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Can't remember how long to press a specific type of HTV?

Not sure what order to stack your layers?

Confused about how to get the best results?

Never Guess at Heat Times or Temperatures Again!

The HTV Cookbook guide can help, with step-by-step project recipes for over 100 different heat transfer vinyl projects. Each of these "recipes" show you exactly what to use, how long to press, how hot to press it, and how to take care of your HTV project for long lasting results.

By learning in small steps, you avoid the overwhelm that usually comes with trying to get control over something that is confusing and hard-to-remember.  

And good news if you're eager to start NOW: this 142-page printable cookbook is instantly available to you as a digital download sent to your email. You can have it spiral bound at most office supply stores. Nothing will be shipped, meaning you don't have to pay shipping!

This collection of step-by-step HTV "recipes" gives you easy-to-follow directions for all of the most popular heat transfer vinyl types and projects! It tells you exactly what to do for each project. If you just want someone to tell you what to do, this is it.

The HTV Cookbook works for everyone, from beginners to pros!

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Here's what crafters say about the HTV Cookbook

"Whether you are an experienced crafter or new crafter, this is a great book for anyone who uses HTV. Jennifer Maker breaks down each type of vinyl and the materials they can be used on into “recipes.” This makes it super easy to use as a reference tool when incorporating HTV into your own projects. I highly recommend that everyone has a copy of this book in their craft room." Christina Braband

"This book will be a total game changer for my fellow Cricuteers out there! It's clear, concise, answers SOOOO many questions and gives valuable tips that sometimes we all forget! HIGHLY recommend getting this book the second it releases!!" Kelly C

"The HTV Cookbook is a wonderful resource guide for all of your vinyl projects. The clear, concise text is easy to understand. The diagrams for stacking order included offer a quick, visual reference that I know I will be using time and time again. So handy for when I want to be sure I have everything in the right order to avoid wasting materials when crafting. Reading the " Tips & Tricks" for each material can help trouble shoot potential problems before they even occur. I love this book ! Jennifer has knocked it out of the park once again!" Janine Downing

"This is a very helpful 'cookbook', with exact ingredients and instructions for any combination of base materials and different kinds of HTV. There are helpful graphics, tips and tricks, and worksheets to take your own notes. Thank you, Jennifer Maker and team!"Alicia Van Sant

The HTV Cookbook is the Answer to Your Question!

Does it Work for My Heat Press?

Yes! We've included times for the following types of heat presses and heat sources:

  • Traditional clamshell heat press
  • Cricut EasyPress
  • Autopress
  • Mini press
  • Convection Oven

What Does the Cookbook Cover?

  • Heat and Pressing Equipment
  • Vinyl Types
  • Vinyl Application Pressures and Temperatures
  • Cutting Tips and Tricks
  • How to Layer HTV
  • Chapter 1: Standard Color Heat Transfer Vinyl/Everyday Iron-on — Cotton, Polyester, Cotton/Poly Blend, Nylon, Glass, Metal, Cardstock, Felt, Burlap, Canvas, Faux Leather, Wood, Cork, Neoprene, Ceramic, Polypropylene
  • Chapter 2: Flex/Stretch Heat Transfer Vinyl — Athletic Mesh, Stretch Polyester, Spandex, Nylon, Cotton/Poly Blend, Poly/Nylon Blend, Neoprene, Siser EasyWeed Stretch
  • Chapter 3: Mesh Heat Transfer Vinyl — Polyester, Cotton, Cotton/Blend, Canvas, Faux Leather, Burlap, Cardstock, Wood, Cork, Neoprene, Ceramic
  • Chapter 4: Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl — Burlap, Nylon, Canvas, Cotton, Cotton/Poly Blend, Polyester, Wood, Neoprene
  • Chapter 5: Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl — Cotton, Polyester, Canvas, Glass, Metal, Neoprene, Ceramic
  • Chapter 6: Foil Heat Transfer Vinyl — Polyester, Cotton, Cotton/Poly Blend, Canvas, Wood, Cork, Neoprene
  • Chapter 7: Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl — Cotton, Polyester, Wood, Cotton/Poly Blend, Canvas, Faux Leather, Neoprene, Corkboard, Chameleon
  • Chapter 8: Glow-in-the-dark Heat Transfer Vinyl — Polyester, Cotton, Cotton/Poly Blend, Poly/Nylon Blend, Wood, Neoprene
  • Chapter 9: UV Color Change Heat Transfer Vinyl — Cotton, Cotton/Poly Blend, Polyester, Canvas, Wood, Neoprene, Burlap, Cork, Faux Leather, Nylon
  • Chapter 10: Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl — Cotton, Cotton/Poly Blend, Canvas, Felt, Polyester
  • Chapter 11: Flocked Heat Transfer Vinyl — Cotton, Cotton/Poly Blend, Spandex, Felt, Polyester, Athletic Mesh
  • Chapter 12: Everything Else (Hacks for HTV) — Printable HTV Light Materials, Printable HTV Dark Materials, Colorspark, Clear HTV for Sublimation, Glitter HTV for Sublimation, Holographic HTV for Sublimation, Glow-in-the-dark HTV for Sublimation, EasySubli
  • Worksheets & Notes

If you'd also like to take a peek inside and see actual pages and recipes, I am offering FREE pages from the HTV Cookbook! Just click the button below to request them.

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What if I'm Brand New to HTV Application?

You are in the right place. My HTV Cookbook covers the basic tools and ingredients to be successful with heat transfer vinyl, then walks you through SO MANY projects step-by-step. This is the perfect companion for a new crafter, as you can print it out to reference each time you want to apply any type of heat transfer vinyl to something.

What if I Already Know How to Apply HTV?

The Cookbook will still help you! I don't know about you, but I still have to look up the heat times and temperatures for nearly every project I do, even if I've done it dozens of times. I just forget all the numbers if I haven't done it in the past day or so. And when I guess, I guess wrong. But with everything written down in the HTV Cookbook, that's a thing of the past. These recipes eliminate all the guesswork and you get things done FAST.

How Fast Can I Get It?

Immediately after you order it! This is a digital product (nothing will be shipped to you). Keep it on your computer, your phone, or print it out and keep it near your hear press ... or all of the above! 

Will You Keep It Updated?

Yes! The first version was released in September 2023, and we will update it frequently. And once purchased, you can re-download it to get the latest version anytime you want!

So How Much Is It?

The 142-page, full-color Cookbook is easily worth $50 or more, but for limited time I'm offering it at just $19.

And -- BONUS -- if there's a fun new type of HTV, or we find new settings or tips for a project, you can re-download the updated Cookbook to get all the new stuff. That's right — future updates to the Cookbook are free of charge to purchasers!

ALSO, if you have ideas for new recipes, let me know -- if I get enough requests, I'll add them and you get access to the updated file.

The HTV Cookbook will save you TONS of time AND you'll be able to make even more amazing things than before.

It's like having an HTV expert right beside you!

"This is a very helpful 'cookbook', with exact ingredients and instructions for any combination of base materials and different kinds of HTV. There are helpful graphics, tips and tricks, and worksheets to take your own notes. Thank you, Jennifer Maker and team!"Alicia Van Sant

"This book is an invaluable resource to both beginners and advanced crafters alike. Not only does it make it very easy to locate instructions for many types of HTV, it shows you blanks to use HTV with that you've never even thought of. It makes it so easy to increase your creativity!" — Jennifer Kaas

"You need this book! Jennifer Maker has assembled a comprehensive guide to all things HTV, answering most of the questions you can possibly have. I love the layering diagrams and time and temp charts. These are such common questions and they are explained in a clear and concise manner. If you love using HTV or want to use it more often, you owe it to yourself to get this book--I can about guarantee it will save you time, frustration, and material!" — Mary Larson

Don't wait, grab your HTV Cookbook now and start using it immediately!