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Welcome to the LOVE YOUR CRICUT Mini-Course!

This mini-course covers how all the mats, blades, accessories, and tools work together (and when to use which one), and how to store all of your tools and supplies. I also share my personal Cricut strategies for success, tell you how to find great projects to make, and delve into Cricut Design Space so you can create ALL THE THINGS.

You indicated that your Cricut was already setup, so I won’t be emailing these two lessons to you.

Lesson 1. Meet Your Cricut

Lesson 2. Create Your First Project (and What You Can Cut!)

Do feel free to watch them if you want a refresher on Cricuts, the names of all the parts, and how to set it up, register it, and cut your first project.

Watch for lesson 3 to arrive in your inbox within the hour!

Please ask any questions — and share your course exercises — in our Cricut Crafters & Makers Facebook group.