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If you get a DreamBox with my code, I'll give you a $25 gift certificate to the JenniferMaker shop, good toward the purchase of any of my books as well as a selection of my popular workshops and courses. The gift card never expires and any leftover balance can be used at a later date​! To redeem this bonus, just order a DreamBox using my discount code and send an email to [email protected] with a screenshot showing your order number and order total (or just forward your order receipt).

Just For Fun

Take a peek inside my DreamBox! This is a little video of me changing my tote liners over to my new colors!

DreamBox in Rainbow Stars

How to Get a Discount

Enter the code JENNIFERMAKER into the discount code box at checkout, as shown here:

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I Ordered a New DreamBox, too!

I ordered a brand new DreamBox, too!

DreamBox Ordered

I used my own discount code from the start of summer last year to order a new DreamBox for the new family workshop we’re building in our basement. I got all the bells and whistles, too (pre-built, crown, full set of totes, and the three little drawers).

This new workshop is going to be where we keep our family’s maker tools — our workbench, drill press, table saw, sander, lathe, 3D printers, Cricut cutting machines, maybe even a new laser cutter (we’ll see!).

So having storage and a place to work on that’s not a messy workbench is going to be amazing, and I know the DreamBox is going to make that happen for us. I love that I’ll be able to close it up when the sawdust is flying, too!

This will be our third DreamBox (and yes, I pay the same price you do for them -- I use my own discount codes when I order) because I find them really, really useful. Most families don’t need three, but as my craft skills and business grows, I find that a DreamBox is often the best storage and organizational solution that fits in a neat package and requires WAY less work than piecing it all together myself from smaller components from, say, IKEA.

SUMMER 2022 UPDATE: So I decided I wanted the DreamBox in my office instead of the workshop, so I kept it for myself and it now sits behind my desk. I get to use it every day and I LOVE IT!

Answers to Your Questions

I get a lot of questions about the DreamBox, and you may be on the fence right now, too, so I thought I’d take a moment to answer some questions I receive:

Do I REALLY need the crown?
Nope, it does the job without it just fine! That said, I’ve always ordered my DreamBoxes with the crown because I like how it looks with it and light is a BIG deal for me. The more light I have, the better I am able to craft. And the light in the crown is a daylight LED, so it works really well. So I think the answer to this question depends more on your budget. If you can afford it with the light, go for it. If not, don’t let the lack of a crown stop you from getting one.

What about accessories?
DreamBox accessories are great to have! I love my Tablet Holder, that can be mounted on the DreamBox and then pulled out to sit on the table. Very handy!

Upper Hand DreamBox

DIY Assembly or Pre-Built Assembly?
This one is easy — we did our first DreamBox as DIY Assembly and it took a long time. My second one was Pre-Built and it was AH-mazing. A truck showed up, unloaded a big crate into our garage for us, and we took it from there — we took off the crate's lid, brought the assembled parts into our studio, and attached them together. Very easy! So I did pre-built for the one I ordered recently, too. For me, time is money, so it’s a huge savings to have DreamBox pre-build nearly all of it. You may have more time than money, on the other hand, and prefer DIY assembly. So this one does depend on your budget.

Can I get it for any less money?
This is the BIG question I get -- because the DreamBox is not cheap. Your best bet to getting one at a good price is to get it during a sale like this. Using my discount code, you can save on a DreamBox. I get all of mine using my discount codes. If that price is still too high, they do offer financing with affordable monthly plans in the US shop. I haven’t used their financing program, but I’ve heard of others who have and it allowed them to get a DreamBox when otherwise they would not. 

Oh! And don’t forget that you can save a little more with my gift card. I mean, you were going to take one of my workshops or courses this year or in the future, right? So if you get a DreamBox using my discount code and tell me about it (send the order number and grand total to [email protected]), I will send you back a gift card code for my shop that you can use on my books, workshops, and courses.

Did you really buy your DreamBox, Jennifer?

YES! All three of our DreamBoxes (the one at my studio, the one in my office, and the one in Greg's office) were purchased by me at the exact same discounts you get. You may have heard stories where content creators like me get "free stuff." Yes, I get offered free stuff everyday. But did you know that I don't accept free stuff? I either buy it outright, or if I can't get the thing without offering it free, I donate it to a charity after I've reviewed it and then I go buy my own when it is available for sale. I have a firmly-held business belief that you cannot understand the value of something if you do not use your own money to purchase it. So I buy EVERYTHING you ever see me with -- all of my tools, supplies, furniture, clothing, services, everything. And you always will! It is very important to me that you know that if I recommend something, it's because I love it and feel it is a good value.

Is a DreamBox REALLY worth it?
I can only give you my personal opinion here, but would I have bought three if I didn’t think DreamBoxes were the bomb diggity? I mean seriously. No one is twisting my arm here. The company that makes DreamBox (Create Room) is not asking me to do this for some mysterious reason, nor giving me some extra discount. I’ve never gotten a DreamBox for free, I’m not being paid to say or do any of this, and I’m completely non-sponsored. I’m a free agent, and I love DreamBox. 

So WHY do I love it? It controls my “stuff” into one tidy spot. All the drawers, the work surface, the organization ... it gets the chaos under control, and when my stuff is organized, my brain is organized and I am more creative and productive. It’s really that simple for me. That’s why I’m so big on craft organization in general. Being organized is not just about the physical things — it’s a state of being that makes a gigantic difference in my life. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not always organized. I am no Marie Kondo. I have many times when things are disorganized and chaotic. But every time I correct this by organizing, I am immediately calmed and in control and super creative again.

But I get that my opinion is just mine, but I can tell you that several of my team members have DreamBoxes and also love them. And there are over 6000 glowing reviews of DreamBox on their site, with tons of photos of DreamBoxes in use. It’s pretty inspiring really to see all organization, all these lives touched by a piece of furniture (albeit a pretty amazing piece of furniture). 

Do I get it now or wait?
If you want one and can afford it, this is the time to do it. The longer you wait, the longer it takes to get! I am SO glad I ordered mine when I did and didn't wait longer to decide.