Take Your Videos From Embarrassing to Amazing in Eight Simple Steps

Video is SO important, and yet so many of bloggers and small business owners struggle to create video. But create it we must. By 2022, 82% of all Internet traffic will be videos, and you do not want to be left behind. But HOW do you do video without going crazy?

I REALLY struggled with video when I started my blog. My initial attempts were embarassing and awkward, and not only did this make it hard to press forward, but I didn't feel those early videos helped engender trust among my audience. So I dove headlong into learning how to create amazing videos at home, without a video crew and without expensive training. Once I knew how to do it, I challenged myself to create and edit an amazing video every day for 25 days so I could really learn what mattered and figure out all the shortcuts. And it worked!

My video-a-day project in December 2018 catapulted my blog from 250,000 monthly pageviews to 750,000 monthly pageviews... even better, my income increased five-fold from all the additional traffic and leads I gained. In six months, I went from 11k subscribers on my YouTube channel (it took 2 years to get those) to an amazing 80k subscribers! 

Most importantly, I feel I can now really connect with my audience through video, whether those videos are on YouTube and Facebook, promoting my courses, or teaching my students. THIS is why I feel video makes such a difference, and THIS is what I can teach you.

My blog and my entire life have been forever changed by my ability to create videos that connect!


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"Jennifer Maker's Camera Ready course helped me understand the nuances of making a video pop for my people. I loved the lighting and tripod tricks she shared as well as the tips for creating a beautiful background. Her course has helped me make my videos so much better than they used to be!"

Jennifer - FeastingOnJoy.com

Jennifer - Feasting On Joy
Magda Therrien - Magda Makes

"Jennifer Maker's "Camera Ready" Course takes you from "ugh" to "wow" in a simple series of easy-to-implement steps. Jennifer has you start with what you have and tweak your set up with variously priced options to upgrade to more professional results as you are ready to make a greater investment into your business. 

I particularly love how she demonstrates the differences between using some of the different options she suggests. It is not just theoretical, but totally practical and actionable. Jennifer covers all the basics, including what you'd expect – lighting, cameras, sound – and some things you might not expect – how to style and present yourself to make a better impression in your videos. Her approachable, sincere manner make watching Jennifer's videos a delight. 

There is one problem that comes up after having taken Jennifer's "Camera Ready:" I am super-aware of other people's videos that don't do it right. I keep being distracted by the problem bits. I want to shout at these people, "Take Jennifer's class. You NEED it. Your videos will be so much better!" If you start seeing comments like this on random videos, you will know that I could no longer restrain myself."

Magda Therrien - MagdaMakes.com

“I LOVED Camera Ready! Jennifer is such a wonderful teacher, and she explains in simple terms how to take your videos from amateur to professional even if you're brand new to video. Seriously, there's no need to make those cringe-worthy mistakes when you have Jennifer here to show you the ropes. She knows what she's doing, and Camera Ready can make all the difference in how you present yourself to the world.”  

Summer Sebastian - SimplifyThisHome.com

Summer Sebastian

Learn from someone who has been where you are.

Transform your videos and attract raving fans with this step-by-step course that teaches you how to adjust and improve simple but important aspects of your videos. We start at the very beginning with a phone and then add lighting, tripods, backgrounds, mics, upgraded cameras, make up, clothes, eye positioning, and basic editing. This easy and fun course has 8 videos with closed-captioning, transcripts for those who prefer to read, a companion article that looks behind-the-scenes at each video, and a list of recommended tools and software.

But the real joy here for me is not the money. It’s that now, because I learned how to connect with my audience through videos, I now have an AMAZING community of people around me. I can ask them any question and they'll respond. I can start a Facebook group and they'll come join me. I can issue a challenge and they'll rise to it! They can make nearly any endeavor successful because there are so many and they are so engaged. And that is a feeling like none other.  

Here is some of the feedback my YouTube video viewers have offered me in the past six months:

"This is just amazing. I can't get over how calm and soothing you are, and yet easily watchable." — Bagheera

"Wonderful, amazing, Great!!! THANK YOU You're number one looking forward to watching more of your videos. Thank you!" - Sue

"Well, Jennifer...you’ve done it again! Thank you so much. I love your videos! You inspire us all."

You can get comments like this, too. And I can show you how.  

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"Camera Ready gave me the confidence I needed to really begin to implement video for future blog posts. Knowing I’m not making any of the typical video mistakes gives me confidence to put myself out there. 

 If you have been intimidated to get in front of the camera, let Jennifer take you by the hand and help you take the first steps to making great videos!"

Brandi Dickerson - CreativeCuttingClassroom.com

Brandi Dickerson
Gail Till

"I am so glad I took Jennifer’s Camera Ready Course! I absolutely used to hate being in front of the camera and didn’t like hearing my voice on video. But Jennifer’s course changed all that. She educated me so I now feel confident and assured. I searched high and low all over the Internet for helpful information but never really found what I needed to be CAMERA READY until I took her course!"  

Gail Till - AudreyGail.com

Pamela Groppe - Flower Patch Farmhouse

“I wish I had Jennifer's Camera Ready course when I began my "how to" videos. She shares not only how to produce better quality videos but why certain techniques or equipment creates a higher quality result. Though I have made videos for years I walked away from this course with tips and tricks to improve even more. Thank you, Jennifer!”

Pamela Groppe - FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com

“Being in FRONT of the camera is not my thing. I've made many practice videos and cringe when I view them. After taking the Camera Ready Course, I now know ways to tweak my lighting, sound, and camera angles so I can be confident in front of the camera. Sometimes it just takes someone like Jennifer walking you through the process step by step.”

Jayleen Zotti - Sunshine and Rainy Days


Take 1: Starting With Your Smartphone

Take 2: Lighting

Take 3: Tripods and Stabilization

Take 4: Backgrounds

Take 5: Cameras & Mics

Take 6: Makeup & Clothes

Take 7: Eye Positioning & Teleprompters

Take 8: Basic Editing

Plus bonus tips:

  • How to take good video of a computer screen
  • How to get over camera shyness
  • How to come up with ideas for videos
  • How to turn videos into blog posts and articles
  • How to setup a livestream desk/area
  • How to plan a video session
  • How to take videos in natural light/outdoors
Camera Equipment
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"Jennifer is a delight to learn from - she knows her stuff, and she shares so much value with you in her courses - it's amazing they don't cost twice the price!" 

Lois - Live Nourished

"Jennifer is an awesome teacher! I've taken several online classes, and she is by far one of the best I've learned from. Not only is she thorough, but she is clear, easy to follow, and anticipates questions beautifully. Her combination of video and written instructions is a win for all learning styles, which is a bonus. She's also fun!" 

Lisa Yvonne - Graceful Abandon

"Jennifer is the first teacher I've met in years that puts her students first. She gives excellent instructions, answers all questions, and lends a hand when you're stuck! I've never had a more pleasant or effective learning experience." 

Michelle Darby - Penny Recipe

Kelli Duncan

"I am so thankful I found Jennifer's course! I trust her information and love how thorough she is! She is a great teacher and a lot of fun to watch! Her additional mentoring and care for her students is absolutely priceless! I can not wait to learn more from her!"  

Kelli Duncan - Kelli C. Photography