
  • My Project Information 
  • My Support Records 
  • Where Is It? 
  • My Tools Inventory 
  • My Supplies Inventory 
  • My Notions Inventory 
  • My Fabric Inventory 
  • My Swatches 
  • My Material Notes 
  • My Shopping List 
  • My Wish List 
  • My Sewing Planner 
  • Monthly Planners 
  • My Notes 

Here are some of these super useful sewing worksheets:

Color Palettes
Pre-Sew Checklist
Sewing Project Information
Sewing Planner
December Page

How Do I Know This Will Work?

You don't. But I do. My name is Jennifer and I'm the founder of JenniferMaker.com, a popular DIY & craft blog that has helped well over five million crafters in just the past three years.  

While I began sewing in childhood, for the most part my sewing skills were pretty basic. I could make Halloween costumes and prom dresses, but they probably looked best from a few feet away.

About 10 years ago, I started taking my sewing much more seriously. I began to make very detailed historical costumes (by machine and by hand) which forced me to really understand how fabrics worked, how to draft patterns, how to tailor and fit, and — perhaps most importantly — how to properly measure. My skills soared and I won a number of awards for my sewing prowess.

Fast forward to when I started my blog and began to share sewing patterns, I found myself in bit of a quandary. I had to first look up all the technical words to describe what I was doing so folks would understand, as there was no way I was going to remember all of it. But I also realized I'd been doing things in the hardest ways possible ... and there was a world of possibilities. I mean, like, I had never even tried to change my presser foot before now.

So I began to research and dive deep into the world of sewing ... and found there was LOT of really useful stuff that I loved knowing, but it was hard to find and even harder to remember. I kept notes and diagrams for myself, but it was a hodge podge and hard to find when I needed it.

Jennifer Maker

So I decided it was time to get organized, and I began a single document of all my sewing shortcuts, cheat sheets, notes, tips, tricks, and hacks! It it was AMAZING!

Sewing ShortCuts

That was the magic I needed. Now I could just pull out one of my note cards and see exactly what to do exactly when I needed it. 

Now I've been using my sewing machine for a long time and I know how to do all the things ... and I can show you, too! Don't get overwhelmed. Just do one step at a time exactly as I have them laid out. 

If you trust me, then I know this will work. 

More than 100,000+ makers have purchased and learned from my crafter playbooks and workbooks, mostly from word of mouth. I am passionate about crafting, sewing, and teaching! This is THE missing manual for your sewing projects.  

And if it doesn't work, I'll refund your money with no questions asked.  

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

All About Sewing

What If I'm Brand New to Sewing?

You are in the right place. My Sewing ShortCuts guide contains cheat sheets for the most basic tasks, from setting up your sewing machine to understanding fabric types. This is the perfect companion for a new sewing machine user, as you can print it out and keep it right next to your sewing machine to reference each time you use it.

What If I Already Know How to Sew Well?

The Sewing ShortCuts guide will still help you! I don't know about you, but I still have to look up how to things like which needle to use (and what all of those colors on my loose needles mean), how to convert yardage when I want to use 120" muslin instead of 60" muslin, and what the heck the zipper foot looks like again. These cheat sheets eliminate all the guesswork and you get things done FAST.

Sewing ShortCuts on the iPhone

What If I Don't Have a Sewing Machine? 

Great news! Many of the cheat sheets in Sewing ShortCuts are helpful whether you're sewing by machine or by hand, like the Fabric Color page, Common Sewing Terms, and How to Clip, Notch, and Grade, just to name a few.

How Fast Can I Get It?

Immediately after you order it! This is a digital product (nothing will be shipped to you). Keep it on your computer, your phone, or print it out and slide it under your sewing machine ... or all of the above! 

Once you've downloaded it, you can print it at home or have it printed at a copy shop or office supply store. If you are unable to print it yourself, you can purchase the print edition instead.

Ok, So How Much Is It? 

The 100-page, full-color guide is easily worth $40 or more, but for limited time I'm offering it at just $19. And -- great news -- the digital version of the Sewing ShortCuts guide stays up-to-date! I've already updated it twice, and each time the previous version purchasers got access to the updates for free!

ALSO, purchasers can request new cheat sheets and planner pages -- if I get enough requests, I'll add the pages and you get free access to the updated file.

Sewing ShortCuts will save you TONS of time AND you'll be able to make even more amazing things than before.

It's like having a sewing expert in your pocket!

Sewing ShortCuts

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