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Become a Cricut Expert with my step-by-step e-book for all the popular tasks in Cricut Design Space!

Can't remember how to do print then cut? Not sure how to remove a background from an uploaded image? Clueless about Snapmat and how it can help? The Cricut Coach Playbook can help, with over 100 step-by-step diagrams. Each of these "cheat sheets" show you exactly what to click and what to do for easy, fast results everytime.

By learning in small steps, you avoid the overwhelm that usually comes with trying to get control over something that is confusing and hard-to-remember.  

And good news if you're eager to start NOW. This 111-page printable playbook is instantly available to you as a digital download sent to your email. You can have it spiral bound at most office supply stores. Nothing will be shipped, meaning you don't have to pay shipping!

This collection of step-by-step diagrams gives you easy-to-follow directions for all the most popular tasks in Cricut Design Space! It tells you exactly what to do for each task. If you just want someone to tell you what to do, this is it.

Cricut Coach Playbook
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Easy to Start The Cricut Coach Playbook gets you started right away with simple steps you can do no matter what!

Works for All! Yes, ALL versions of Cricut Design Space are covered, including Mac, PC, iOS (iPad/iPhone), and Android. 

Easy to Use Whenever you want to use your Cricut, just pull out your Playbook and look up the task you need. Easy peasy!

Letter from Anna

"I'm so excited to use the Cricut Coach Playbook. I love that Jennifer shows step-by-step directions for using Design Space with clear photos and color-coded prompts. With this playbook, I won't have to go searching for answers on how to make all the fun things that I want to make! I wish I had this when I first got my Cricut it would have saved me so much time!"" 

Robin B.

"The Circut Coach Playbook is the perfect eBook for a Cricut newbie. How do I know this? Well, I was a Cricut newbie myself before purchasing this eBook! I bought a Cricut Explore Air 2 and I let it sit in my craft room collecting dust for way too long. It was just too intimidating for me to use. I attempted to make labels for my pantry a few months back and found myself wasting hours searching the Internet for resources to help me. If only I had this eBook at the time! Per the suggestion given in the Playbook, I've printed myself a copy and placed it right next to my machine. I can't wait to use my Cricut to make some fun projects this holiday season. Thank you, Jennifer, for making this" 

Tiffany H. 

"I will be printing, binding and keeping [the Playbook] right next to my Cricut. Your book is well written and the explanations are easy to understand! The visuals in it are appealing and it is vibrant and colorful. I love my Cricut, but tend to let fear of complication and failure prevent me from doing more than very basic things with it. I feel that your book will give me more confidence in using my Cricut! " 

Megann E.

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Don't wait, grab your Cricut Coach Playbook now and start using it immediately!

Does It Work For My Cricut?

The Cricut Coach Playbook is for any Cricut cutting machine that uses Cricut Design Space! That means if you have one of these Cricuts, this Playbook will help you:

  • Cricut Joy
  • Cricut Explore
  • Cricut Explore Air
  • Cricut Explore One
  • Cricut Explore Air 2
  • Cricut Maker

What Does the Playbook Cover?

This Playbook contains easy step-by-step instructions for all the popular tasks you can do in Cricut Design Space, including:  

How to Install Cricut Design Space How to Open and Start a New Project How to Connect to Your Cricut (Bluetooth) How to Attach (Keep Things Together) How to Group and Ungroup How to Weld How to Slice How to Contour How to Curve Text How to Align & Distribute Objects How to Change Letter Space How to Weld Text & Keep Letter Centers How to Knockout Text How to Change Font of Existing Text How to Change Colors & Pattern Fills How to Change Linetype & Use Tools How to Set Text to Write with a Pen How to Score with Stylus or Wheel How to Reposition Items on Mat Preview How to Mirror and Cut Heat Transfer Vinyl How to Use and Resize Templates How to Use SnapMat How to Save Work and View Saved Projects How to Save for Offline How to Share Links to Projects How to Link Cartridges How to Flatten How to Print Then Cut How to Upload Images How to Erase Background from Image How to Combine Multiple Projects Together How to Upload SVG Files How to Resize a Project How to Use and Modify Custom Materials How to Update the Cricut Plugin and App How to Troubleshoot Problems  

Instructions for these Cricut Design Space tasks are for ALL platforms, including Mac, Windows, iOS (iPhone/iPad), and Android, and each page is color-coded to the platform so you can find the page you need fast.

How Do I Know This Will Work?

You don't. But I do. My name is Jennifer and I'm the founder of, a popular DIY & craft blog that has helped well over three million crafters in just the past three years.  

When I first got my Cricut, I had to spend SO much time online trying to figure out how to do each thing I wanted in Cricut Design Space. I watched so many YouTube videos, read so many blog posts, and checked a lot of Facebook groups.

And even after I'd learned how to do something, like Print Then Cut, I tended to forget the next time I went to do it. Then I'd start the research and learning all over again. Ugh!

So I began keeping notes on my computer for each thing I wanted to do. But my collection of notes became very long and rambling, and hard to follow. 

Then I got smart and simplified my notes, added screenshots, and printed them all out to keep RIGHT NEXT TO MY CRICUT. 

Jennifer Maker
Cricut Coach Playbook

That was the magic I needed. Now I could just pull out one of my note cards and see exactly what to do exactly when I needed it. 

Now I've been using my Cricut for a long time and I know how to do all the things ... and I can show you, too! Don't get overwhelmed. Just do one step at a time exactly as I have them laid out. 

If you trust me, then I know this will work.  

More than 100,000 crafters have purchased this Playbook in the past year, mostly on word of mouth. This is THE missing manual for your Cricut.  

And if it doesn't work, I'll refund your money with no questions asked.  

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

Cricut Coach Playbook

What If I'm Brand New to Cricut?

You are in the right place. My Cricut Coach Playbook contains cheat sheets for the most basic tasks, from starting a new project to updating your app. This is the perfect companion for a new Cricut user, as you can print it out and slide it right under your Cricut to reference each time you use it.

You can do this!

What If I Already Know My Cricut Well?

The Playbook will still help you! I don't know about you, but I still have to look up how to do lesser-used functions like Print Then Cut, SnapMat, and Contour. And when move from my desktop to my iPhone? All bets are off and I seem to forget how to do everything because it's in different places and with different names. These cheat sheets eliminate all the guesswork and you get things done FAST.

Cricut Coach Playbook

What If I Use a Mac? Or Android? Or my iPad? 

Great news! ALL of those are covered. I document how to do every thing on all the various versions of Cricut Design Space -- Mac, Windows, iOS (iPad/iPhone), and Android. So when you need to switch to your mobile device, or back to your desktop, you'll always know what to do.

How Fast Can I Get It?

Immediately after you order it! This is a digital product (nothing will be shipped to you). Keep it on your computer, your phone, or print it out and slide it under your Cricut ... or all of the above! 

Does It Have the Latest Updates to Design Space? 

Yes! I updated this version in October 2019 and it includes coverage of the new Desktop (Offline) version) of Design Space as well as the updated iOS and Android apps. I've even got a workaround for the popular knockout technique that became obsolete over the summer. I keep a close eye on changes and everything is up to date! And, next time there's a change to Design Space, I'll update the e-book and send a download link to all purchasers at no cost!  

This is the only Cricut book you need to buy!

Ok, So How Much Is It? 

The 111-page, full-color Playbook is easily worth $40 or more, but for limited time I'm offering it at just $19. And -- great news -- the Playbook stays up-to-date!

And -- great news -- the Playbook stays up-to-date! If there is a Cricut Design Space update, or a new feature comes out, you can re-download the updated Playbook to get all the new stuff. That's right — future updates to the Playbook are free of charge to purchasers!

ALSO, if you have idea for new pages, let me know -- if I get enough requests, I'll add them and you get access to the updated file.

The Cricut Coach Playbook will save you TONS of time AND you'll be able to make even more amazing things than before.

It's like having a Cricut expert in your pocket!

"I absolutely loved everything in this playbook. It is very easily broken out so that way I don’t have to keep searching for answers. I also printed each page and laminated it that way I can easily refer back to it if I’m unsure about something. I would recommend it to anyone!!!" -- Carolyn G.

Cricut Coach Playbook

"Thank you for your help in understanding how to use and get the most out of my Cricut Explore Air 2. I really appreciate it." 

Vanessa S.

"Just a quick note to say "thanks" for sharing your time and expertise! I couldn't believe the tip you shared about the "Attach" function on the Cricut ... I've been trying to figure out for eons how to attach everything to one mat, and now that I know how I'm in my happy place!"" 

Kelly H.

"I have so enjoyed these Cricut lessons. Thank you so much for putting these together. " 

Nicky A.

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Don't wait, grab your Cricut Coach Playbook at the discounted price of just $19 today!